New home, new job, new life - that's what your future holds in a few short weeks. The one thing staying the same? Your car.

Research shows that the average person keeps their new vehicle for over eight years. That's because today's manufacturers are creating higher-quality vehicles, which last longer. Holding onto a car longer also saves a consumer money.

Flatbed auto transport can help you move your vehicle a long distance. What is flatbed car transport, and why should you choose flatbed vehicle transport? Let's explore how to transport a car on a flatbed and the benefits of a car hauler flatbed.

Transport Car On a Flatbed to Save Money

Flatbed car shipping involves transporting your car on a large, flat hauler if it's too big, low, or heavy to go on a traditional trailer. Traditional trailers include standard enclosed or open auto transport haulers (more on these later). A flatbed car transporter is typically used to ship the following types of vehicles:

  • Non-operational sedans
  • Buses
  • Construction vehicles
  • Limousines
  • Large pickup trucks
  • Cargo vans

A major benefit of using a flatbed car transporter hire is that flatbed shipping is cost-effective. People can ship several vehicles simultaneously on a flatbed. This allows several vehicle owners to share the shipping cost.

Flatbed Car Transport Is Versatile

A reputable auto shipper may use a flatbed truck and car hauler because it is highly versatile for carrying various loads. Auto transport companies can use flatbed trailers to transport the above-listed vehicles and several others. These other automobiles include the following:

  • Motorcycles
  • Cranes
  • Sport utility vehicles

You can even ship a recreational vehicle on a flatbed trailer. Most automobiles can fit on flatbed trailers, making them reliable modes of transport no matter your vehicle size.

Flatbed Vehicle Transport Handles Heavy Cars

Yet another reason to choose flatbed transport companies is that their trailers are made with durable materials. These vehicles' heavy-duty construction enables them to withstand stress from hauling heavy items. That's why they can easily carry multiple pieces of oversized construction equipment or school buses simultaneously.

Flatbed Auto Transport Is Convenient

Consumers love flatbed transportation services because their trailers are convenient. They're also secure.

A flatbed truck and car hauler doesn't have ceilings and walls. The hauler's openness makes unloading and loading a flatbed auto transport carrier a breeze.

Vehicles can be loaded from either side of the trailer using a forklift. This means you can easily load an oversized vehicle or one that can't be driven.

Another reason hot short car transport trailers are convenient is that they'll keep vehicles upright, reducing their chances of receiving damage during transport.

Car Hauler Flatbed Offers Elevation

Are you looking for another reason to use a flatbed truck to move a car? These trailers instantly elevate their loads, keeping them far from the ground. This makes the cargo less vulnerable to damage due to particles and road debris.

Flatbed trailers also contain high-level shock-absorbing technology. The technology protects their automobiles from shocks and jolts from the street surface.

An experienced flatbed car shipping carrier will keep your vehicle safe, too. They'll use quality chains and straps to secure your automobile to the trailer, giving it added stability. You can rest assured your vehicle will arrive at its destination intact.

Flatbed Car Shipping Methods

Open and enclosed auto transport are popular car shipping options for consumers with sedans, SUVs, or trucks that don't require flatbed trailers. An open hauler is similar to a flatbed trailer since it doesn't have walls or a roof. Enclosed haulers have roofs and walls.

The open hauler option is best if you're looking for a cost-effective way to ship a vehicle. Most automobile owners use this. It won't protect your vehicle from the elements, but cars usually don't experience significant damage when transported via this method.

Using an enclosed transport service is wise if you're trying to protect a rare or classic vehicle that needs to travel hundreds of miles. This service is more expensive than open transport but will shield your vehicle from damage.

Another shipping method to consider is door-to-door auto transport. This service will let you choose a location to drop off and pick up your vehicle. That location could be your home.

A major benefit of door-to-door auto transport is that you don't have to hunt for a terminal near you to get or drop off your car. You will pay extra for this convenience.

Expedited auto transport is another service that can make shipping easier. It'll let you arrange to ship your car within two to three days versus one week.

Choose expedited auto transport if you need your car at its destination in a jiffy. This will increase your shipping price.

How Much Does Flatbed Car Transport Cost?

How much does flatbed car transport cost? Flatbed shipping rates differ depending on customers' vehicles and unique shipping needs.

Your automobile's size, make, and model will affect your auto transport price. How far you need to ship your vehicle will also influence your cost.

Let's say your car needs to go 500 miles. You'll pay around $600 to ship a car to another state on an open hauler. The price will be $900 for an enclosed hauler.

Suppose you need your car to go 2,000 miles away. Your cross-country car shipping company may charge you $1,300 for an open hauler and $1,800 for an enclosed one.

A car shipping calculator can help you determine your vehicle shipping costs. It works much like a moving cost calculator used to determine the price of a mover and moving truck.

How We Can Help With Auto Transport

Flatbed auto transport is ideal for heavy, oversized vehicles that won't fit on an enclosed or open hauler. Vehicles that fit on a flatbed car transport trailer include construction equipment, large pickups, and recreational vehicles.

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