Car shipping may be a complicated and scary process for those who have never done it before. When it comes to something as important as vehicle shipping, people take opinions and word-of-mouth from colleagues and friends as gospel truth.

Sadly, they end up having incorrect information. But distinguishing between what is true, what is untrue, and what's neither true nor false can be tricky.

Continue reading as we dispel some common car shipping myths that exist today. This way, you can be confident that everything you know about vehicle transport procedures is correct before making any decision regarding vehicle shipping.

1. Bad Credit Is a Problem

If you're concerned that your poor credit will prevent you from shipping a vehicle, rethink. Many reliable auto shipping businesses are prepared to accept any vehicle. Provided you can pay the full amount, your credit will not be an issue.

In some circumstances, the shipping company may require you to pay shipping fees in advance. This is particularly true if your credit score is below average. But, paying ahead of time provides you the extra benefit of not having to budget for the expenditure later.

Some businesses may still need you to have a pre-existing line of credit before proceeding with the purchase. You need to contact them ahead of time in these instances. This will help you to know what your choices are when it comes to buying services from them.

If it's going to be challenging to pay upfront, inquire about payment options. You may resolve to go for a quarterly payment plan or anything along those lines.

Even if transport brokers do not publicize a payment plan, it never hurts to enquire. They could be ready to make an exception for you only to get a positive rating!

When you're moving, it's simple to let things slip between the gaps, such as payments. If you're going to divide the vehicle payments, you should brush up on your budgeting skills. This way, you won't be found off guard when the payments begin to be due.

2. You Only Require One Car Shipping Quote

Another of the common car shipping myths is that you need to accept the first car shipping quote you receive. This, unfortunately, is not the case. Instead, obtaining quotes from at least three different businesses is the best method.

This will help you to get an estimate of how much you'll need to spend for shipping your automobile.

Indeed, the first firm you contact may give you the best deal. But, this does not always imply that it is the most inexpensive.

You see, while determining their prices, all reliable vehicle shipping firms will utilize the same set of variables.

The only thing that might vary will be how they prioritize things and weigh against one another. Obtaining several quotations ensures affordability. It also allows you to compare apples to apples while making your decision.

But keep in mind: don't make your decision only based on pricing!

Rather, ensure that you select the best vehicle shipping business available. You could even locate the proper shipping services in unexpected areas, such as moving firms.

3. It's Challenging to Prepare for Your Vehicle Transport

It is relatively easy to prepare for your automobile shipment. There are only a few simple steps you must complete before your driver goes to collect your car.

Make the following steps before your auto carrier goes to collect your vehicle:

Inspect your automobile with a mechanic — The first step is usually the most inconvenient. So it's better to first get it out of the way. You must ensure that there are no fluid leaks.

Also, check if the battery is functioning well and the tire pressure is at the right levels. You can confirm that there are no other mechanical problems.

Take away any personal items from the vehicle — The shipment company will not cover any personal items left in the car during shipment. Thus, if they get lost or destroyed, you will have to recover them alone.

Wash the outside of the car — When your chauffeur arrives, they will need to check your vehicle for pre-existing damage. If your automobile is dusty, this will take much longer to finish.

Have your license available — You should present your driver your non-expired license when they go to take up your automobile. They will be unable to finish the pickup without this.

Take away any parking or toll tags from your vehicle — You need to remove these items from your vehicle. This will help so that they don't get lost or destroyed during shipment.

Also, the transport brokers may activate them during the shipment. This will result in entirely needless toll costs if you do not remove them.

4. Car Shipment Quotations Are Not Correct

If you obtain a car shipping quote from a reliable company, it will be very accurate. At times your quotation will be equivalent to the final cost of your shipping. But other times, it will be a few dollars off.

Whatever the case, the quotation will be entirely accurate at the moment you get it.

However, such is the nature of the vehicle shipping industry. The car transport rates may fluctuate somewhat from the time you get your quotation and the time of your actual shipment. This is because there are numerous moving parts in the calculation of your car transport rates.

This is true for every genuine automobile transportation firm. If a firm promises you that their quotation costs are 100 percent guaranteed, they are not honest. They may try to swindle you out of a large chunk of cash later on during your automobile shipping.

As stated earlier, just obtain quotes from rival firms and check how comparable they are. This will help to assess the authenticity of a quotation.

If the quotation you received differs significantly from the others, there is certainly something suspicious going on.

5. It's More Expensive to Ship a Car Than to Drive It Yourself

This is a misconception because individuals don't consider everything they should while generating their estimates. People overlook details like you will need to spend several nights in a guest house throughout your journey.

They also fail to consider that driving for so many miles puts unusually high mileage on your automobile. This makes it require servicing more frequently and sooner than planned.

Here's an illustration of what this means:

In June 2019, it could cost $1,250 to ship a 2012 Toyota Corolla from New York City to Los Angeles.

At the same time, if you were driving the same distance using the same automobile, the gas would cost around $275.

Tolls would be around $50.

You would have needed to sleep in a motel for four nights if you drove for around 10 hours daily. The average charge of a hotel in large cities was $260 per night. If you opted to stop in smaller towns, the motels would have been a bit less expensive.

Assume, for this case, that each night costs $150. That adds up to $600 in total.

A sedan has a maintenance cost of about 5.06 cents per mile. So let's say the distance from NYC to Los Angeles was 2,790 miles. That takes your trip's overall maintenance cost to a little above $140.

Tire prices are also little under one cent per mile, at 0.97 cents, based on AAA. That comes to $27 for this excursion.

You will also feel hungry while traveling. A typical American spends $12.75 per meal while eating out.

Assume you are a savvy shopper and spend no more than $10 each meal on your journey. That's $30 each day multiplied by 4.5 days for a total of $135.

When you put it all together, the cost is $1,227.

You can also account for the opportunity cost of failing to work for five days in a row. This could easily range from $500 to $1000 or more based on your pay. As a result, the real expense of driving yourself from New York City to Los Angeles might be more than $3,000. Plus you have to get back home!

Ignore These Car Shipping Myths and Select the Best Car Shippers

There are several car shipping myths. But you now understand how to separate the truth from the hearsay.

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