Shipping your car sparks a common question: "How long will it take?" Whether you're relocating, purchasing across state lines, or just need your vehicle moved, knowing the car shipping timeframe is key to easing your worries.

When your car travels a short or long distance for shipping, that distance affects how long it'll take to arrive. Understanding this connection between distance and shipping time helps you prepare and anticipate what to expect.

Our guide is here to make things simpler. We'll explain how distance plays a role in shipping your car and share practical tips to make the process easier. Let's dive in and make your car shipping experience stress-free!

Importance of Understanding Distance’s Impact

The distance is the primary determinant affecting the time required for car transportation. Generally, the more distance a car needs to travel, the longer the time it takes for auto transport. This is due to federal regulations governing truck driver's Hours of Service (HOS), restricting their driving hours for safety purposes.

Drivers can only drive for 11 hours daily, followed by a mandatory 10-hour break, including seven consecutive hours in their sleeper berth. Additionally, drivers cannot drive after working 60/70 hours within 7/8 consecutive days. However, they can reset this limit by taking at least 34 consecutive hours off duty.

Considering these regulations, truck drivers typically cover about 55 to 60 miles per hour when on the road, resulting in an average daily distance of 605 to 650 miles. Understanding these limitations is essential for accurately estimating transportation timelines based on distance, especially if you plan to ship a car to another state.

Short vs. Long-Distance Shipping

The distance your car travels significantly affects how long it takes to ship. Short trips within a state or nearby areas happen faster because they're not too far. Your car could reach its destination within a few days, depending on the roads and available trucks.

However, if your car needs to cover a long distance, such as across states or from coast to coast, it'll definitely take more time. You might be looking at a delivery period of around one to two weeks or even longer, depending on the roads and the schedules of the trucks carrying your car.

Longer trips also involve more planning and might require more breaks for the drivers. Sometimes, there might be unexpected delays due to various reasons like bad weather or other unforeseen situations.

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What Is the Average Time It Takes to Transport a Car Across the Country?

The duration for shipping a car across different distances can be estimated based on typical timelines. Generally, shorter distances of 0 to 200 miles take about 1 to 2 days, while longer distances exceeding 2,400 miles require approximately 7 to 9 days for transportation.

For instance, cross-country car shipping from Boston to New York City (around 200 miles) usually takes 1 to 2 days, while transporting it to Phoenix, Arizona (about 2,600 miles) might take around 7 to 9 days.

However, these estimations are specific to continental U.S. shipping. Shipping durations significantly differ for regions outside this area, such as Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

For example, transporting a car from Seattle, Washington, to Anchorage, Alaska (~2,300 miles) generally takes 10 to 14 days, whereas shipping between Honolulu, Hawaii, and Los Angeles, California, might take approximately 10 to 12 days.

It is advised to use a car shipping calculator to get an estimate of the shipping costs before you book your car transport.

How Early Should Customers Book a Car Transport?

It's hard to know exactly how long shipping your car will take, so it's smart to book with auto transport companies as soon as possible. This way, they can give you a good estimate and ensure they can pick up and drop off your car when you want.

But even if you book early, they won't choose a driver for your car until about ten days before they pick it up. Drivers don't plan their schedules too far ahead.

A good idea is to book your car transport about two weeks before you want it picked up. That gives the company time to sort everything out and ensure your car gets on a carrier about a week later.

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