Did you know that there are over 8 million motorcyclists in the United States? And, those motorcyclists live in tons of different states across the nation.

Speaking of different states, sometimes motorcyclists need to move to a different state. And, when they do, they need to know the best motorcycle transport options for shipping their bike!

10 Best Motorcycle Transport Options

So, if you're looking for the best motorcycle transport companies out there, you're in luck. Let's take a look at the best options for motorcycle shipping transportation so that you can ship your bike with the best motorcycle transport company!

1. Nexus Auto Transport

When it comes to finding a motorcycle transport company, there really is no better team for the job than Nexus Auto Transport.

Nexus Auto Transport is a fantastic team for tons of different reasons. For one, they offer fast and punctual service. The team makes a point of showing up on time or even early so that you can get your motorbike shipped off quickly.

On top of that, they offer nationwide shipping. No matter where it is that you're moving to, you can count on their team to get your vehicle moved from one state to another.

Finally, the company offers customized quotes for motorcycle transport options. This helps keep motorcycle shipping costs to a minimum so that you can save money on your big move.

Instantly calculate the cost of shipping a motorcycle.

2. uShip

Another motorcycle shipping transportation option you can use is uShip. This company provides several different types of motorcycle shipping, making it convenient for people who want lots of choices.

The downside of uShip is that it's not the main delivery team. They delegate your shipping service out to another business, so you can't be sure of the type of quality you'll be getting for your shipment.

3. Montway

Next up is Montway. Montway is on the list because they're a company that helps you save money at every turn. They offer military, student, and senior discounts as well as discounts for paying in cash.

The service offers enclosed shipping methods so that they can keep your bike protected on the road. However, they're not a specialized motorcycle transporter, so they may not have the experience needed to keep your bike safe during the move.

4. Haul Bikes

People love Haul Bikes for two main reasons. For one thing, they offer up to $15,000 of insurance included in your motorcycle transport. Secondly, they're a team that specializes in transporting motorcycles.

Despite these benefits, the company does have some downsides. They don't service every state, and they also limit bikes bigger than 58".

This company bases its operation solely on motorcycle transport, meaning that the company will only transport your bike and not add any furniture or other

5. Motorcycle Shippers

As the name implies, Motorcycle Shippers is a company that specializes in shipping motorbikes. They give instant quotes, making it easy for you to know exactly how much you'll be spending on your big move.

The trouble with this company is that they don't offer services for certain-sized bikes. If you have a vehicle bigger than 108" by 46", you'll need to look elsewhere to get it shipped.

6. AmeriFreight

In the middle of our list is AmeriFreight. AmeriFreight is a company that offers an extensive insurance plan as well as a price match guarantee for anyone wanting to ship their vehicle with this service.

However, AmeriFreight also has several major disadvantages. For one, they have very limited information on their website. You have to go through a long customer service menu by calling them in order to get any information.

On top of that, they have limited premium service options. If you have a more expensive bike, this might not be the company for you.

7. King of the Road

If you're looking for motorcycle transport options that go outside the United States, you might want to look into King of the Road. This company has options for door-to-door shipping both in the United States and outside of the US.

Just be aware that the company charges additional fees for faulty vehicles. If you have an older bike, you may wind up paying extra money to transport your vehicle with this team.

8. eShip

Another nationwide shipping company that you can look into is eShip. This company has licensed bikers as drivers, which means that they know how to protect your bike on the road.

One major downside of this company, however, is that they don't service every state. You may not be able to ship your bike to your final destination depending on where you're moving to.

9. Sherpa

If you need international shipping services, Sherpa is a great choice. They offer door-to-door shipping for motorcyclists all around the world. And, they'll even ship classic and vintage bikes.

The downside of this company is that they don't offer real-time shipment tracking. You never really know when your shipment is going to arrive.

10. Motorcycle Shipping Co.

Last but not least on our list is Motorcycle Shipping Co. This company is great because they transport to Alaska, Canada, and Hawaii, which not every transport company will do.

However, their shipping times are pretty delayed, which means you shouldn't expect to receive your bike quickly. If you're in a hurry for your motorcycle, this isn't the company to choose.

Choose from the Best Motorcycle Shipping Options

All these motorcycle shipping options can provide you with an easy way to transport a bike to another state. They offer you several different types of motorcycle shipping so that you can move your vehicle in the most convenient way possible.

So, are you looking for a motorcycle shipping service you can trust? Get in touch with Nexus Auto Transport, one of the best motorcycle transport companies out there!

Instantly calculate the cost of shipping a motorcycle.