Seasonal changes pose challenges for auto transport with severe weather conditions like freezing temperatures or scorching heat, making moving vehicles more difficult.

The seasonal factors not only impact the logistics of transporting vehicles but also influence the safety of the journey. Moreover, car transportation prices can vary significantly depending on the time of year you choose for the move. Hence, strategic planning is required before moving on with the transportation process.

In this article, we’ll explore how seasonal changes affect auto transport. We’ll also share some useful tips for people who want to transport their cars during the peak season. So, let’s jump right in!

Understanding Seasonal Impacts on Auto Transport

Knowing how seasons affect shipping helps you plan better for shipping your vehicle smoothly. Auto transport demand tends to surge during holidays, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. This can lead to potential delays and higher prices due to increased requests.

Additionally, adverse weather conditions, such as snow storms or hurricanes, often disrupt transportation routes, affecting delivery schedules. Sometimes, enclosed auto transport during extreme weather seasons is worth considering to protect your vehicle from potential damage.

Working with experienced auto transport companies that are used to navigating seasonal fluctuations can help make the process smoother.

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How Seasonality Affects Moving and Auto Transport Costs

Seasonal changes significantly influence the demand for auto transport, leading to cost fluctuations. Let's discuss how different seasons affect the car shipping process and auto transport prices.

Shipping Your Car in the Spring and Summer

Moving houses and shipping cars in the United States hit their peak times during June, July, and August. Simultaneously, car sales rise too, resulting in greater demand for transportation services. On top of that, college students going back to their schools after being home adds to the rush for car shipping services.

Since there's increased demand for car shipping in summer, more carriers are usually available. However, the shipping prices go up a bit during this time, and there could be delays because many vehicles are being transported.

Also, things can get tricky around the 4th of July. Many drivers take time off because of the Independence Day holiday, resulting in slower service and higher shipping prices. But after a few weeks, things typically get back to normal.

Shipping Your Car in the Fall and Winter

The demand for auto transport usually decreases in the fall and winter seasons. This results in auto transport companies reducing prices to fill their carriers. However, severe weather conditions during these seasons pose challenges, with icy and slippery roads requiring cautious driving from truckers. This could cause delays in delivery.

Also, the fall and winter months coincide with weather challenges and the bustling holiday season. The holiday rush can impact shipping schedules, especially near Christmas and New Year's.

Road closures due to heavy snowfall can further delay shipping, causing drivers to wait until roads are cleared for safe passage. While fall and winter offer cost-effective prices, the holidays and weather-related hurdles can slow shipping and extend delivery times.

Tips for Customers Planning Auto Transport During Peak Seasons

Shipping your car during the peak seasons can be a hassle. Follow these tips to ensure a smooth transport experience.

Find a Trustworthy Auto Transport Company

Selecting a trustworthy car shipping company is crucial. Begin by thoroughly researching auto transporters and checking what customers say about them. You want a company that's known for its reliability. Focus on those with experience handling peak season shipping because they'll know how to handle the extra challenges that come with it.

Book in Advance

The space on the carriers becomes limited during the peak season due to the surge in the number of people shipping their cars. Therefore, you must book ahead of the move.

This ensures your car gets a spot on the carrier you want and on the dates you need. Waiting till the last minute can lead to delays or no available carriers, which can be very stressful.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Ensure your vehicle is all set before shipping can save you time and money. Cleaning it thoroughly, removing your stuff, and checking for technical issues can prevent delays and extra expenses.

Additionally, ensuring your vehicle's fluids are topped and checking tire pressure adds to the readiness for smooth transport.

Avoid Shipping On Holidays

Carriers might be busier or have fewer days to work on the holidays, causing delays in auto transport. It is recommended to move your car before or after the holidays as it helps ensure timely delivery.

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