It’s always a good idea to order a vehicle inspection before you buy a used car. However, you might wonder how one goes about following this time-tested advice with online car auctions.

In a perfect world, everything that people and businesses sell would prove as advertised. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Even if you win big at an auction, it’s easy to lose out completely without a good car inspection. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to learn how a mobile car inspector can help you to avoid online auction lemons.

To learn more about the role of mobile use vehicle mechanics in online auctions, keep reading.

Prepurchase Car Inspections Matter

If you’re buying a car from an online auction, you should have no qualms about hiring a knowledgeable used-car mechanic to check it out.

An experienced mechanic knows all the questions to ask about a used car. However, they also know how to inspect the car to make sure that the sellers are giving you a good deal. With their experience and expertise, used vehicle mechanics can find faults before they end up becoming a major expense, and you get left footing the bill.

It’s one of the longest-standing pieces of used car buying advice. Nevertheless, it’s the most ignored. You should always have a mechanic look at a used car before buying one.

Buyers hand over thousands of dollars for used cars every day. What’s more, they do so after little more than a look under the hood and spin around the block. There are many reasons why used-car buyers overlook this important piece of advice.

Some drivers don’t know how to find a mechanic to inspect a used car. Others don’t want to pay the inspection fee. Yet other buyers are so excited to get in their new-used ride that their feelings overshadow the importance of getting an inspection.

Buying Used Cars the Right Way

Ask just about any auto expert. They’ll tell you to get a used car inspected by a qualified mechanic before making a purchase. Even if you have a friend near the auction that’s a bit skilled around the garage, they can’t do a used prepurchase inspection justice—unless they’re a mechanic by trade.

A used car inspection for an online auction also includes a test drive. Your mechanic should drive the car over hills, bumps and potholes. This test will reveal any suspension problems and engine performance issues.

Also, there’s another benefit to hiring a mobile car inspector. Their evaluation will increase your familiarity with the vehicle.

Arranging Vehicle Inspection for Online Auctions

Today, many auction houses post their inventories online. Also, with car sales declining, some companies auction dealership cars.

This practice allows interested buyers to view information and pictures of available cars. In some cases, online auction house websites even allow you to place a bid.

You’ll want to make the most of auction house websites. For example, you can choose your top picks before the auction. You can also research the vehicle that you plan to purchase before you make a bid.

By planning ahead, you can avoid buying a model that may have potential issues. Here’s another area where a professional used-car mechanic can help.

With an online auction, you can’t inspect the car in person. However, you also can’t trust the seller to do it for you.

Instead, you can hire an online used car inspection service. Alternatively, you can hire a mechanic in the area where the car’s going to go on auction.

In either case, the auto inspection service will send a mechanic to check on the car. They’ll then provide you with a report to verify its condition.

A Closer Look At Car Inspection

There are many kinds of auto service facilities, including chain repair shops, dealerships and independent garages. Most of them offer used car prepurchase inspection services. Typically, the service costs between $100 and $200.

Most facilities will provide you with a written description of the points covered during the inspection. In most instances, they’ll cover more than 100 inspection points. The service will also provide you with a detailed description of how they conduct each point of the inspection.

Still, the services do not guarantee the findings of their inspections. Nevertheless, a good used car prepurchase inspection serves several purposes.

It enables you to verify the condition of the equipment. Also, the inspection confirms the condition of the car. It will identify issues such as tire wear and worn brake pads.

The inspection will also reveal hidden problems with the engine, body or frame. During the inspection, the mechanic will also check for trouble codes that might reveal mechanical or electrical issues.

Benefits of Working With a Car Inspector

A good inspection can spot major problems. For instance, a used car might have frame damage. Frame damage indicates that the vehicle was in a serious accident.

In some cases, a body shop may have repaired the damage incorrectly. When this happens, the wheels might not track properly. As a result, the shoddy repair can lead to premature tire wear.

Poor repair work can also lead to major issues. Anything from improper engine service to sloppy bodywork can cause serious problems. The improper installation of modifications or accessories can also cause major issues.

Flood and fire damage is another major used-car problem. If a car’s been in a flood or fire, it should have this information on the vehicle history report. However, it’s not unheard of for someone to falsify vehicle history report information.

It can prove difficult to spot a fake title. However, an experienced mechanic can spot the telltale signs of flood or fire damage.

