More than 66 million Americans camped/ used RVs in 2021. That's because they're a convenient way to enjoy the outdoors.

Planning to move with your RV? Hire someone to move an RV. Not all RV moving companies are alike, though.

How do you find local RV movers, or travel trailer movers, if you need an RV moving service "near me"? Which 5th wheel moving service can you trust for 5th wheel transport?

Let's explore 10 tips for choosing RV movers "near me," what a 5th wheel transport service can do, and why 5th wheel movers are a smart investment.

1. Carefully Hire Someone to Move an RV

Doing your due diligence when researching RV movers can help you choose a reliable local RV mover. "Due diligence" means investigating your desired auto transport company's credentials. It also means reading client reviews on Google or Facebook.

You may be asking, "Is RV transport worth it?" The answer is yes as long as the shipper you choose is experienced and has insurance to cover your RV if it's damaged during transport. Towing a 5th wheel is complicated, but an expert driver will make the experience safe and seamless for your vehicle.

2. Prep Your RV for RV Movers Near Me

Ask your prospective RV transport companies how to get your vehicle ready for shipping. A reliable local RV mover will give you several pointers to ensure your RV arrives safely.

One way to prepare your vehicle for transport is to handle all service or maintenance issues before the shipping date. You'll also need to disconnect gas and electricity, as well as remove all hazardous materials.

The right RV mover will tell you to take out all valuable belongings and secure any item you can't remove from the vehicle to keep it from being damaged during transport.

3. Look for Door-To-Door Transport

Choose a 5th wheel moving service "near me" that offers door-to-door transport. This type of service will allow you to specify a pick-up and drop-off location for your RV. It's more convenient than having to find the closest auto transport terminal to pick up your RV.

Be flexible, though. Your RV driver may ask you to meet them in a nearby parking lot instead of narrow streets to prevent them from entering your neighborhood.

4. Choose a Flexible 5th Wheel Moving Service

Ask your prospective RV movers if they're willing to transport your RV on certain days or at certain times if this will give you lower prices. The right service will have no problem accommodating your request, especially if you're flexible with your shipping timeline.

5. Plan Ahead With 5th Wheel Movers

The best auto transport companies in the US will encourage you to hope for the best but plan for the worst, which includes shipment delays. That's because surprises like highway closures, wildfires, and blizzards can easily happen when your RV is being shipped. Budget a couple of extra days for shipping when hiring RV transport to save yourself stress if the unexpected occurs.

6. Use Enclosed 5th Wheel Transport

Leading RV transport services offer enclosed hauling. This is where they use haulers with sides to protect their customers' RVs from the elements and road debris. It's the best option for hauling a luxury or rare vehicle.

7. Do Open Hauling With Travel Trailer Movers

Many families and movers with RVs can benefit from open hauling. This method of moving an RV involves transporting an RV on a hauler with no sides.

Open hauling is more cost-effective than using an enclosed hauler, but an open hauler won't shield your RV from the weather. Vehicles transported on open haulers usually aren't damaged, though.

8. Expedite Move With RV Moving Companies

Are you in a hurry to start moving your RV? Hire an RV moving company that offers expedited shipping. This service will deliver your vehicle to its destination as soon as possible.

9. Add 5th Wheel Transport Service Costs

Ask your potential auto transport companies how much they'll charge you to transport an RV and ship a car to another state. The quotes you receive should be relatively similar based on your RV's weight. Stay away from quotes that seem substantially higher or lower than the others to avoid working with a potentially fraudulent company.

Use an auto-moving cost calculator to determine how much your RV will cost you to move. The car shipping calculator may prompt you to include details like your vehicle's size, the pick-up date, and how far the automobile will be going.

Keep in mind that the best time to ship a car is also the best time to sell a car: spring and summer. The weather is usually moderate, making the driver's job easier.

10. Ask Local RV Movers' Shipping Timelines

Another tip for choosing a reliable local RV mover is to ask your potential auto transport companies how long it will take them to complete your shipment. A reputable company will tell you a vehicle moving from state to state (less than 500 miles) may take one to three days to get to its destination. Choose this method if you're trying to move in one day.

The shipping timeline is seven to 12 days if you plan to move cross-country. A cross-country car shipping service can move any vehicle more than 2,000 miles away.

RV Moving Service "Near Me"

Looking for RV movers "near me"? A reliable RV moving service "near me" is experienced. The best 5th wheel moving service also offers expedited shipping as needed.

Search for 5th wheel movers providing both enclosed and open 5th wheel transport. Quality travel trailer movers can give you quotes for both types of services.

At Nexus Auto Transport, one of the top RV moving companies, we outshine local RV movers in our customer service. Ready to hire someone to move an RV? Get in touch with our 5th wheel transport service today.

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