Trains and boats are essential components of our shipping infrastructure, but they don't hold a candle to trucks. Trucks and heavy freight vehicles carry over 70% of America's freight alone. It's safe to say that without hauling vehicle companies, we wouldn't enjoy a robust, fast logistics network.

This gives shipping professionals many career choices to choose from. If a trucker ponders hauling, they have two choices: freight vs. hauling cars. Of course, hauling cars vs. freight presents a number of advantages and disadvantages for either option.

Keep reading as we discuss what opportunities are available to both markets. If a trucker ponders hauling freight, they'll find all the answers here.

Freight vs. Hauling Cars: What Is Freight Hauling?

Freight is a very general term that refers to heavy cargo loads. The legal definition varies from state to state and country to country.

But generally speaking, these are loads that require specialty freight vehicles to carry them. In other words, not a consumer truck with a trailer.

What Is Considered a Freight Vehicle?

In the simplest terms, a freight vehicle is any heavy cargo vehicle capable of carrying large loads. For the purposes of this article, we will be discussing motor vehicles. There are legal definitions for freight, usually amounting to the weight of the vehicle plus its cargo.

Freight can include anything from equipment to goods to materials. Freight refers to the cargo, no matter which transport option you use. But for motor vehicles, this includes semi trucks, the tractor-trailers that they carry, as well as small vehicles like vans, car haulers, or car hauling trailers.

What Is the Best-Paying Freight to Haul?

Generally speaking, more expensive loads require greater care in transit. A truck full of electronics can easily break if the driver is not careful.

But what factors most into the pay is the challenge the drive presents. A perfect example of this is ice drivers. They have a very high median pay simply because ice is very difficult to navigate safely.

Aside from road challenges, there are difficulties that relate to the cargo. Oversized loads present unique challenges because they are so heavy and unwieldy. The pay is commensurate to these difficulties since hauling vehicle companies need to incentivize drivers.

One of the highest-paying options is auto transport shipping. Car shipping services are always in high demand. Just take a look around you on the highway and you will see plenty of car hauling trailers.

The Difference Between Freight and Car Transportation

If a trucker ponders hauling freight vs. hauling cars, they should know the differences between these two industries. Before they settle on one, they should consider the following:

  • Auto transport often has many different routes, even in the same city
  • Pick up and drop off tend to take longer
  • You have less control over departing cities and destinations

Is It Profitable to Haul Cars?

Yes, very! Though this will depend on which sort of options you go with. Cross-country car shipping will pay more than delivering between cities.

Auto transport carriers often provide different options for special cases. Some customers need expedited options rather than picking up their vehicle at a separate location. Door-to-door auto transport allows them to get doorstep pickup.

Is There a Demand for Car Haulers?

Yes, absolutely. Especially for routes that are not as common. If you ship a car from one state to another on an uncommon route, you will likely experience demand specific to that area.

Cross-country moving is a huge industry. People are relocating to new jobs, especially in these difficult economic times. Long-distance car transportation will always be in high demand for these reasons.

However, demand does usually depend on the season. Seasons with higher numbers of moves, such as summer, will see the most activity. You may have to take on smaller, less profitable runs during the off-season.

The benefit of working in freight is that you will always have options at any time of the year. Even in the off-season for car transport, you will find plentiful opportunities for regular delivery of products. A trucker ponders hauling freight usually to bulk up their income in lean times.

What Are the Different Types of Car Haulers?

Car haulers come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate customer needs. There are open car haulers, enclosed car haulers, and more. Car shipping companies cater their services to just about any type of need.

Some car hauling companies will provide additional services to their customers. These may include accommodations for shipping classic cars, or benefits for military members. A customer may require pre-purchase car inspections when buying a car online.

What Type of Hauling Pays the Most?

In auto logistics for car transportation, the main factors that affect price are the following:

  • Shipping speed: expedited car shipping cost more, offering a higher payout
  • Shipping protection: enclosed car haulers provide superior protection for vehicles in transit
  • Additional services: truckers that can perform inspections or other services may make more
  • Routes: some routes are very popular and pay the most overall

The pay for the hauling also depends on the driver. Skilled drivers are punctual and keep the cargo in good condition on the way there. These drivers won't have much trouble finding the best jobs.

Get Your Auto Transport with Nexus

When it comes to freight vs. hauling cars, a trucker ponders hauling the most profitable loads. If you compare hauling cars vs. freight, you will find that hauling cars tends to be more lucrative. There are a wide variety of options, and all of them are in sufficiently high demand.

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