The New Mechanic on the Block

In the past, you’d need to call a garage near an auction to hire a mechanic to inspect a vehicle. However, as with many other fields, technology is revolutionizing used car inspection.

You might wonder about the validity of a mobile inspection, and this is a valid concern. What’s more important, however, is making sure that the individual who will inspect the vehicle is qualified to do the inspection.

Mobile inspections are fast and convenient. The mechanic will go to the location of the vehicle. They’ll perform the prepurchase inspection on-site. With this in mind, you’ll want to check online reviews before you hire a mobile inspection service.

The mobile inspector will also print out a prepurchase inspection report at the site of the job. They’ll also photograph any damage. Also, they’ll take pictures of the vehicle from several angles.

There aren’t that many differences between hiring a mobile inspection service and a local mechanic. The only difference is that a service department of a dealership might specialize in a certain kind of vehicle. Resultantly, this kind of repair shop may have specialized equipment.

Also, a local repair shop might put a car on a lift for inspection. They’ll search the underside of the car for irregularities, such as damage or fluid leaks.

How Does Prepurchase Car Inspection Work?

A mobile car inspector might perform a standard 150-point inspection. The assessment would include a visual inspection of the:

• Body
• Breaks
• Cooling system
• External appearance
• Internal appearance
• Fluids
• HVAC system
• Tires

Again, mobile inspectors will not put the car on a lift. However, they might raise parts of the vehicle as needed.

The mobile inspector might also scan the car’s different computers. They’ll check the computers for trouble codes.

The mechanic will also take the vehicle for a test drive. During the test drive, they’ll ensure that the vehicle is safe and operational.

In some instances, the car may not prove roadworthy. In that case, the mechanic will complete the inspection without the road test portion of the assessment.

In other instances, the owner of the vehicle may not give the mechanic permission to drive the car—more on that situation in a moment.

Buying From Afar

You might browse an online car auction and see a vehicle that you must have in another part of the country. If so, you should view as many pictures as possible. However, you should also request a vehicle history report.

Still, a professional inspection is an extra layer of insurance. It will help you to ensure that you’re not investing in a pile of trouble. Furthermore, arranging an inspection is relatively straightforward.

You obviously can’t rely on the seller to do the inspection for you. If you’re still not sold on the idea of a mobile used-car inspector, you might try to find a friend near the auction. You can ask them if they know a reliable mechanic in the area.

Also, you could consider reaching out to a car dealer in the area of the auction. A mechanic that knows a specific vehicle make can provide an accurate assessment.

As the buyer, you should always order and pay for the inspection. Also, the inspector should deliver the report to you directly and not pass it to you through the seller.

Minimizing Risk with Online Car Auctions

With some planning, you can make the used-car inspection process simple. You’ll find that it’s quite revealing.

In many cases, the inspection report will come back clean. If so, you can proceed with your auction purchase with confidence.

Alternatively, the prepurchase inspection might reveal some ugly problems. In that case, you can decide not to make a bid. You could also decide to set a maximum bid that reflects the cost of repairing the damage.

In most instances, the seller will agree to a prepurchase inspection. Others, however, might hesitate at the idea.

If a seller will not let a mechanic inspect or drive a vehicle, it’s a sign of trouble. You may find that it’s in your best interest to look elsewhere for a car.

No prepurchase inspection will find every flaw. However, an experienced mechanic can help you to avoid serious issues.

Professional mechanics know how to spot problems. They also have the right equipment to provide an accurate assessment of a vehicle’s condition.

Again, you’re about to spend thousands of dollars on a car. A nominal fee and a few minutes scheduling an inspection is great insurance against the unknown.

Gaining an Auction Advantage

Some car enthusiasts bid on exotic cars at online auctions. If you fall into this group of buyers, you may want to do extra research.

For example, you might want to visit online forums and reach out to various auto clubs. Forums and clubs can serve as great sources of information.

During your research, it’s helpful to connect with individuals who own the same kind of car. They may know a thing or two about the make and model of the car that you want to buy at auction.

You may also want to get in touch with people who live in the same area as the auction. They can help you to find the right mechanic to perform a prepurchase inspection for a particular vehicle.

Getting Your New Find From There to Here

Now you know more about the role of mobile vehicle inspection in online auctions. With a car inspection, you’ll get the most bang for your buck. Hopefully, you now have the information that you need to choose a good car inspector.

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