Are you considering your options for an upcoming move? Are you interested in learning more about the average cost of moving containers? Are you attempting to figure out your potential pods moving cost or the cost of a similar service? This moving primer is a great place to start!

It's honestly a struggle to find the best moving containers when there are so many companies! Choosing the best option for you can seem overwhelming. We are here to help you with this process. Our price guide covers what you can expect to pay when you move. We will cover the average costs of moving containers, local and overseas transport, and ways that you can create an affordable moving plan.

We understand that moving can be expensive, and we want to help you make the best choice for yourself!

Let's take a look at these prices!

What Determines the Cost of Moving Containers?

There are many contributing factors to overall moving containers price. Here are five common considerations.

Number of Containers

Certain companies have different moving container costs depending on how many you need. You can estimate how many containers you need based on how many rooms your house has.

If you end up getting too few moving containers, you may struggle to fit everything inside. Yet, if you order too many, you will pay for the space you did not use. Do your best to strike a balance according to the number of rooms in your home.

Company Locations

If the moving container company is close to your house, you may not have to pay for extra services. When the delivery is far away, the company will likely charge you for added time and distance. All of these factors influence your final moving cost.

However, this is not true of all companies. Some companies will lower their per-mile fee for moving far away. Take a look at each company's pricing structure for more information.


Your pods moving cost is likely to increase if the company is high in demand. For example, many people like to move during the spring or summer. As a result, the costs are higher.

When companies are in demand, they are likely to charge you more for their services. If you want to avoid this, you can consider moving during the winter or on a weekday.


The farther away you are moving, the more expensive it will be. Companies increase your pods moving cost depending on fuel costs, environmental tax, vehicle maintenance, and other factors. These become more prominent when you move far away.

This also makes moving overseas an expensive choice. Moving shipping containers over the ocean is a long and complicated process. As a result, it will cost you a lot of money. After all, moving shipping containers is expensive for the company, too.

Extra Services

Some companies will give you special options for your move. These can include hiring people for unloading, buying packing supplies, and storing valuable objects.

If you decide to use these services, the cost of a move will increase. Each company has a different fee, so the price could be very high.

Size of Containers

Different companies offer various sizes for their containers. Depending on how big the container is, the company can charge you more. For example, the cost of a 40' shipping container ranges from $200 to $450.

This also depends on the company that you use. Certain companies will charge you more than others for the same size container. Make sure to take a look at all of your choices!

How Much Do Pods Cost For Moving?

So, how much does it cost to rent a pod exactly? The honest truth is that it just depends. There are several unique factors to your move that influence pods moving cost, including your house size, the overall distance of your move, and whether or not you are moving overseas.

How much are pods for moving? We can help you put together a ballpark figure for your pods moving cost by looking at average expenditures for different household sizes, moving distances, and international considerations.

Let’s start by looking at the cost of moving containers based solely on the number of rooms in your home.

Cost of Moving Containers By House Size

Each of these pods moving costs depend on the company you purchase from. These are the average costs for the industry, which can help you in estimating the total cost of your move.

1 Bedroom

The average cost for a 1-bedroom home is $2,000. Pack Rat is the most expensive option, as it costs $850 more than the average. Yet, U-Pack costs $700 less than other companies.

2 Bedrooms

You can expect to pay about $2,570 for a 2-bedroom home. Pack Rat costs $300 more than other companies. On the other hand, U-Pack's cost is $390 lower than the average.

3 Bedrooms

For a 3-bedroom home, the average cost is $3,220. Smartbox is the most expensive choice, as it costs $980 more than others. Pack Rat has the best moving containers because it costs $350 less than the industry average.

5 Bedrooms

5-bedroom homes carry an average cost of $4,500 per room. PODS is the most expensive company because it charges $560 more than the average cost. U-Pack costs $600 less than other moving companies.


How much will my move cost?

Average Moving Container Cost By Distance

Moving shipping containers costs $2.50 per mile on average. However, your per-mile pods moving cost will vary depending on how far away you are moving. Let's looks at some moving cost estimates for moves of varying lengths.

100 Miles

This is considered to be a local move. The average moving container cost will be $16.50 per mile. Your final cost will also vary depending on the size of your house.

The average industry rate for a local move is $1,720. Pack Rat would be the most expensive company to hire for this distance. PODS is the least expensive option, with an average pods moving cost that's $600 lower than other companies.

