Are you planning a move but only own a sedan or two? Big brother is avoiding your calls because he doesn't want to lend you his van? Or do you need a much bigger moving truck to haul your whole life away?

Moving is a huge undertaking, not to mention expensive. Full-service moving truck companies can often be worth the price if you're inexperienced or don't have the time and money to spend. If you're on a tight budget, though, a moving truck rental is a great way to save money and be in control.

There's still an issue of picking a company! There are so many great choices out there. You think, "If only someone could compile a list and compare them."

Good news: we've done exactly that. Check out this guide to the 10 best moving truck rental companies of 2024!

Moving Truck Rental

There are so many services to choose from when you're getting ready to move. Everyone's moving experience happens on different terms with different timelines, so you need to assess exactly what you need before you hire anyone.

Renting storage is a great option for people who might not have space in their new living arrangement for all their belongings or don't have the means to bring it all with them. You might also need a junk removal service or an auto shipping company.

Hiring full-service professional movers can be convenient, especially for those who have a lot of different needs. The prices are much higher, however, and might not be worth the cost if you aren't taking advantage of all the services.

Renting a moving truck is an affordable way to move while being in control. You are only paying for the service you need and can work with your own timeline.

Some moving companies will tell you when they're coming, as they often load several people's belongings in one day onto the same truck. They also deliver on their own terms, meaning you will be at your new place before your belongings are delivered. Sometimes, you could wait a while before it all arrives.

If you don't feel like living without your furniture and belongings, being in control of your own moving process is a huge benefit. You can set your own travel times and pack, load, and unload your belongings on your terms.

In addition, many moving companies charge by the weight of your belongings because they're personally moving them. If you rent a truck, you will be charged by the size of the truck, not weight. It is much easier to estimate costs on your own this way and be in control of your budget.

What To Look For

If you like the idea of control and affordability, you'll know that renting a moving truck is the way to go. You'll need to set your priorities for what services you require and your budget before you choose a company.

Protect Your Belongings

Well-known national moving truck companies are licensed and insured. You can find great deals with them while keeping your peace of mind. If you are digging deeper into lesser-known companies, that's great! Be sure, though, that these companies are thoroughly licensed and insured.

Some companies that aren't transparent about their business practices might leave you with little to no recourse in the case of an accident. If they aren't inspecting their vehicles, you could end up with a broken-down truck full of your household items.

Be forward about your expectations and ask questions. You can the company about the age of their vehicles and if they're inspected. You can also ask about their process for dealing with problems during your move.

Check with the company before you rent a moving truck to see if they provide insurance and if you'll need to purchase additional insurance. In some cases, you're fine with a license. In others, you might need to cover extra costs.

Required Services

How many rooms will you be emptying? Do you have fragile items that need extra protection? Before you choose a company, you'll need to know the details of their vehicles and what other services they provide.

Companies offer a wide range of sizes and quality of vehicles. They also might allow you to rent packing and moving materials and equipment. Some companies even provide package deals like free storage when you rent a truck.

Make sure you accurately estimate the number of belongings you need to fit in the truck and select the right size vehicle. Also, make sure that the company provides one-way drop-off if you're moving a long distance and whether they limit your miles.

One service you should keep in mind is towing or auto shipping. If you're driving a moving truck, you won't be able to drive your cars, too. This is an extra cost that you should keep in mind and include when using a moving cost calculator.

The complexities are endless, but the company you choose should make it easy to understand and provide excellent customer service.

Being thorough will save you money and time. You don't want to realize on the day you're loading the vehicle that your belongings won't fit!

The Cost

Truck rental companies are relatively affordable, but they aren't always transparent about their charges. Be proactive about budgeting and ask questions if needed.

The best truck rental agency will have online cost estimators and quote tools. They will also have great customer service and transparency in what they charge.

The cheapest moving truck rental company might be tempting, but be careful about their quotes. They are just an estimate, so it's important to leave a margin of error in your budget. There are also some companies known for surprise fees.

Rental fees for trucks are not the only fees to know. You will also have to factor in the cost of gas, mileage fees, late fees, and more. Make sure you look into each policy and see where there are possible extra costs.

If you are trying to save money, make sure you choose the right truck rental agency that doesn't surprise you with hidden fees. You'll also want to make sure you avoid things that will charge you more, like returning the truck late.

Remember to factor in other costs, like how your cars will be brought to your new place. You should learn more about auto transport and the costs to make sure your budget is comprehensive.


How much will my move cost?

10 Best Moving Truck Rental Companies

For the purpose of this list, moving truck companies are examined according to their customer service, reputation, services offered, and cost transparency.

This list is not put in any particular order, as everyone has their own ideas of what is important to them. Some of these categories might not be a priority for you, so it's important to read through each one and form your own opinion.


