There are many reasons why you might consider shipping a car across the country. You might be moving to another state for work or to be closer to family.

You might even want your car with you on vacation without the hassle of a long-distance road trip. Whatever your reason, car shipping is an easy and affordable option.

With Nexus Auto Transport, you can get a fast car shipping quote for your next trip. Enjoy the low rates of a cheap auto transporter with a professional level of service only found in the most experienced transportation companies.

Wondering what the benefits of shipping a car with Nexus Auto Transport are? Wondering how to ship a car and why it makes more sense than driving it? Keep reading to find out.

1. Car Shipping Saves Time

Sometimes road trips are awesome. You get to see parts of the country you wouldn’t normally see if you flew straight to your destination.

But other times, road trips are an obstacle. Driving for days across the country would require you to take time away from work. If you have kids in tow, they might have to miss out on school.

If you are traveling on vacation, a road trip would eat away at the time you can spend at your final destination.

On top of that, spending eight hours or more behind the wheel of your vehicle is hard to do, especially for multiple days in a row. Not everyone is cut out for it.

It’s hard to be productive during this time. You can’t work or exercise.

Plus, you are usually in such a rush to reach your destination that you don’t even have time to stop and see the sights along the way. One of the biggest benefits of shipping a car is that it saves you time, our most valuable resource.

2. Save Money With a Cheap Auto Transporter

On top of saving time, shipping a car saves money. Long-distance drives cost more than most people realize.

Gas will be a large expense, especially if your vehicle isn’t especially fuel-efficient. You’ll need to eat out multiple times a day. Even if you pack sandwiches ahead of time, you’ll still prefer a restaurant so you can get out and stretch your legs.

For multi-day trips, you’ll need hotel rooms each evening. Driving through the night, without enough sleep, is a recipe for disaster. If you have kids, you may need two or even three hotel rooms, which adds up quickly.

Plus, you’ll probably need to fix up your car before making a long drive. And the wear and tear on your vehicle will cost you money over time as well.

You may have to miss out on work, causing you to lose income for a few days. Otherwise, you’d have to use up what few vacation days you might have available.

When you add up all the costs associated with driving, you’ll find that shipping a car is the better option. Need to know how much to ship a car to your destination? Get a free car shipping quote here.

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3. Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

Driving all day for three or more days at a time puts a massive strain on your vehicle. It’s a lot of unnecessary wear-and-tear that you don’t need to subject your precious car to.

As a result, your resale value may go down. You may end up with costly repairs in the near future. Or, you might even need to buy a new car sooner than you think.

Shipping a car is the safest way to get your car across the country damage free.

4. Safe Travels

Driving across the country doesn’t come without risk. Spending hours a day behind the wheel increases your chance of a car accident.

This can put your car and your family in danger. Especially when you aren’t used to driving so much or are driving at night. You may be sleep deprived or prone to distractions.

Shipping a car to your destination is the smarter, safer option.

5. Move Multiple Vehicles Together

Most American households have multiple vehicles. If you are moving to another state, shipping a car is definitely your best option. Driving two or three cars across the country will increase your travel cost.

Plus, you will be multiplying wear-and-tear across multiple vehicles. And if your driving companion is in another car, who is going to make sure you are awake and alert while driving?

Snowbirds and those who spend a few months each year in another location especially benefit from our seasonal car moving service.

6. Convenience With Door to Door Shipping

In the past, you have had to drive your vehicle to a transporter’s location to drop it off. You’d have to have another driver pick you up. Once you arrived at your destination, you’d have to go through a similar process.

Today, shipping a car is easier than ever. We’ll come directly to your home or preferred location to pick up your vehicle and drop it off wherever you need us to.

7. No Worry or Stress

And of course, shipping a car saves you from worry and stress. Planning a multi-day road trip, especially with kids in tow, is stressful.

Being in the car with them for eight or more hours a day is even more stressful. So is driving hundreds of miles a day and hoping your car won’t give up on you.

Let us take care of your vehicle so you can travel stress-free.

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