Do you need to have your car transported? If so, don’t turn it over to just anybody. After all, your vehicle represents one of the most valuable investments you own after your house.

Putting your car in someone else’s hands is a significant investment. You need to diligently do your research to separate the most reliable companies from those that won’t provide you with satisfactory service.

How do you sort out the car transport companies you want to work with from those that might damage your ride? Here’s how you can ensure your truck or car won’t get damaged during relocation.

Vet Car Transport Companies to Safeguard Your Ride

There are many different car transport companies on the market today. They offer diverse services with perks and benefits that vary greatly. It’s also important to remember that the industry isn’t regulated.

Companies must register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) if they handle interstate moves. But you’ll still need to confirm whether the companies you’re considering have these registrations. After all, no auto transport police exist.

The best way to do this is to ask companies for their US DOT and MC numbers. These numbers allow you to research the safety records of each company. If you talk to a transporter that can’t provide you with these numbers, scratch them off your list.

Besides vetting companies at these websites, you should also check out each company’s online reputation by searching their history via the Better Business Bureau. Read online reviews from each company’s customers, too.

That way, you’ll have a solid understanding of the company’s reputation and how it treats customers.

How Do the Best Car Companies Protect Your Vehicle

Besides carefully vetting auto shippers, you should be aware of the safeguards the best companies have in place to avoid damage to your car. Professional vehicle movers have various safety protocol in place to protect your car during relocation.

These protections include offering car transport insurance. Legitimate companies should have coverage for every vehicle they transport. As a result, any company you’re thinking about working with should be able to provide you with a copy of their policy.

Some companies even post a copy of their car transport insurance policy conveniently on their website. Whether a company emails you a copy of their policy or provides you with a link, make sure you read it carefully.

You may also wish to run it by your car insurance agent. That way, if any gaps in coverage exist, you’ll catch them ahead of time. What should you do if you find the policy lacking in some way?

Ask the company about prices for additional coverage. You should also inquire with your private insurance carrier about potential options.

Other Ways to Avoid Car Transport Damage

What are some other ways that excellent auto transport companies go the extra mile to ensure your car arrives without damage? For starters, the driver should lead you through vehicle inspections at pickup and delivery.

During these vehicle inspections, you’ll be asked to carefully look over your car and make notes about any changes in condition that you may see. Car moving companies recommend getting your automobile cleaned before pickup.

That way, you can better see and note any dents or other characteristics of your car’s current condition before handing the keys over to a driver. The same goes for inspection upon delivery.

Companies take these steps to guarantee that your vehicle arrives in the same shape you left it with the driver.

Keep These Car Protection Tips in Mind

When it comes to protection during car shipment, it starts with finding a reliable company. Unfortunately, too many consumers make the mistake of going with the lowest car transporters cost. Instead of pricing, you need to focus on the services offered.

Anybody can offer you super cheap car transport. But only the best auto shippers will have years of experience in car moving coupled with excellent safety records. They’ll also have impressive customer reviews.

There is a caveat to this, though. Most customers only take the time to write reviews when they’ve had a bad experience. So, keep this in mind.

Even the best companies will have some below average customer reviews, and if you read these carefully, you may realize the scores were the result of issues outside of the auto carrier’s control.

When do lousy reviews spell trouble? When you see patterns or themes based on multiple unsatisfactory reviews. Red flags to watch out for are repeat complaints about poor customer service, many issues with car damage, and delayed or inadequate deliveries.

These represent significant red flags that could negatively impact your car moving experience. If you look at a company’s reviews, and they can’t be explained away as an anomaly, move on to another company.

Some Final Thoughts on Protecting Your Vehicle During Transport

As you prepare a car for shipment, there are a couple more things you should bear in mind. The size and make of your vehicle could impact how it gets moved. For example, if you’ve got a daily driver or commuter, an open carrier will do the trick.

But if you have a high-end, luxury ride or collectible, you’ll need to go a different route. Enclosed carriers protect the most expensive vehicles from the elements and road hazards by shipping them in completely enclosed trailers.

If you’re dealing with vintage rides, exotics, race cars, or other investment-worthy pieces, there’s no other way to go. Yes, car transporters cost will increase by 30 to 60 percent, but it’s well worth it to ensure your investment remains in tiptop shape.

Find Damage-Free Car Transport

Although there are bad apples in every barrel, reliable, experienced auto shipper are out there. You just need to know where to look. The tips above will help you steer away from questionable movers while finding the best car transport companies.

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