U-Haul is a well-known brand name and a brand you often see driving beside you on the road. U-Haul rentals are popular because of their versatility and affordability.

One of the benefits of using U-Haul is their wide variety of truck options. They individually price each option to save you money. They offer:

  • Pickup trucks
  • Cargo vans
  • 10' trucks for studios or one-bedroom apartments
  • 15' trucks for 1 bedroom homes or 2 bedroom apartments
  • 17' trucks for 2 bedroom homes
  • 20' trucks for 2 bedroom homes to 3 bedroom apartments
  • 26' trucks for 3-4 bedroom homes
  • 6x12' cargo trailer that attaches to the 26' trucks

U-Haul is also very flexible. They offer 24/7 pickup and dropoff in more than 20,000 locations. You can rent vehicles for one-way hauls or local moves with pick-drop and drop-off in the same location.

They also boast an easier loading and unloading process with special ramps and a pleasant ride with gentle-ride suspension, aerodynamic build, and a comfortable cab.

Their website is very informative and easy to use. They offer several charts and comparison tools. Regarding affordability, they are home to the $19.95 rental truck and offer one month of free storage with a one-way rental truck.

They offer many other services as well. You can get trailers, towing, self-storage, U-box containers, moving supplies, and propane tanks with refills.


Penske is another well-known brand name. Their bright yellow trucks are hard to miss on the roads. They have great discounts and promotions, like a free extra day, and are transparent about their pricing.

They offer five different rental vehicles:

  • High-roof cargo van
  • 12' truck
  • 16' truck
  • 22' truck
  • 26' truck

One of the great things about Penske is that they offer a "Truck Wizard" calculator. In order to decide the size truck you need, you can utilize this tool to input exactly what furniture and boxes you are loading. This is very helpful and more accurate than estimates based on the number of rooms.

Penske's website is a great resource, even if you aren't going to rent their vehicles. They have several articles and tools you can use to learn more about moving and make your life easier.

They also have very detailed charts that compare everything about their available rental trucks. Penske doesn't offer trailers, but they do allow you to tow your car behind select vehicles.

Penske offers one-way long-distance moves with unlimited mileage as well as local moves. Their vehicles require a $100 security deposit. Penske can typically cost more than U-Haul, but it depends on the location and type of move.

Budget Truck

Budget Truck comes with all the services you would ask for when it comes to renting a moving truck. They have guaranteed pick-up and drop-off locations so you can do long-haul moves with free unlimited miles or local moves. They are also flexible and offer great discounts.

Budget Truck can be a great option to save money, but they are limited in their sizes. People who are moving whole homes or a lot of belongings will need to consider other options.

There are three truck options to choose from:

  • Cargo vans for 1 room or studio apartments
  • 12' trucks for 1-2 rooms or studio apartments
  • 16' trucks for 3-4 room apartments or 1 bedroom homes

They also offer extra accessories and services like:

  • Car carriers
  • Tow dollies
  • Auto tow protection
  • Pick up trucks for small jobs
  • Loading and unloading assistance
  • Packing help
  • Hand trucks
  • Protection plans
  • Ability to change drop-off location online

Budget Truck offers many services that make it unique from other truck rental companies. They have comparison charts that make it easier to choose a vehicle according to size and special needs.

Ironically, their prices aren't always as cheap despite their name. While their medium and long-haul truck rentals tend to be cheaper than other companies, local moves are more expensive. They also have some extra fees that other companies don't.

This reality makes Budget Truck the best option for people who are undergoing a long-haul move from an apartment. They do offer some great promotions, however, so it's worth it to explore their site before you move on.


Enterprise is best known for their car rentals, but they also rent trucks for moving! Their company website boasts a variety of vehicle options and measures to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

Enterprise offers rental services for local moves. They are not good for long-distance moves because you have to return the vehicle at the pick-up location.

They have several options, all of which Enterprise guarantees are newer vehicles.

  • Compact cargo van
  • Regular cargo van
  • Parcel van
  • Cabover truck
  • Straight truck
  • Stakebed truck
  • Pickup truck

Enterprise guarantees that their vehicles are all inspected thoroughly before you rent and they offer 24/7 roadside assistance. They also offer discounts for progressive customers. Their website is very clear about what insurance coverages they offer so you can ensure protection.

You can reserve your rental online and choose from many locations. It's important to communicate with your specific location, however, because customers have noted that services and vehicles are not the same in every location.

Enterprise offers packing and moving supplies to make your move easier. They also have no reputation for hidden fees, but their prices are a little higher upfront.


Ryder is better known for its commercial vehicles, but they also offer personal rentals for moving! Their website and services are more bare-bones, which means great savings for you.

Customers have raved about the affordability of rental trucks from Ryder. They also make it very easy to reserve trucks or cancel them.

