The New Wave of Car Transporters: How Car Haulers Are Adapting

2020 is the age of transition and transformation.

We've proven to be a malleable species. We radically accepted the virtual and to-go limitations of the world's needs.

And many of us didn't know some of these services existed before we needed them out of desperation. Viewing these incredible options as a limitation is such a disservice to their role.

Many industries are learning to adapt amidst the struggles of day to day industry. Car transporters are at the helm of this adaptation. Read on to learn more.

The Old Wave

To be a car transporter during trying times shows us this industry of car haulers is adapting uniquely to meet the needs of their customers.

The beginning of the 2000s brought tangible conversations about climate change. The Environmental Protection Agency created a mandate that put environmental concerns first. While crucial to vitality, this created massive implications for car haulers.

The mandate stated that the trucking industry needed to reduce its nitrogen oxide emissions by 90%. This request was to be filled over the course of a decade.

The changes in emissions standards are important. However, this created a new monster of excessive vehicle weight. Less weight for truckers means less cargo. And less cargo means profit loss.

As people rely more on hybrids, mid-sized trucks, and SUVs, the car hauler game changed. Hybrid vehicles are far heavier than gas-powered vehicles. This means extra weight with a focused reduction of car counts.

The ACA (Automobile Carriers Conference) met with its congressional leaders to find a sliver of common ground. The pride needed to advocate for the industry's needs was not overlooked. They were able to meet somewhere in the middle and the production rate for car haulers increased by 5%.

The 5% increase in production gave car transporters hope. While it wasn't much, it was better than nothing. Progress has to start somewhere, and even minor progress is forward motion.

Since then, the ACC has explored railroading options for transport jobs within a 400-mile radius. Having these difficult conversations with railroads is imperative. While the industries may differ, the dialogue about working together is a symbiotic relationship.

Political conversations on how to protect the vitality of the car transport industry are loud. The road to progression is still being paved, and not without the blood, sweat, and tears of its transporters.

The New Wave of Car Transporters

Car hauling doesn't sound inherently easy.

In fact, it's one of the most dangerous jobs to perform. Between unpredictable variables and labor-intensive duties, car haulers show up for the tough stuff.

Aside from the need to load the cars and transport them through sometimes extreme weather, many car transporters have to unload on their own.

Summer vacation is a very real thing for big-city dwellers. To get out of the Burroughs and into the mountains is to liberate the mind and body.

With the kids being out of school and work being a drag, you’re in need of a break. it makes sense that auto transport pricing and need increases during the sweltering months of summer.

Car transporters that drive through extreme heat may need to allow for breaks for the vehicles they’re transporting, especially if by open air. In the winter months, the things we worry about come in tenfold for car transporters. Adverse weather creates safety implications we don’t even want to consider.

With icy roads, road closures, and wintry mixes, the unpredictability of weather patterns requires car haulers to be precise and alert while transporting. Car transporters beat the odds and put their brains and bodies on the line to safely transport your vehicle.

Driving while drowsy relates to 100,000 vehicle crashes per year. Being a steady, safe driver is an admirable quality. It is likely your car hauler is some of the roads finest.

What Kind of Car Transporters Exist?

Open-air car carrying is the most common sight of transport you’ll see. It’s the classic, visible trailer carrying a good amount of vehicles, depending on car weight. Open-air car transporters can adjust the level of cars they are wanting to safely transport.

If a car needs to be transported to a close location with not much notice, you may see them being transported on a single car carrier. A single carrier car hauler will likely travel within state lines. While their distance may be shorter, the level of safety and awareness required is unwavering.

Enclosed trailer haulers can transport luxury vehicles quickly and efficiently. The enclosed trailer provides discretion so as not to wave a bright orange flag to someone who's prone to theft. Enclosed trailer car transporters also have an extra layer of protection between them and the outside elements.

Finally, your car hauler may drop off your car from a multi-level enclosed carrier. This hauler can carry a greater amount of specialty vehicles with the same secret transport. This is especially effective if dropping off at a gathering with high-value customers.

While there are varying groups of car transporters, one message rings true. The amount of precious cargo they carry (themselves included, is dangerous. This level of transport requires a human being who transcends exhaustion.

Therein Lies The Challenge

Car transporting is sort of a unique business. It is its own niche in the trucking industry and many car transporters review their work as being prestigious and prideful.

The challenges car haulers face could look like hauling $20-$30 million dollars worth of engine and wheels. This job requires a specific set of skills and traits that collaborate with one another.

To apply to become a car transporter, many industry moguls will set specific standards for potential employees. To even fill out an application, a car transporter must prove that they have around 5 years of skilled driving experience.

These organizations, essentially, are waiting for people to show up who are already excellent drivers and have proven so on their resumes. Driving a 95-foot tractor-trailer is not an easy task.

Of course, looking out for other motorists is a neverending responsibility. There are too many variables and too many distractions available to today's drivers. We can never be too aware or too careful

The classic, "it's not you that I am worried about" trope of a mom to her new kid driver. Vigilance and safe, defensive driving is non-negotiable- car transporters are expected to show up at 100%. With so much resting on their shoulders, it's imperative that car transporters are alert.

Because car transporters are carrying high-value products, it is crucial for them to be well versed in customer service skills. A car transporter can work with high-end engineers one day and prominent individuals in society the next.

There's Always A Light

It's okay to talk about car transport like it's an impossible task for the average person. While it isn't impossible, it would be very impressive for a person with minimal driving experience to come in and excel at. And that's not to deter anyone from taking the plunge, it's simply a realistic picture to paint.

This career is challenging. This cargo is not something that your everyday driver can be responsible for. Of course, there are great advantages to being a car transporter. There's an attractive paycheck at the end of your schedule.

In addition to financial stability, car transporters are able to see different parts of the country. To travel to places they may have only dreamed about. They may have more flexibility in their schedule than the average person to do such things.

Working hard is working true. As the car transport industry evolves, they take stock of what doesn't make sense. They notate what practices aren't serving them, and how they can be better.

These are markers of a respectable, admirable industry. If one were to zoom out, they might catch a glimpse of the progress this industry has seen over the last 20 years. And it still has mountains to scale.

Safety is an ever-evolving concept in every industry. Some industries are breaking the mold of taboo conversations regarding workplace transparency. While some industries are still struggling to catch up to 20th-century practices.

Being a car transporter is truly a prestigious role to hold. 7-day shifts can turn into 14. One minute you're feeling caught up and within 60 seconds you're falling behind. The one thing that remains certain is that car transporters are here to set the standards of where incredible work ethic and discipline can take you.

The End of the Road

If you are curious about what to expect when transporting your vehicle, there are many resources available to you. Remember to be flexible about delivery expectations and needs, as a car transporter's life could depend on it.

We're living in an era of instant gratification. And while car transporters are here to serve you, they're risking it all to deliver on their expectations. Explore your options and see if car transport meets your needs.

If you're thinking about utilizing a car transporter in the coming months or years, connect with us, it is our mission to serve you safely.