`The Best Ways to Buy the Car You Want For Cheaper

As we enter the tail-end of a year that has been full of twists and turns, one thing is for certain; this article will show you how to buy the car you want for cheaper.

Let’s face it. Buying a car can be a daunting task. When you first start looking into buying a car there will be hundreds of questions that will burst into your head at once.

Do I buy online or at a dealership? Should I get a new or used car? What if I buy a lemon? I’ve always wanted that truck, can I afford it this time of year? Is buying a car from auction a good idea? Where is the best website to buy used cars? I can’t afford a new car, aren’t used cars always breaking down? What if I find my dream car but it’s interstate? How can I buy a good car at auction if I haven’t even seen it in person? And the relentless barrage of thoughts goes on and on.

I know. Just reading that probably gave you a headache. If you are not prepared, the metaphorical traffic jam of thoughts can have you parked at a red light forever, or worse, lead you to make a bad purchase.

Buying used cars online even if they are in another state and enlisting the help of auto transport companies may sound like a complicated way of doing things, but when you break it down it is very simple. This article will show you the benefits of purchasing a car this way, and your bank account will thank you later!

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, there is no better time to implement these tactics so you can roll into the New Year with a new car (or used) for cheaper than you would have anticipated.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to buying the car you want for cheaper.

Consider buying a used car


Americans are opting every day to buy used cars over new cars, with many citing affordability as one of the main reasons for choosing this avenue. The myth that if you buy used cars you are going to get stuck with a faulty, damaged item is just untrue.

Being open to the idea of not being the first owner of the car can allow you to get excellent value for your money if you know what to look for.

Another financial incentive to buy used cars is the true cost of depreciation. Buying new cars will always be the most expensive way to get a car, as the first owners of the vehicle will be the ones who bear the full force of market value depreciation.

As a smart, used car buyer, you can step in and buy the same car sometimes for as much as 20% cheaper – just because it’s clocked a few miles!

Currently, the market for used cars in the United States dwarfs that of the new-car industry, with used sales more than doubling new sales in 2019. The gap between the two industries has been steadily increasing since 2010.

The data shows that used cars provide a safer investment for Americans over new cars, with used cars being less susceptible to market volatility. Approximately 280 million cars are being used in the United States as of 2019 and the demand for used cars is increasing. The logic of supply and demand does state that prices will therefore go up for used cars. This is where our next tip comes in.

Consider buying your used car online

Now you have opened your eyes to buying more affordable used cars, it’s time to broaden your horizons even more by taking your search to the land of the internet. Doing this will increase your chances of buying the car you want at a price that is right for you.

Data analysed by Iseecars.com show that those who bought cars online saved 0.8% on average.

The study of these 9.4 million online used car sales in 2018 reinforces the notion that more Americans are turning to online dealerships and platforms when they are looking to purchase a vehicle.


Now we know that consumers have been leaning towards buying used cars online for years, let’s have a look as to why that may be.

Benefits of buying used cars online:

  • Can compare prices easily
  • Lots of time to research and get all the facts, helping you make informed decisions
  • Do not have to deal with sales-pitches and staff who are not genuine
  • Oftentimes cheaper – with options to deliver the car to your door

Benefits of buying used cars traditionally:

  • You can get answers to your detailed questions if you find a reputable dealer
  • Dealership financing and more solid warranties
  • Ability to install and purchase extras on the spot

Choosing to buy a car online or traditionally ultimately comes down to your values. Buying online oftentimes provides the same car for cheaper as well as giving you the time to search through hundreds of possible cars, but if you value being able to communicate with a salesperson you trust and also see the vehicle in person, you may consider buying a car traditionally.

That being said, with new technologies coming out every day many online dealerships are offering in-depth virtual viewings and video walkthroughs of the used car being advertised.


