Are you thinking about uprooting your family and moving to another state? You're in great company.

Research shows that 26 million permanent moves occurred between January and October of 2021, and interest in moving is also expected to remain strong this year.

Fortunately, the right auto transportation shipping service can help your family's next move be a seamless transition if you need to ship multiple vehicles. Let's examine how auto transport services can streamline this process.

Shipping Several Cars

Perhaps you plan to move to another state and have more than one family vehicle to take to your new home. Transporting multiple cars at one time is simple with a reputable cross-country car shipping service.

Shipping multiple cars at once instead of one at a time usually makes the most sense for several reasons.

First, you might save money and receive a multi-vehicle discount.

Second, you may save time. That's because you will not have to schedule multiple drop-off and pickup times, as the cars will reach their destination simultaneously. That means you and your family will be able to pick up your vehicles at the same time.

Still, scheduling a single pickup time might not be feasible in some instances. For example, you may not be able to do this if you're shipping more cars than a single carrier can fit. The same is true if you add another vehicle to your cross-country shipment too late.

Speak with your carrier service if you are worried about not having all your cars delivered at once. They might be willing to guarantee this option for you based on the circumstances.

Auto Transportation Costs

Important factors in your car shipping costs are your shipping distance and your chosen type of carrier.

When transporting cars within 500 miles, homeowners may spend more than $600 for an open carrier (more on this later) and slightly more than $900 for a closed carrier.

Meanwhile, the auto transport process may cost you anywhere from $1,100 for an open carrier to a little more than $1,550 for a closed carrier if you are shipping a car between 500 miles and 2,500 miles away.

You may pay anywhere from $1,300 for an open carrier to a little more than $1,800 for a closed carrier if you ship a vehicle more than 2,500 miles away.

The average cost to ship a car is about $1,290.

Charge Per Mile

Auto transport services often charge per mile, which usually decreases as the shipping distance increases. This translates to significant cost savings for individuals needing cross-country shipping services.

So, let's say an auto transporter would charge you $930 for a closed carrier shipment within 500 miles. Instead of paying five times this amount for a closed carrier shipment 2,500 miles away, you would pay less than double this amount.

The per-mile cost is typically between 40 cents per mile to two dollars per mile.

Open Auto Transport vs. Enclosed Auto Transport

You may also save money by choosing open auto transport vs. enclosed auto transport.

Open auto transport involves shipping between eight and 10 cars on a carrier. This shipping method is popular because scheduling shipping is easier. It is also less expensive than enclosed transport.

The drawback of open transport is that your car won't be shielded from the elements.

Enclosed auto transport involves shipping just two or three cars at one time. This shipping option is more expensive than open transport. However, it offers more protection from weather, theft, and damage.

This is why many individuals choose auto transport for antique and vintage cars. They also choose auto transport for electric vehicles.

Just as you can use a moving cost calculator to determine how much a professional moving service will cost, you can use a car shipping calculator to figure out how much it will cost to ship multiple cars to your new home.

Additional Cost Variables

Your shipping costs may also depend on a few other variables. For instance, expedited auto transport will cost you more since this service guarantees your car's delivery in 24 hours.

In addition, keep in mind that if you ship your vehicles during the peak shipping season -- summer -- you might pay a couple hundred more dollars.

Also, remember that smaller cars don't take up as much room on a carrier, so they will be less expensive to ship. Meanwhile, SUVs, trucks, and vans may cost another $150 or more to ship due to their larger size.

Safety of Transportation of Multiple Cars

Multi-vehicle transport is generally a secure and safe transport option. That's because most carriers are designed to hold several cars at once. In addition, auto transport drivers know how to secure and load several vehicles.

Still, there is a chance your cars will be damaged during their journey. That's because highways can be dangerous and unpredictable places. Even experienced drivers can't predict other drivers' actions, road conditions, and the weather.

Fortunately, a reputable auto transporter will fully insure your cars with their auto transport insurance. If your cars get damaged while in transit to your new home, you can get them fixed quickly.

How We Can Help with Auto Transportation

An auto transportation service can make your family's move seamless by efficiently shipping several cars to your new home. Your transportation costs will be based on several factors, including the type of carrier you choose and your shipping distance.

At Nexus Auto Transport, we can help you ship a car to another state or ship several cars across the country. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services, and schedule a shipment now!