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The cost of Colorado auto transport varies based on specific aspects and factors involved with your particular car shipment. These key Colorado car transport factors include the day and month you ship a car, the overall distance of your Colorado car transportation order, the make and model of the car you're shipping, your choice of open or closed transport services, your scheduling needs and flexibility, and the company you pick for CO auto transport services.

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Learn more about the great State of Colorado

One of the fastest-growing states in the Union from a population perspective, Colorado has seen a 14.5% increase since the 2010 Census. The Centennial State is now the 21st most populous out of 50 states with an estimated 5,758,736 residents. The population of density state remains extremely manageable, however, considering that Colorado is the 8th largest state with an area of 104,094 square miles.

Colorado is home to one of the fastest-growing metropolises in the nation, as well. The capital city of Denver has seen a population increase of over 21% since the 2010 Census, growing by nearly 130,000 residents to a current estimated population of 727,211. That's good for the 19th largest city in the entire United States. Denver is an enticing mix of natural splendor and cultural import, but it’s not the only city in the Centennial State worth your time. Below are the other nine cities which round out the list of the ten most populous in Colorado:

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Colorado Springs

(485,946 residents)

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Fort Collins


Colorado’s economy was originally centered around the mining and agricultural sectors, but the economy has evolved through the course of the Centennial State’s population boom. The lion’s share of the Colorado economy is now buoyed by profits from the service industry, retail and wholesale, medical services, and other professional services. If you’re looking for an administrative job or to get your foot in the door with a retail or service position, Colorado is a really good bet for your career prospects.

Manufacturing also plays a major role in boosting Colorado’s bottom line. Key manufacturing niches which bring major money into the Centennial State included publishing and printing, electronic instruments, general machinery, and processed food products. In addition to manufacturing, Colorado is well known as the major transportation and communications hub in the Rocky Mountain region.

Agriculturally, Colorado has a very strong imprint in regards to livestock. Whether it's chickens, cattle, or hogs, the Centennial State is a consistent provider of livestock to neighboring states and outlying regions. Colorado also exports a good amount of wheat, hay, and corn for a solid boost to the state's overall Gross State Product.

Where Colorado is starting to pick speed is in tourism. The Centennial State is known the world over for its ski resorts. Situated smack dab in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, some of the best ski and snowboarding opportunities in all of North America are in the Centennial State. For tourists and locals with a bit of money to spend, there's Aspen – one of the most picturesque and celebrated resort towns in the entire nation. Winter sports fans who want to experience the next level of snowbound recreation would do well to visit the four-mountain oasis at least once.

Other tourist attractions you need to circle on your Colorado list include Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Curecanti National Recreation Area, the Colorado National Monument, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Monument, and the Great Sand Dunes and Dinosaur National Monuments. Those who love the Great Outdoors and don’t mind snow and rain as part of the proceedings are going to fall in love with everything the Centennial State has to offer.

Another entertainment option in the Centennial State is the wealth of sporting events that take place in the state on a year-round basis. Colorado is home to four professional sports teams in the four major American sports – the Colorado Rockies (Major League Baseball), Denver Broncos (National Football League), Denver Nuggets (National Basketball Association), and Colorado Avalanche (National Hockey League).

That’s not all for sports in the Centennial State, though. Not in the slightest. Colorado has eleven other professional sports teams in a wide variety of sports, five different universities which have sports programs in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division 1, Cherry Hills Country Club which has played home to several big golf tournaments, and a host of ski and snowboard tracks which have played host to competitions and tournaments. If you’re a sports junkie and need your fix no matter what the weather looks like, Colorado is there just waiting for you.

All this talk about sports probably has you hungry, and Colorado won't disappoint. A large portion of the lakes, rivers, and streams in the Centennial State are teeming with trout. And you'll find many restaurants near these bodies of water serving up some of the most mouthwatering grilled, seared, and fried trout you've ever seen or tasted. Other meats near and dear to Colorado residents' hearts include elk sausage, lamb, bison, and the often-derided but very yummy Rocky Mountain oysters.