If you have the luxury of waiting for the holidays to purchase your used car, do it. People are more likely to sell their cars during the spring and summer months. This means when you combine this fact with greater demand for new cars during the Christmas and New Years periods, being patient and waiting for these winter months to purchase used cars is one of the best things you can do to save money on your investment.

When you are buying a used car, it is a large investment. Sometimes getting as much as 5-10% off the usual market price by tactically buying on one of these holidays can add up to enormous financial savings. On a $20,000 used car, that could be up to $2,000!


Some other methods of securing cars cheaper online are to keep an eye on market trends. If new models of a car you have been looking for have just been released and are highly sought after, there will be an influx of older models and trade-ins when people want the newest and best.

Capitalize on this consumer behaviour and score yourself a great used car.

One thing to keep in mind when buying online is that you may not always know who is selling to you. It is easier online to hide your true identity and this can be a deterrent for some when buying cars online. Make sure to always do your due diligence when investing in a used car. With that said, we have collected the top 5 websites to buy used cars online.


1. Autotrader.com

Autotrader has a streamline filtering system with advanced searching capabilities, which puts the power in your hands. Filter down through the thousands of listings to find your perfect used car. With one of the largest monthly user bases in any online car sales platform, have consumer confidence that you are in one of the largest marketplaces for used cars on the internet.

2. Carsdirect.com

Simple and to the point, Carsdirect offers everything you need to find a great deal on a used car online. Filter down for your desired car and submit requests directly to the dealers and sellers via the website to get more information on the car you wish to view.

3. Truecar.com

Truecar is a platform that is all about transparency. Aiming to give power back to the consumer, Truecar seamlessly analyzes enormous amounts of data and compiles it neatly for buyers to get all the information they need before approaching dealerships online.

4. Cargurus.com

With 20 million visitors browsing through the listings on this site a month, Cargurus offers consumers a great opportunity to find their ideal car at a competitive price. It is free to list your advertisement, but the platform does charge a flat $99 fee for any sale made through the listing. Listings are also assigned a deal rating, meaning sellers have to remain fair in their pricing.

5. Autotempest.com

If you love sites like Trivago, you will love the platform over at Autotempest. Its API pulls many listings from other major online car selling platforms, meaning you have an infinite pool of great deals to sort through. A bonus – if you list a vehicle for sale on Autotempest, your advertisement will also be displayed to its sister site, Cars.com.

These are all reputable sites that we are sure will help you on your way to buying your car online for cheaper – but there is another avenue that can land buyers big savings when buying used cars.


Tips and tricks for buying cars cheaper at auctions online

Buying used cars at auction can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Many people still agree that auctions have all the ingredients necessary to present consumers with cars at bargain-like prices.

For more information on this process, we recommend you read through our comprehensive guide for buying cars at auction once you have read this article.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind when attending auctions, live or online.


Doing your research into how auctions work will save you many future headaches and put you in better stead for when the time is right to buy your own car for cheaper online.

A great place to start is a live auction. It is here you will get a better taste and understanding of how bidding, risk management, quick thinking and non-emotive decision making all come into play when buying cars at auction.

Find auctions online or in-person where it is free to attend and you do not have to have a dealership license. Spend your time in these places learning and watching people who make a living off these industries. What do they bid on? What gets avoided like the plague? Who looks calm and collected? What are they doing and what are they bidding on?


Doing your research and attending practice auctions is a good idea to do solo so you get the full learning experience, but consider having a friend or colleague with you on the day of the online auction. If the person knows about cars and/or auctions, this is a big plus.

Two pairs of eyes are always better than one. This is doubly true in auctions where you only have a very brief moment to make quick evaluations. Having another person looking out for things will decrease the likelihood of used car red flags slipping through unnoticed.

Your auction buddy will also help you remain calm and make the right decision to bid or to pull out. Layout your plans and rules beforehand so your helper knows what to look out for.


Before you even step foot in that virtual auction – know your gameplan. Have a solid idea of what kind of used car you are looking out for, where your maximum spend is and what characteristics of a car will need to be ticked off before you consider bidding on it.

