According to Kelley Blue Book, the average new car buyer in the United States paid $48,334 in July of 2023 while the average used car buyer paid $27,147 in June of 2023. Given this scenario, many cost-conscious customers are considering the option to buy used cars, as it promises reliable rides without a hefty price tag.

In response to this growing demand, several vehicle retailers have introduced online platforms for buying and selling second-hand vehicles. Among them, Carvana and CarMax stand out due to their hassle-free processes and a wide range of vehicle availability.

While both serve similar customer bases, their distinct approaches present varying pros and cons. Hence, it can be a bit tricky to choose the right option for your needs, but don’t worry!

In this article, we will share a brief comparison between Carvana vs CarMax, along with other information that’s worth knowing. So, let's get started!

How Does CarMax Work?

Renowned for its no-haggle policy, CarMax is a large used car retailer in the United States. The company, which came into existence in 1993, aims to prioritize customer satisfaction.

Currently, CarMax has 246 on-site stores and a website to accommodate the car buying and selling processes. Here are the procedures for buying and selling car to CarMax:


CarMax simplifies the selling process through a simple three-step process. First, sellers can quickly obtain a free appraisal from the official website of CarMax. This is followed by setting an appointment for a detailed inspection by an experienced appraiser, who will test drive the vehicle and check its history of accidents.

After testing the car, the appraiser will present a no-obligation offer for your car using CarMax’s proprietary system. This offer remains valid for seven days, giving sellers time to consider or compare it. If the seller agrees to the offer, they can immediately complete the transaction at their nearest CarMax location and receive payment via a bank draft.

For those looking to exchange their current vehicle for a new one, CarMax also offers a trade-in service. In this scenario, the value of the seller's current vehicle is applied as a credit towards the purchase of another vehicle from the retailer.

So that’s all we have about sell a car CarMax!


On the buying front, CarMax distinguishes itself by offering a wide array of vehicles, ranging from nearly new to more seasoned models. Customers can easily browse their preferred car through their website or by visiting one of their retail locations. The CarMax will then guide you through the entire purchase process.

Moreover, each vehicle is CarMax Quality Certified, undergoing a detailed inspection, and has a limited warranty. Customers can benefit from in-house financing options and a 7-day money-back return policy, though the terms and conditions may apply. These extra perks make people consider it one of the best websites to buy used cars.


  • Both buying and selling are streamlined with a user-friendly interface and a quick appraisal process.
  • Prices are fixed, which can relieve those who dislike negotiation.
  • In-house financing options and additional protection plans are available.
  • Flexible payment options include cash, credit (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), check, or bank draft.
  • Its services are restricted to the US boundaries.


  • Fixed pricing may result in higher costs than what might be achieved through negotiation elsewhere.
  • Appraisal offers are only valid for seven days, which may pressure some customers.

The costs associated with maintaining physical locations may contribute to higher prices on the vehicles sold.

How Does Carvana Work?

Just like CarMax, Carvana is also a used-car retailer platform and is currently serving in the USA. Founded in 2012, it utilizes a customer-centric approach to facilitate the selling and buying processes. Here's how you can buy and sell car to Carvana:


When you decide to sell car to Carvana, the process kicks off with a user-friendly online valuation system. To get started, you'll need to provide precise information about your car, including its make, model, condition, and history. Following this, Carvana promptly generates an offer based on these details.

Upon accepting the initial estimate, Carvana conducts an on-site inspection. If the inspection aligns with the accuracy of your provided information, the car retailer will proceed to conclude the offer and organize a speedy payment.

This way, you could sell a car online without any hassles.


Carvana's buying process is fully online, featuring a vast inventory of over 25,000 vehicles. Online car buyers can examine and pick out their desired car from Carvana’s official website, which features comprehensive visuals and details for each vehicle.

After the purchase, customers can either receive the delivery at their doorstep or pick it up from a nearby Carvana-authorized vending machine. This level of flexibility makes Carvana one of the best online car buying sites.


  • User-friendly online platform for buying and selling cars.
  • Eliminates the need for physical dealership visits.
  • Extensive inventory with a wide range of vehicle options.
  • Convenient home delivery option for purchased vehicles.
  • A 7-day return policy provides peace of mind to buyers.


  • Inability to test drive a vehicle before purchase
  • Limited opportunity for negotiation on pricing.
  • Reduced personalization and customization options.

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Carvana vs CarMax: The Differences

The differences between Carvana vs CarMax primarily center around their operational models, vehicle costs, inventory age, and warranty. Let’s explore them in detail:

Operational Model:

  • CarMax operates both online and through physical locations, allowing customers to interact with the sales representative in person.
  • Carvana’s business model is predominantly online, offering a completely digital car buying and selling experience.

Vehicle Pricing:

  • CarMax's pricing might be affected by the overhead of maintaining physical locations, potentially leading to higher prices.
  • Carvana operates with lower overhead by not having traditional lots, which might result in slightly more competitive pricing.

Inventory Size:

  • Carvana has a smaller inventory, which contains around 15000 vehicles.
  • CarMax, on the other hand, boasts a more extensive inventory, with approximately 50,000 vehicles available.

Warranty and Return Policy:

  • CarMax return policy is available for 7 days, and its warranty is limited to 90 days or 4,000 miles, giving buyers a sense of security.
  • Carvana provides a slightly longer 100-day or 4,189-mile limited warranty, along with a 7-day return policy.

Test Drive Opportunity:

  • CarMax allows customers to test drive vehicles before purchase due to its physical lots.
  • Carvana lacks the opportunity for a pre-purchase test drive, although the 7-day return policy aims to compensate for it.

That’s all we have about CarMax vs Carvana!

Carvana vs CarMax: Which Option is Better?

When choosing between CarMax vs Carvana, the best choice often boils down to personal preferences.

For instance, if you prioritize speed and comfort over physical car inspections, it’s wise to go for Carvana. This vehicle retailer offers a fully online experience for buying or selling a car. The additional perk of home delivery further adds to the convenience.

On the other hand, CarMax follows a more conventional model, blending online services with physical locations. This setup is perfect for individuals who prefer inspecting and test-driving vehicles before deciding.

All in all, you must reflect on your priorities to figure out the car retailer that best accommodates your car buying or selling needs.

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