The Ultimate Guide to Covered Car Transport

There are roughly five million collector cars in the US. The median age of classic car owners is 56 years old with baby boomers owning about 58 percent of these investment pieces. Eighty percent of all collectors are American.

The collector car market continues to boom. In July 2013, a 1954 Mercedes W196 racer smashed auction records, inspiring a $29.6 million winning bid. And in August of that year, a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4-S NART Spyder went for $27.5 million.

Whether we’re talking vintage vehicles or exotic automobiles, if you deal in these types of purchases then you need reliable covered car transport.

What does covered car shipping involve, and why do customers pay extra for this service? Keep reading for our ultimate guide to enclosed car transport.

Choosing the Right Car Transport for Your Ride

Two types of car transportation dominate America’s roads today. The first is open carrier transport, which you’ve no doubt seen firsthand on America’s freeways and highways.

These are the large double-decker trailers that carry upwards of a dozen vehicles. They’re easy to spot since the cars loaded on them have little shielding from the elements.

The second form of car transportation is via covered vehicle transport. Although you’ve certainly had these carriers pass you on the road, too, you probably never noticed. After all, they keep their precious cargo well hidden from prying eyes.

Which type of car transportation is right for you? Let’s take a closer look.

Why Covered Car Transport

Whether you’ve heard it referred to as covered vehicle transport or enclosed car shipping, both terms refer to a specialized method of transporting cars. By opting for an enclosed carrier rather than an open one, you protect your vehicle from the elements.

After all, it has a roof and four sides. So, you don’t have to worry about road gravel causing dents or inclement weather such as hail causing damage.

As a result, enclosed transport remains the safest and most secure means of moving a car.

Covered transport trailers are similar in size to their open carrier counterparts. But they hold fewer vehicles due to the enclosed walls.

Most carry on average seven to eight cars, whereas open carriers typically have a dozen standard automobiles.

The Cost of Covered Car Shipping Versus Open Carrier Transport

A covered car transport service costs more than open carrier transport for several reasons. Fewer companies provide this specialized service, which puts it in higher overall demand.

Because fewer cars get transported on each trailer, an enclosed car carrier also proves less fuel-efficient. The roof and walls of the carrier also contribute to added weight.

Besides these considerations, remember that the final price you pay is primarily impacted by the distance your vehicle must get shipped. Second to distance is where your car will be transported.

Rural locations cost more than urban centers. Why? Because rural areas see less demand than major cities, so your driver will have to go further off their established network to fulfill their door-to-door obligation to you.

That means more expense in terms of labor and fuel costs.

Other factors that impact price include the size and weight or your vehicle as well as vehicle modifications. To find out exactly how much you’ll pay for covered vehicle transport, get a free, no-obligation shipping quote now.

When Covered Car Transport Is a Must

Here are some considerations to bear in mind if you’re sitting on the fence about open versus enclosed car shipping. Opting for covered car hauling comes with:

  • Guaranteed protection
  • Stress-free experience
  • Complete safety
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Special accommodations for low clearance vehicles
  • Increased auto insurance coverage
  • The most experienced auto carriers and best equipment in the industry

Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits of covered car transport and why they should matter to you as a specialized car owner.


If your vehicle falls into one of the following categories, don’t skimp on enclosed transport:

  • Exotic
  • Custom
  • Classic
  • Luxury
  • Antique
  • High-end

Investment-worthy vehicles require guaranteed protection. That’s what you get with covered car transport. The best covered car transport companies will protect your ride from everything from rain and hailstones to road gravel and traffic debris.

Besides protecting your car from the elements, covered transport also ensures your ride reaches its final destination as clean and shiny as the day it started its trip.


Covered car shipping can be a stressful experience, even for car owners moving a daily driver or commuter. After all, cars come with sentimental value, and most owners prize their wheels.

For car collectors, these feelings prove greatly magnified. As a result, the act of hiring professionals to transport your vehicle can get quite stressful.

When you work with a company specializing in the transport of high-end and luxury vehicles, however, you should enjoy peace of mind. An excellent covered auto transportation company should always put customers first.

This company should provide car owners with the ability to track vehicles using GPS. It should also let you stay in direct contact with the trucker throughout your car’s trip. That way, you’ll know exactly where your vehicle is and how its transport is progressing.

When you choose a fantastic enclosed car transport company, employees should instill expertise and confidence throughout your car’s journey, from door to door.


Some cars are real attention grabbers, and not all attention is good. But when your car remains enclosed inside a carrier, it’s shielded from people who might take an unhealthy interest in it.

This benefit proves true whether we’re talking antiques or exotics. Play it safe by keeping the contents of the trailer carrying your vehicle private.


If you’ve got more than one collectible car, you should inquire about having them transported together. With multiple shipments, many companies offer discounts.

What’s more, enclosed carriers can be arranged for one, two, three, or more vehicles. Some car collectors enjoy extra peace of mind by having their cars transported simultaneously.

There are even special white glove services available, with drivers specifically trained to deal exclusively with high-end vehicles.


When it comes to collectible and exotic vehicles, they often have unique characteristics that you’ll want to consider. These include low clearances that may make them unsuitable for most trailers.

But the best enclosed car trailers are equipped with hydraulic lift gates and extended racing ramps. These features make loading cars with low clearance a cinch.


Many car owners base their decision on whether to go with a covered carrier or an open one on price alone. Depending on the value of your vehicle, however, you should think this through carefully. After all, some cars are nearly priceless.

They require handling and insurance that reflects this.

Because cars shipped via enclosed auto carriers are of higher value than standard automobiles, the insurance coverage proves greater. If your ride is worth $50,000 or more, we highly recommend going with a covered carrier.


It requires specialized knowledge to ship exotics, collectible, luxury, and classic cars. The best covered car transportation companies train their drivers to deal with these unique vehicles. You want only the best drivers handling your vehicle, so go with the experts.

Specialized enclosed carriers represent the ultimate in safety and security for your precious investment. They keep your vehicle out of sight and out of danger.

Some come with a single tier, while others have two tiers with hydraulic controls. These controls move the floors up and down to accommodate nearly any sized car. Extra precautions are also taken with your ride to ensure its safety.

For example, drivers will take photos of your car from several different angles documenting its condition before and after loading. They do this to ensure your automobile arrives in pristine condition.

The Bottom Line When it Comes to Covered Car Transport

When it comes to deciding which type of transport is right for your vehicle, the decision between covered car transport and open transport can feel daunting. For high-priced cars that you don’t want to take chances with, however, there’s no option.

A covered car transport service will ensure your vehicle arrives in the same stellar condition that left it. It does this by protecting your car against the elements and potential road hazards. And it also protects your automobile from unwanted attention.

You’ll also benefit from the peace of mind and additional insurance that comes with working with professionals who make transporting collectible cars their specialty. Don’t leave your ride’s fate in anyone else’s hands.

Whether you’re shipping a classic, hobby car, luxury ride, antique, or exotic, make the right choice for your vehicle, and don’t settle for anything less. Find out more about enclosed car shipping.