Online auctions will usually have an inventory you can browse through before any bidding starts. Take this time to do your research into used cars that pique your interest.

Remember, there will always be another auction, so stick to your game plan and do not rush into reckless bidding.


Before you start bidding on any used cars at an online auction, be sure you have done your research. Have a maximum budget spend ready and know what will tick your boxes to make you consider spending that money.

Know what the new prices and trade-in prices of each car you are interested in so you can do confident number crunching on the day.

You will also need to have your finances organised and readily available for when the bidding starts. Be prepared to place your deposit down on any cars you wish to bid on immediately and be sure you can afford to pay the bid within 5 business days or risk losing your deposit and the car.

So you’ve found your car online, now what?

You have done your research. You feel confident about buying your next car online. You have taken your time, but now you have found the ultimate used car. You have checked its value on Kelley Blue Book – not only is it affordable, but it’s also underpriced and it ticks all your boxes. Every box except one.

It’s on the other side of the country.

Don’t stress. Auto Transport is our bread and butter. That’s why Nexus Auto Transport has repeatedly been rated among the best vehicle moving companies in the country.

Knowing how to ship your car across the country efficiently will save you money in the long run, especially if you have found a great bargain.

Keep reading to find out our tips and tricks for shipping a car across the country.

Everything you need to know when you are shipping a car across country

Take it from us, the best time to ship your car across the country is when no one else is. When demand is low and supply is high, auto transport companies will be happy to take in your business. If you have read this far, congratulations, you are well and truly on your way to getting your car for cheaper.

It is no secret that those willing to work when others are resting are rewarded. This goes for the auto transport of your car, except, once you have decided on the date and gone ahead with your chosen transport company, there isn’t much more you need to do – just sit back and enjoy the financial savings that come from being organised.

Choosing to make the move during low traffic times can drastically reduce the price of the shipment.


As you can see in the infographics below, many Americans prefer to hire shipping companies at the end of the week (particularly Friday/Saturday) and in the warmer months.

Just by being willing to ship your used car in the winter months and/or midweek, you will reduce the cost of shipping hugely.

Over on our ultimate car shipping guide, we go into even more depth on measures you can take to save when shipping your car across the country and we strongly suggest you incorporate that into your research.

You can also use our shipping cost calculator to help you accurately budget and prepare for your car’s shipment.


Choosing the right company to ship your car is the last step in the process!

Nexus Auto Transport has been voted among the best vehicle transport companies in the United States for several years running. We can provide you with an anonymous quote to ship your used car as we would love to help you complete this journey and get your car to your door for an affordable price.

If you do not wish to use our services we recommend using a Transport Review website which will help you find the right auto transport company for you.

Once you have done your research and got some quotes for shipping, you should always ask yourself these 7 important questions before hiring a transport company.


Keep in mind that there are several factors we take into account when quoting shipping costs.

The main influences on the quote are how, what, where and when.

  • How: We take into account the type of transport required for your vehicle. Do you need terminal-to-terminal transport or door-to-door transport?
  • What: what kind of vehicle is being transported – model/make/weight/value/condition
  • Where: how far away is the delivery address? What other costs are involved?
  • When: Time of year/week

For more information as to how we calculate our shipping costs, this article shares how much it is to ship a car.


There you have it. With the rise of well-designed online platforms starting to offer most things that brick and mortar dealerships can offer, American’s are flocking to buy their vehicles online.

If you are prepared to be patient and do your research into vehicles you are looking to purchase, then this method we have shown you is guaranteed to get you results.

Buying high-quality used cars online and shipping them to a terminal near you is a brilliant way to score a great vehicle for a fraction of the price.

Organise your finances and purchase date to coincide with Christmas or New Year’s Eve and you will be on track for massive savings!

We wish you all the best when buying your new, used-car!