7 Celebrities' that Moving to a New State

Elon Musk made headlines when he announced he was moving his business and family out of California to Texas, but he isn't the only celebrity abandoning The Golden State and moving to a new state this year. Many Hollywood actors followed suit and high-tailed it out of Los Angelos when the coronavirus hit in 2020.

The coronavirus pandemic sparked conversations about what's truly important in life, and it caused some major Hollywood figures to rethink their surroundings.

From tech moguls, members of the royal family, and film and tv stars, these celebrities are riding out the pandemic outside of La La Land where they have more space and privacy. Let's talk about seven celebrities that left California behind and moved to a new place in 2020.

7 Celebrities That Moved To a New State in 2020

So who has been on the move? Here are the big names who've moved states in 2020.

1. Elon Musk

Billionaire tech giant relocated his family and established the new Tesla assembly plant in Austin, Texas in July. The plant is projected to become Texas's largest job creation project in the last 10 years.

A major draw for Musk is the fact that Texas doesn't have a state income tax. He complained to the Wall Street Journal that California was not a good place for innovators anymore.

2. Joe Rogan

The podcast host announced in July that he also made the Lone Star State his new home, a decision mostly fueled by overcrowding in Los Angelos. He told his listeners that living in Texas provided "a little more freedom."

3. Gigi Hadid

The supermodel moved to her family's farm in rural Pennsylvania when lockdown orders hit. She was accompanied by boyfriend Zayn Malik and even gave birth to their daughter there.

Hadid told Harper's Bazaar that farm life brought back her "most simple pleasures." While it's unclear if she'll stay permanently or move back to Hollywood, it certainly seems like a peaceful place to enjoy being a first-time mom.

4. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

After living in Vancouver, Canada, and then a brief stint in Los Angelos at the beginning of 2020, the royal couple settled their little family in Santa Barbara in July. While still in California, the smaller community allows for more privacy and space for their son Archie to run free.

A spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex told PEOPLE that they have settled into the "quiet privacy" of Santa Barbara's community, where Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres also have homes.

5. Rosario Dawson

Dawson made the move to Newark, New Jersey to join her boyfriend and US Senator Cory Booker in August. The pandemic separated the long-distance couple for most of the year, the actor explained in an interview with Kevin Smith.

She said they had already talked about moving in together and the added strain from the lockdowns made it an easy decision.

6. James and Kimberly Van Der Beek

Like Musk and Rogan, the Dawson's Creek star and his wife made Texas their home, with their five kids and multiple pets in tow. The move was sparked by a desire to be closer to nature, Kimberly explained during an interview for the podcast "The Make Down."

The family made moving out of state fun with a 10-day road trip from California to their new Texas home.

7. Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendez

Under normal circumstances, the celebrity couple each live in their own homes in Hollywood and Toronto, but they've been quarantined together with Cabello's parents in her hometown of Miami, Florida during the pandemic. Time will tell if they stay and purchase their own property in Florida or return to their original homes when they can get back to work.

Celebrities Down Under

A number of celebrities have left the US entirely to spend 2020 in Australia. Some are Australian natives returning home to ride out the lockdowns closer to families, like married couple Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, as well as actor Chris Hemsworth and his wife and kids.

Others, however, are American actors who found themselves in Australia when lockdown orders were enacted all over the world so they decided to stay, like Zac Efron and Kate Walsh. Like California, Australia has several beautiful beaches they can enjoy while also taking advantage of more privacy away from the Hollywood spotlight.

Why Are Celebrities Leaving California?

The Golden State may feel like the ideal place to settle down with its year-round beautiful weather and pristine beaches, but certain factors make it far from perfect for major celebrities.

One of those factors is higher taxes. Wealthy celebrities are charged an extremely high state income tax in California that they can avoid if they are residents of other states.

The threat of more and more wildfires may also be pushing them to move somewhere else.

Overcrowding is another issue in Los Angelos, and you don't need to look farther than its jammed-packed freeways to understand just how much the rapidly growing population has negatively impacted the city. Rent prices have also spiked, forcing more people to the streets.

While most celebrities can manage the high cost of living, they don't enjoy much privacy in Los Angelos. Moving somewhere with fewer people and more space is understandably an appealing option so they can live a more ordinary life while the industry is shut down.

In the midst of lockdown orders due to the coronavirus pandemic, it also makes sense that they would want more outdoor space to feel less cooped up while staying at home.

Industry Changes Allows More Celebrities To Move Away From Hollywood

Finally, there has been a movement to break up Los Angelos as the epicenter for Hollywood, with more and more major productions filming in places like Atlanta, Salt Lake City, New York, Vancouver, and Austin in the last few years.

Some productions in these cities have been able to get back to filming sooner than productions in Los Angelos due to the high number of COVID-19 cases keeping the city shut down. With filming locations dispersing, A-list stars who don't depend on the audition circuit anymore may not feel the need to live in Hollywood full time.

They now have the luxury of living where they want and traveling to filming locations when they are working. Many choose to live near their hometowns, like Blake Shelton, who has a large ranch in his home state of Oklahoma and only lives in Los Angelos while filming for the NBC reality competition show The Voice.

Only time will tell if celebrities are moving out of Los Angeles for good or if they will come back once the industry is fully functioning again. Perhaps more will begin splitting their time to maintain a sense of normalcy when they aren't working.

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