475 Miles

The average moving container cost will be $5.60 per mile. This results in an average industry rate of $2,580.

PODS is the most expensive company to use in this category. U-Pack is the most affordable option with an average moving services charge that's $700 below average.

1,025 Miles

The average cost of moving containers is $3.10 per mile. The average industry rate comes out to about $3,210.

PODS is the most expensive option for this distance as well. U-Pack is the least expensive option, as it charges about $700 less than other companies do for this distance.

1,750 Miles

On average, moving 1,750 miles will cost about $1.60 per mile. The average industry rate is about $2,800.

The most expensive company to purchase from in the category would be PODS. U-Pack is the most affordable option, as it charges about $900 less than other companies.

1,850 Miles

The average moving container cost is $2.10 per mile. The current industry rate rests at roughly $3,910.

Pack Rat would be the most expensive company to choose for this distance. U-Box is the least expensive choice. It charges about $850 below the average pods moving cost.

2,050 Miles

You are likely to pay $1.70 per mile. Right now, the average industry rate is $3,500.

The most expensive company to purchase from for this long-distance is PODS. On the other hand, U-Pack is the least expensive company because they charge $300 below the average price.

Moving Overseas Shipping Containers

Shipping a moving container overseas is, unsurprisingly, more expensive than moving across the country or staying local. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are moving overseas.

Cost Varies By Country

When moving overseas, shipping containers may cost different amounts for each location. Hiring an international moving company is expensive, and this cost can climb higher depending on your destination.

On average, the price is no less than $100 per hour. Yet, the base fees can be up to $1,000 depending on the services you choose and where you want the containers transported.

Transportation Methods

When moving overseas, you can transport shipping containers in a few different ways. The method that you choose will affect your final price significantly.

The cheapest option is often shipping by sea. Flying your containers over a body of water is the most expensive choice. Yet, with both options, trucks will deliver your containers on the first and last legs of the journey.


You may have trouble arranging a date to move into your new house and receiving your shipping containers. So, you must have a realistic expectation of when your things will arrive.

With this in mind, you may need to pay to keep them in storage. If you send the containers ahead of time, you can keep them in storage until you are ready for them. The average cost for a storage service is about $100 per month.

Moving Insurance

Lastly, you may be looking to secure moving insurance for your valuable belongings. Not all moving companies will factor this into your total cost. Be sure to double-check what your insurance will cover and to consider added coverage if necessary.

For example, if you are moving your containers by sea, you may want a maritime insurance policy. The average starting cost for this is $100. Yet, it can be a much higher cost if you are transporting valuable or rare goods. If something happens to your valuables, they're covered by the moving insurance that you buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pods cheaper than UHaul?

So, how much are pods for moving exactly? Do they cost less than UHaul? On average, pods are cheaper than renting a UHaul in many respects. When you move pods with a dedicated company, you are saving money on fuel, insurance costs, and truck rental services. In addition, you’re saving precious time by having a moving container company take care of the move for you. While the difference between the overall moving bill might be bigger or smaller based on the particulars of your move, the overall savings are well worth it.

How much does it cost to move a pod for 1000 miles?

The average cost per mile for a move of 1,000 miles is approximately $3.10. Therefore, the average industry rate for a 1,000-mile move with a pods moving company is around $3,100. Do note that some companies like U-Pack charge less for these relatively common moves and you might be able to secure moving services for $2,400 or less if you do your research! How much does pods moving cost for 1,000 miles? Use our moving cost calculator for a more tailored estimate!

How much do pods cost for moving long distance?

Some moving companies are more amenable to local moves, charging you a better rate for shorter moves than longer ones. Other moving companies are long-distance specialists that cut you a per-mile deal for longer hauls. According to our research, U-Pack is the cheapest moving container option for domestic long-distance moves in the United States. If you’re looking to move your belongings overseas, you may want to consider multiple options Stateside and in your destination country to find the right (and cheapest) option for you.

Ready to Take a Look at the Cost of Your Move?

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Our goal here at Nexus is to making the moving process as simple and pain-free as possible for people like you. How much does pods moving cost? How much will your total move set you back? We’ve worked hard to fine tune our moving cost calculator for every possible moving scenario, allowing you to estimate your moving expenditures and create a workable budget for the entire process.

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How much will my move cost?