Ryder offers:

  • Sprinter vans at $35 a day
  • Box trucks at $39 a day
  • Straight trucks at $89.95 a day

These fees are for the rental, but there are other additional fees to remember. Ryder adds variable fees, taxes, and fuel to your cost. Even with these added fees, however, Ryder tends to be the most affordable option.

The biggest downfall with Ryder is that even though you can rent very sizeable vehicles, you cannot feasibly do a long-distance move. Vehicles need to be returned to the original location.

These prices and options are great for a local move as long as you follow the rental agreement and drop-off on time! Make sure you also pick from one of their insurance options to cover any damages.

Home Depot

One place you probably didn't think of looking for rental trucks is Home Depot! Commonly known as a construction and equipment rental place, Home Depot also allows you to rent their vehicles.

Their biggest truck is only big enough to fit about one to two rooms worth of furniture and belongings, and they do not offer long-haul moves. You will have to go to the store to rent, but you can check their availability on the website.

They offer:

  • Flatbed trucks
  • Cargo vans
  • HD moving box trucks
  • Penske trucks
  • Moving dollies included with each rental

Home Depot offers unlimited mileage with their rate, but you will have to return the vehicle to the same location you rented it. Pricing varies by location and you will have to refuel the truck before you return it.

If you choose to rent from Home Depot, you will need to bring your ID, $150 deposit, and proof of insurance with you. The vehicles are automatic and have air conditioning, loading ramps, and rearview cameras.

You can also get a tow hitch for your vehicle. If you'd like to get a trailer hitch, you must only be hitching a rented trailer or piece of equipment that was rented from home depot.

You can rent a vehicle per minute, day, or week!


Hertz is another brand known best for its rental car services. You probably see them the most at airports. They also rent vehicles to help you move!

Hertz has a smaller selection of vehicles that aren't necessarily meant for moving the whole house's worth of furniture and belongings. If you are only moving a room or a small apartment, Hertz could be great for you.

They offer:

  • Small pickup trucks
  • Large pickup trucks
  • Compact cargo vans with max cargo at 234 cubit feet
  • Cargo vans with max cargo at 353 cubic feet

You can also rent box trucks through them from Penske. They are partners, which allows you to choose from even more locations for pickup. You can check the availability of their vehicles on their website to book by location.

Because they are partners, you can also get a 10% discount when you rent a Penske truck through Hertz!

The great thing about Hertz is that they are already a car rental service that is fit for dropping off vehicles in a different location from the pickup. This means that you can drop off your vehicle at your new location.


Similar to Home Depot, Lowes is a well-known department store for construction and home renovation. They also rent trucks!

Lowes does not have the range of Home Depot. They only offer pickup truck rentals. Lowes rents out Chevy Silverado 1500s, which have an 8ft bed.

They have standard safety features and can haul 1 ton. They even come with roadside assistance.

You can call them to check availability and go to the store with your license, proof of insurance, and credit card.

Just like Home Depot, you will need to return the truck with a full tank of gas. You do get unlimited miles for one flat rate, whether you choose to rent by the minute or day. It is $19 per 90 minutes or $89 per day.

They do offer tie-downs and toolboxes to secure your belongings while you drive. Lowes is a great option if you have one nearby and are looking to do a small local move!


Thrifty is an affordable car rental service that has a variety of trucks in its lineup. If you are looking to complete a small move, like some boxes or small furniture, you could find a good deal here!

Thrifty has four categories for pickup trucks that you can rent:

  • Standard truck, such as Chevrolet Silverado
  • Mid-size truck, such as Nissan Frontier
  • Full-size truck, such as Toyota Tundra
  • Premium truck, such as Ford F-150

Thrifty boasts that their premium trucks come with the latest technology for the cabin and suspension for handling large loads.

Renting a truck from Thrifty is super simple. When you're on their rental truck page, all you have to do is enter a pick-up location.

You can also review and alter your rentals on their website, making it very easy to control your move. You can even use their "Timesaver Check-In" tool.

Going with a car rental service rather than a moving truck rental service means that it comes without the extra services and help. For example, you won't be able to rent packing and moving supplies or equipment. The cost of renting, however, goes down because you aren't paying for all that extra help!


Sixt is an interesting company that calls its service a "car subscription." This may be unorthodox for most moves. If you don't need to move in a certain amount of time, however, this could be a great choice.

Sixt allows you to rent a vehicle for an entire month with no down payment, financing fees, or depreciation. You can cancel after one month or swap your car in the middle of your contract if it's not right for you.

You can choose from many coverage options and mileage packages. This means you won't have to drive a huge truck if you don't want to! You can move your stuff little by little on your own time.

If you're flexible with your move, play with the numbers and see if this option could save you money.

Get Ready For Moving Day

Are you ready to get the ball rolling? Moving can be expensive and stressful, but it certainly doesn't have to be. After you've looked through this list, finalize your choice with your favorite moving truck rental company.

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How much will my move cost?