The one delicacy, though, that you need to try at least once within Colorado's borders is Colorado green chili. The sauce itself is used as a topping for everything from pizza to burritos in the Centennial State, but it shines when pork and beans are added to make a hearty chili/stew hybrid. When the weather starts to turn and temperatures dip below freezing, a bowl of Colorado green chili simply hits the spot.

There are several reliable transportation options in Colorado for you to go and find the perfect bowl of green chili. Bus systems are spread throughout the state, the Denver Metropolitan area has a rail system to its credit, and there’s even a very strong Amtrak and railroad presence to consider. However, the best way to get around Colorado is by using its extensive and organized highway system. Shipping your car or truck to the Centennial State is the easiest way to find all the best restaurants, attractions, and places to just relax and admire nature.

If you're planning on moving to Colorado and traveling a lot for both work and pleasure, one of the busiest international airports in the entire world lies within the state. Denver International Airport is one of the most well-trafficked transportation hubs out there, serving as the fifth-busiest airport in the nation and the twentieth-busiest airport in the world. If you're flying across the country on a one-stop flight, Denver could likely be a part of your layover plans.

And if you’re headed to Colorado with hopes of continuing your education, you’re making a really smart choice. The Centennial State has several respected and widely-renowned universities to its credit including the University of Colorado in Boulder, the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver, Colorado State University in Fort Collins, the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, the University of Denver in Denver, and Western Colorado University in Gunnison.

Now that you’ve got an in-depth look at what makes Colorado so dang special, it’s time to boost your trivia knowledge about the Centennial State. Let’s begin with a look at the various living and inanimate symbols of Colorado:


  • State Bird – Lark Bunting

  • State Fish – Greenback Cutthroat Trout

  • State Flower – Rocky Mountain Columbine

  • State Amphibian – Western Tiger Salamander

  • State Insect – Colorado Hairstreak

  • State Reptile – Western Painted Turtle

  • State Tree – Colorado Blue Spruce

  • State Mammal – Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

  • State Colors – Blue, Yellow, Red, White

  • State Gemstone – Aquamarine

  • State Mineral – Rhodochrosite

  • State Rock – Yule Marble

  • State Sport – Pack Burro Racing

That's not it for interesting Colorado trivia! We've compiled some cool and interesting facts about the state for you to recite at your next (or first) Colorado get-together:

  • Talk about going against the grain! The State of Colorado is the only state in history to be slated to host an Olympics and decline. Voters in the state chose to pass on hosting the 1976 Winter Olympics because of the pollution, population strain, and overall cost the games would require.

  • The first rodeo in the entire world took place in Deer Trail on July 4th, 1869. Other cities in other states dispute this claim, but there’s overwhelming evidence out there to support Deer Trail’s claim to fame.

  • If you take a trip to the state capital building in Denver and walk up the steps, be sure to stop and enjoy the view on the thirteenth step. When standing there, you are exactly one mile above sea level.

  • The Eisenhower Tunnel connects Summit and Clear Creek and is the highest auto tunnel in the entire world. At 11,000 feet, the tunnel is elevated over two miles above sea level and sees an average of 26,000 vehicles pass through it each day.

  • Take a trip to the southwest corner of Colorado just for the opportunity to stand in four states all at once. If you stand in the designated spot, you can claim to be in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico at the same time.

What are you waiting for? Colorado is calling to you! Need a quick car shipping solution, Denver, Colorado locals? Do you need to move a classic car to or from Boulder? Shipping your truck, car, or van with Nexus Auto Transport is your best option to check out all that the Centennial State has to offer. With your vehicle in tow, you’ll be able to drive the picturesque roads of the Rocky Mountains before heading to Denver for a taste of its nightlife. Colorado is one the fastest-growing states in the nation, and you’ll see why when you’re traveling through.