Are you moving to Hawaii? If you're saying aloha to the mainland then you may be wondering how to get your car across the miles of land in between.

Transporting your car to another state doesn't have to be a hassle, but there are additional rules for shipping a car to Hawaii. Continue reading to learn these car shipping rules to get your car safely to Hawaii.

1. Choose a Reliable Auto Transport Company

When it comes to having your car make the long trip across the ocean to Hawaii, you can't choose just any company. You don't want to risk working with an inexperienced company. With the right company, it is easy to transport a car to another state.

Choose one that has a longstanding reputation and a lot of experience. This way your car transport to (and/or from) Hawaii is a smooth and easy one.

2. Schedule Your Car Shipment

The first rule when shipping a car to Hawaii is to schedule a vehicle shipment. You can do this by entering the zip codes of both the pickup and drop-off locations.

You need to enter your vehicle's type and size then choose different car shipment scheduling dates. You then select between a shipping rate or an expedited vehicle shipping rate if you need to speed up the delivery.

Reserving your car shipment is simple by placing a deposit that is deducted from your total balance.

3. Prep Your Car for the Trip

Before your car can get picked up you must clean it inside and out. Make sure you take all of your personal items out of the car. You must also be sure the car has at least a quarter tank of gas. This is used for loading and unloading the vehicle.

You also need to disable your car's alarm and then check that your car's tires are fully inflated. You can also get a quick tune-up before the trip just to ensure everything is in working order. Although this isn't required.

Once your car is delivered you or someone you have authorized inspects the vehicle for any damages or concerns. If everything looks good then you simply sign the inspection report and you're all set!

4. Track Your Vehicle's Journey

Through the delivery process of shipping a car to Hawaii, a quality company allows you to check in on your car's whereabouts. This means you can check in with your car transporter to ask about arrival times or anything else.

They deliver your vehicle as close to the address you've provided as safely and legally possible. With the right vehicle shipping company, you can trust that your car is in good hands.

5. Driving Plus Freighter

There's only one way to get your car shipped to Hawaii, and that's via freighter. This means your car is transported both by truck and by boat. For the land portion of the trip, you have the option to choose between an open or closed car hauler.

Luckily your auto transport truckers can drive the car all the way to the freighter. Which is a long haul depending on where you live on the mainland. This means you can save time flying and let the haulers transport a car to another state.

6. Save Your Mileage

Even though a large part of the journey is by land and the rest by freighter, it's best to have a vehicle transport company take care of both. That's because not only does the long drive take up a lot of gas. It also puts a ton of unnecessary mileage on your car.

On top of that, the trip can eat up additional funds by having to eat out, sleep in hotels, and other expenses that travel incur. It's a long and arduous process that is just plain exhausting.

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7. Open vs. Closed Car Hauler

When you ship your car via transport truck you have the option of choosing between an open or closed car hauler. The open car hauler means that all the vehicles are out in the open. This causes them to get exposed to the elements. However, this is the less expensive option.

On the flip side, a closed car hauler completely protects your car because it is inside the trailer the entire time. If your car is brand new or valuable this is most likely a better option. However, they are less available and common than the open hauler.

So if time is of the essence and you are on a strict schedule, the closed car hauler might not be for you. However, if the safety of your car is a priority then it's probably worth it to pay a little extra and know that your car is protected from any inclement weather along the way.

8. Create a Stress-Free Move

When you're dealing with moving to a new state, especially one that is quite a distance away, it can be a stressful process. You're probably already dealing with a million and one things. Rather than add your car to a long list of things to do, let the professionals take care of the rest.

Shipping a car to Hawaii is as easy as scheduling a date and time, handing your keys over, and picking it up at your destination. You won't have to worry about transportation eating up even more of your precious time.

9. Register Your Car in Hawaii

Before you relocate your car to Hawaii, you must register it at your new home county within a month of its arrival. Either by getting Hawaii plates and an in-state registration or an out-of-state permit. This allows you to operate your vehicle using your current plates and registration.

To complete this process you must show your car shipping receipt and buy Hawaii auto insurance. Lastly, your car must pass an inspection.

10. Get Your Hawaii License

Luckily the process for getting your Hawaii license is easy. As long as your current license is up to date you can exchange it for a Hawaii license. You must bring your social security card and a required fee to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your area.

Don't forget that they require an eye exam and written test so bring your glasses. You should also look up the vehicle operating laws on the specific islands to prepare. People drive slowly on the islands so always give yourself plenty of time to get from place to place.

How Much Would it Cost to Ship a Car to Hawaii?

According to recent estimates, the cost of shipping a car to Hawaii from the mainland is around $1,500 to $1,800 on average.

The average cost of shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland is similar, depending on your pickup and drop-off locations.

Whether you're shipping a car to the mainland or Hawaii, your shipping costs will vary based on several extenuating factors about your particular shipment. These factors include the time of year that you ship a car, whether you choose open or closed hauling on the ground, the demand for shipping services and the number of drivers available to service your route.

Is it Worth Shipping a Car to Hawaii?

Yes! Shipping a car to Hawaii is the only way to get your prized vehicle from the mainland to the islands. If you don’t ship a car to Hawaii, you’re going to have to buy a new one at an exponentially higher cost than simply shipping it.

Is Shipping A Car Worth It, in General?

Yes, once again! Regardless of whether you’re shipping a car from Hawaii to the mainland, vice versa, or simply shipping a car across the mainland, professional car shipping services are nearly always a smart play.

With the help of a top car shipping company like Nexus, you’ll be able to move a car from Point A to Point B safely, securely, and at an affordable price. Rather than dealing with the headaches and hidden costs of self-shipping, grab a quote from our online car shipping calculator right away.

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Rules for Shipping a Car to Hawaii

We hope these rules for shipping a car to Hawaii help you during your move! We want to make the transportation as simple and easy as possible so you can get back to enjoying the aloha spirit that brought you there, to begin with.

If, after reading these car shipping rules, you'd like to find out how much it costs to transport a car to Hawaii, then get a free quote here.

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