Do you know that 60% of US residents want to purchase their next vehicle online directly from a manufacturer​? That’s because this approach has numerous advantages compared to traditional dealerships.

For example, if you require any specific configurations in your vehicle, like special paint finishes or off-road wheels, the manufacturer can accommodate these requests. However, many people are unaware of how to order a car from the factory. If you’re one of them, don’t worry!

In this guide, we will explore where you can buy a car directly from the manufacturer, along with some additional information worth knowing!

Is it Possible to Buy a Car Directly From a Manufacturer?

Yes, you can purchase a car directly from the manufacturer, though it mainly depends on your local laws and the brand of car you're looking to get. Generally speaking, most states have regulations that prevent auto manufacturers from selling cars straight to customers.

However, there has been a notable shift towards direct-sales models in recent years, especially during vehicle shortages.

Now, many automakers offer special options for customers to order a car from the factory. These options are commonly referred to as custom ordering or build-to-order models.

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Where to Order Car Directly From Manufacturer?

Ready to buy car directly from manufacturer? Well, there are two ways to do so:

Via a Dealership

To buy a car directly from the manufacturer, you’ll need to contact a local dealer. The person will handle everything, from the moment you place an order until delivery. Hence, it’s critical to find someone who you can trust.

Moving forward, your connection with the dealer will be really important throughout this process. You’ll need to communicate effectively with the dealer to get regular updates about your order.

If you're trying to purchase a new model that’s in high demand, the process might be a bit challenging and time-consuming. In such scenarios, it’s wise to consult high-volume dealerships, which typically have larger amounts of much-desired vehicles on hand.

Online Through the Manufacturer

Auto brands like Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid are making it possible for customers to buy a vehicle directly from the manufacturer. All you have to do is go online, find your desired model, configure it per your preference, and place an order. This convenience, in turn, makes it the best way to buy a car.

Though this trend eliminates stressful negotiations with salespeople or dealerships, some states still don't allow manufacturers to sell cars without a franchise dealership involved. So, inquire about your local laws before ordering a car directly from the manufacturer.

Step-Wise Guide to Order a Car From the Factory

Ordering a car straight from the factory can be an amazing experience that allows you to tailor-make your ride exactly how you want it. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you buy car directly from manufacturer.

Step 1: Choose A Manufacturer

  • Research various car manufacturers available that facilitate the custom ordering process.
  • Be sure to choose one that suits your preferences and budget.

Step 2: Build Your Vehicle Online

  • After choosing the manufacturer, head over to their website and utilize the configuration tools available for building up your dream vehicle. These include trim level, paint hue, interior furnishing, etc.
  • Print out the build sheet for any future reference.

Step 3: Visit a Dealership or Contact Online

  • Head to the dealership that stocks the make and model you want, bringing along your build sheet.
  • Present it to the sales associate and explain all the details regarding what vehicle you are ordering​.
  • If you don't want the hassle of moving to the dealership, you could also contact them online. Just be sure to send a digital copy of the build sheet to the dealer.

Step 4: Negotiate & Finalize Pricing

  • Get an out-the-door (OTD) quotation for your car and negotiate over the price as needed.
  • Once you’re happy with the price, sign off the paperwork.

Step 5: Place the Order

  • Get a signed copy of the agreed-upon build sheet and leave the dealership.
  • The dealership will then place the order with the factory on your behalf​.

Step 6: Track Your Order

  • Stay in contact with the dealer for regular updates about your vehicle’s progress.

Step 7: Final Preparations

  • If you have taken any loan for buying a car, get it approved before delivery.
  • Look for additional items like extended warranties and GAP insurance.

Step 8: Receive Your Car:

  • When your car arrives at the dealership, finish any remaining paperwork, and then receive your new car!

Step 9: Getting Your Car Shipped:

  • If you're ordering a car from a factory located in a different state, you'll need to coordinate with the dealership and potentially a transportation company to arrange for the delivery.

Which AutoMakers Allow Customers to Buy Car from Manufacturer?

As mentioned, Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid allow online car buyers to purchase directly. Besides that, Volvo and Audi are also at the forefront of the custom ordering trend, particularly with their electric cars. For instance, you can order Volvo's C40 Recharge SUV online, but the delivery can only be received at the dealership in person.

Moreover, Toyota has joined the party of online car buying sites by introducing SmartPath. The platform guides buyers through the entire purchasing process. Once customers hit submit on the order form, dealerships contact them to arrange the delivery process.

Tips to Negotiate on Price When Buying a Car From Manufacturer

For sure, negotiations are important in every buying process to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Here are some tips to help you negotiate on price if you intend to buy car directly from the manufacturer.

  • Get Multiple Quotes: Contact different manufacturer-authorized dealerships for price quotations. This, in turn, will enable you to compare costs and spot the most competitive one.
  • Timing Is Key: When it comes to negotiating, timing really matters. Dealerships and manufacturers could be more inclined to provide discounts or incentives during certain times, such as the end of a month, quarter, or year.
  • Be Prepared to Walk Away: Never fear saying 'no' if something doesn't meet your expectations. Letting dealers know that you're looking into other options may make them more flexible with their prices.

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