Thinking about buying a used car out of state? You’re part of a trend.

Buying a used car in another state is becoming increasingly common, with more people turning to P2P selling networks and online searches to buy a vehicle out of state.

You may have several questions about buying a used car from another state. Can you buy a car in another state? How do you buy a car out of state?

Also, why purchase a car out of state?

Let’s examine the benefits and disadvantages of buying a car from a private seller out of state.

Can You Buy a Car in Another State?

Buying a used car out of state is possible, and it can be a smooth experience if you understand the best way to buy a car.

If you're wondering how to buy a car from another state, note that many online car buyers find excellent steals through online car auction sites.

Car auctions can save you time, as you won't need to search for vehicles on your own. They also offer competitive bidding. This may lead to lower prices than you may find at car dealerships.

You might also find someone trying to sell a car online at a car-buying site. The top car-buying sites include Hemmings and CarsDirect.

Buying a Used Car Out of State: Pro #1

A major advantage of buying a used car from another state is that it may help you save money, perhaps hundreds of dollars.

Many factors may affect a vehicle’s selling price, like demand. In addition, a vehicle’s value may fluctuate based on local and state economies. This means in some situations, you may find less expensive vehicles when you look outside of your state.

Keep in mind, though, that the sales tax you pay for your purchase will be based on the place where you’ll register your vehicle.

To avoid overpaying for your desired car, check the Kelley Blue Book car value for the car’s make and model. If a seller is charging more than this value for their car, move on to another seller.

Buy a Car Out of State: Pro #2

Another benefit of buying a used car from out of state is that you may be able to access more car features and models not available in your area.

For instance, you may more easily find automobile options featuring rare configurations when you shop online. You might also find a limited-edition vehicle or a high-performance model manufactured in small numbers.

In addition, let's say you're looking for a convertible but there aren't many in the Midwestern state where you live. You may find the perfect sporty car in California or Florida when you shop online. Better yet, this car may not have accrued damage from inclement weather and salt like a Midwestern car has.

Buy a Vehicle Out of State: Pro #3

Yet another advantage of purchasing a used car from another state is the convenience it offers.

For instance, when you shop online, you can more easily compare car prices. In addition, you can shop from the comfort of your home and avoid the pressure from car sales associates you may experience at a dealership.

Buying a Car from a Private Seller Out of State: Con #1

Buying a used car in a different state can be complex. That's because you have to account for registration requirements, sales tax, and emissions testing requirements.

You should also make sure your new car is insured as soon as you purchase it.

Buying Used Car from Another State: Con #2

Buying a used car from another state can also require more of your time than buying a car locally. That's because you'll likely have to do extensive online research on various car options before choosing the right car for your needs.

Purchase a Car Out of State: Con #3

Another drawback of buying a car in another state is that it may be costlier than buying locally. That's because you will have to pay money to get the car to your home.

One option is to fly or drive a rental car to the car's location and drive your new car home. In this situation, you'll have to cover the cost of your transportation and any lodging needed. You might also have to take time off from work.

The other option is to pay an auto transport company to ship your vehicle to your home. This costs an average of $1,290 (more on this next).

Buying a Used Car in Another State: Shipping

An auto transport service that provides cross-country car shipping can help you ship a new car located thousands of miles away. Are you purchasing a car from a neighboring state? Look for a service that offers state-to-state shipping.

Use a car shipping calculator to find out how much shipping will cost you. A reliable calculator will take into account information like the distance between you and your car, your car pickup date, and even your car's size.

Whether you choose enclosed transport or open transport will also impact your shipping price. Enclosed transport is most appropriate for classic cars and other vehicles you want to be protected from the elements. Open transport doesn't provide this level of protection, but it is sufficient and more cost-effective for many shipping customers.

How We Can Help With Auto Shipping

Can you buy a car in another state? Yes. Buying a used car out of state is easy online.

Buy a car out of state to get a good deal. Also, buy a vehicle out of state if you want more options.

Buying a car from a private seller out of state can be more complex, though. In addition, buying a used car from another state can be time-consuming. If you purchase a car out of state, you will have to pay for shipping, too.

Contact Nexus Auto Transport for shipping help when buying a used car in another state.