Are you leaving sunny California for Georgia this fall? You're not alone.

Research shows there were 123 relocations to the Peach State for every 100 departures in 2022. One-third of the people moving to Georgia came from California, Texas, New York, and Florida.

You may need to ship a car from California to Georgia during your move. Why transport a car from California to Georgia, how does auto transport from California to Georgia work, and what's the best route for car shipping from California to Georgia? Let's explore how to ship a car from Georgia to California, and vice versa, and the cost to ship a car from California to Georgia.

Car Shipping From California to Georgia

You may be considering driving your vehicle to Georgia from California during your move. The problem? You'll have to take time off work and spend money on hotels, gas, and a rental car or flight to make this happen.

A better solution? Hire an auto transport company to ship a car from California to Georgia. They'll help you quickly and efficiently get your vehicle to its destination, saving you time, energy, and money.

Car shipping is also a good option for anyone selling a car in 2023. Suppose you sell your California car to an out-of-state buyer before you move to the Peach State. Let a shipping company transport it to your customer to save you and the buyer the hassle of doing this.

Ship a Car From California to Georgia

An auto transport company offering cross-country car shipping can help you ship a car from California to Georgia. The distance from California to Georgia is more than 2,400 miles.

Cross-country transport typically spans between 1,300 and 1,500 miles from south to north. It also covers at least 2,000 miles from west to east.

Ship a Car From Georgia to California

Two methods of car shipping in California are available: enclosed and open transport. Most vehicle owners shipping cars from Georgia to California or California to Georgia use open transport since it's more cost-effective.

Open auto transport is where a vehicle shipping company carries 10 to 12 cars on a carrier with no walls or roof. This hot shot car transport option leaves vehicles exposed to the elements. Most vehicles don't receive damage when shipped using this method, though.

Enclosed auto transport involves using a hauler with a roof and walls to carry two to three cars. It's the best option for individuals seeking classic car auto shipping or luxury car transport. That's because the hauler shields the vehicles from weather and road debris.

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Transport a Car From California to Georgia

A few other California and Georgia car shipping options are available depending on your unique needs. These include expedited shipping and door-to-door transport.

Expedited shipping allows you to transport your vehicle within two to three days. You'll pay a higher cost for this service, but it's worth it if you can't wait a week for your car to reach its destination.

Door-to-door transport lets you specify car pickup and drop-off locations when you ship a car to another state. You can meet your car transport driver at your home rather than going to the nearest terminal, saving you time.

Cost to Ship a Car From California to Georgia

How much will shipping a car from the Golden State to the Peach State cost you? A car shipping calculator can give you an estimated price if you submit specific details. These details include:

  • Car's current city and state or ZIP code
  • Destination city and state or ZIP code
  • Vehicle drop-off and pickup date

Cross-country car shipping may cost you more than $1,100 if you use an open hauler from California to Georgia. Your price might be $1,550 if you use an enclosed carrier.

Car size is another factor that will influence your vehicle's shipping costs. A larger vehicle (e.g., a truck or sport utility vehicle) costs more to ship than a sedan since it requires more space on a carrier.

Shipping a sedan may cost you 30 cents per mile. You might pay between 34 and 36 cents per mile to transport a truck or sport utility vehicle. Shipping an exotic or classic car may cost you $1.05 a mile.

Remember that driver availability and the car transport season may influence your shipping costs, too. You might pay more to ship a car in the summer since this is a peak transport time.

Many families relocate in this season since their kids are out of school. Booking a driver early and having a flexible schedule may help you save money in the summer.

Auto Transport From California to Georgia

What route will your car shipping company take to transport your vehicle from California to Georgia? A common California-to-Georgia shipping route is along Interstate 40 East.

This route offers several benefits. It's the fastest and shortest route to Georgia from California, taking 36 hours to drive.

Interstate 40 East also follows Route 66, one of America's original highways. Auto transport drivers get to see landmarks and attractions along the way, including:

  • Newberry Springs' Bagdad Cafe (California)
  • Gallup's El Rancho Hotel (New Mexico)
  • Clinton's Route 66 Museum (Oklahoma)

This interstate passes through several beautiful and diverse landscapes, too. These include North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains and California's Mojave Desert. Popular cities along the route include the following:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Raleigh, North Carolina

Other routes include Interstate 10 East to Interstate 20 East or Interstate 15 North to Interstate 70 East to Interstate 24 East to Interstate 75 South. These options are slower, adding hours and hundreds of miles to the trip.

How We Can Help With Car Transport

Do you need to transport a car from California to Georgia? An auto transport company can help you ship a car from California to Georgia or ship a car from Georgia to California.

The cost to ship a car from California to Georgia depends on factors like your shipping timeline and distance. Your vehicle's size and transport method also affect the cost of car shipping from California to Georgia.

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