A truck strikes your car. Your vehicle is totaled.

Vehicles are "totaled" when their repair costs exceed 50% of their values. Your car can be rebuilt and given a new title, but how do you go about selling a car with a rebuilt title?

How easy is selling rebuilt title cars? Are rebuilt title vehicles for sale dependable? Where should you sell a rebuilt title car?

Selling a car with a salvage title can be challenging. Let's explore rebuilt title cars for sale, including tips for selling rebuilt vehicles for sale and why selling a salvage title car is smart.

What Does a Rebuilt Car Title Mean?

Cars receive rebuilt titles when insurance companies declare them as total losses, usually due to bad accidents. These cars are fixed using refurbished (repaired used) parts and evaluated before receiving their new titles.

A car with a rebuilt title has to pass state-level inspections to ensure they're safe to drive. Some buyers still hesitate to buy vehicles with these titles since they fear that accident-related problems may occur. This makes selling cars with rebuilt titles more difficult than selling those without major accident histories.

How to Get a Rebuilt Title

You can get a rebuilt title from your state's motor vehicle department. You must pay an application fee for a car inspection and disclose what parts you replaced.

The department will inspect your automobile to ensure your application details are accurate. They'll also check whether any parts added to your car were stolen. They'll give you a rebuilt title if you pass the inspection.

Where Can I Sell a Rebuilt Title Car?

You may ask, "How do I sell my car if it has a rebuilt title? Where can I sell my car online?" Online car auctions are popular places for selling a rebuilt title car since they can expose your vehicle to numerous people simultaneously.

Websites are also convenient places to sell your car. The best websites to buy used cars include Autotrader, CarsDirect, and CarGurus.

Remember that the best time to sell a car is in the spring. Warm weather may encourage more people to look for vehicles for their upcoming vacations.

Best Place to Sell Rebuilt Title Cars for Sale

The best place to sell rebuilt title cars is a dealership. You might wonder, "Why should I sell my car to a dealer?"

Trade in a car with a rebuilt title to avoid the time and energy required to find private buyers willing to assume the risk of purchasing a rebuilt title car. You won't have to worry about providing paperwork on the car, disclosing the vehicle's history, or dealing with buyer complaints.

The Basics of Selling a Car With a Rebuilt Title

Share the Salvage Title Car’s History

You may ask, "What's the first step in selling a rebuilt title car if I want to sell my rebuilt title car to a private person?" Give online car buyers copies of your vehicle's history report.

This may help ease their minds since the report should detail your car's past crashes, the parts replaced, and the mechanic who certified the vehicle. This information will help buyers confidently make a buying decision. CARFAX or your local motor vehicle department can give you a car report.

You may be tempted not to give buyers your vehicle report if you're trying to sell a car online. You may be worried about what they may discover.

This is a major mistake when selling a car with a rebuilt title since buyers might think you're hiding something. Being honest about your vehicle's repairs may help you build trust with potential buyers and make a sale.

Setting a Price to Sell Your Rebuilt Title Car

Online car buyers may be more interested in purchasing your vehicle with a rebuilt title if you offer the car at a discount. Check the car's value according to the Kelley Blue Book. Consider offering your automobile for half the price of a similar vehicle with a clean title.

Insuring cars with rebuilt titles can be costlier and more difficult than insuring those with clean titles. A lower car price may make buyers feel the effort, risk, and cost are worth it.

Shipping Your Sold Salvage Car

Suppose you find a buyer for your car with a rebuilt title but they live in another state. Auto transport companies can help you ship your vehicle to the buyer. The company can help you send a car 1,300 miles or more across the country or a few hundred miles away to another state.

Expect to pay between $600 and $4,100 for cross-country car shipping. Your cost may be between $700 and $1,050 if you need to ship a car to another state.

Use a car shipping calculator to determine your specific costs. A calculator should prompt you to enter vehicle details like the model and make. You must also enter your desired timeline and transport distance in the car shipping calculator.

An Alternative: Selling a Salvage Title Car for Parts

An alternative to selling your car with a rebuilt title to a private seller or dealer is selling it for parts. This would require you to strip down your vehicle into parts. You could then sell them collectively or individually.

Dismantling your car can be tedious. Selling your car to a car buyer versus a parts buyer may be better if you're in a hurry to be paid.

How We Can Help With Auto Shipping

Selling a car with a rebuilt title can be tricky, but auctions are excellent for selling a car with a salvage title. A dealership is another smart place to sell a rebuilt title car. Rebuilt title vehicles for sale can also be sold at websites like Autotrader.

Sellers should give private buyers their vehicles' histories when selling rebuilt title cars. Being transparent may help build trust and increase your chance of selling a salvage title car.

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