Recent estimates suggested around 3 million Americans currently live overseas.

And while moving overseas can be daunting and overwhelming, it doesn't have to be. One of your most crucial decisions when relocating is how to get your car from your current home to your new one.

Shipping your car overseas is a great option, as it allows you to keep your car and the freedom and independence it provides.

Did you know that the U.S. military provides a car shipping service to move a car from one location to another? And the military discount to ship a car could save you money.

Understanding how the military can ship your car will help save you time, money, and stress. Read on to learn more about such a service, how it works, and what it costs.

Will the Military Ship Your Car Overseas?

Even if you are a civilian or veteran, you may be able to use car shipping for a military relocation.

The U.S. military offers a car shipping service via SDDC (Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command). Typically, you must register and request an estimated shipping cost.

Whether you can book military car shipping depends on your vehicle type and location. Some cars may also need to go through a customs process.

Does the Military Pay for Shipping?

The cost to ship a car with military movers varies greatly depending on the size of the car, the origin and destination locations, and additional services such as packing and loading.

Other factors include the types of military vehicles involved and the mode of transport.

When shipping a vehicle with the military, it is essential to consider additional costs such as fuel, customs fees, and inspection fees.

Furthermore, the cost of shipping a car may also be affected by the size of the vehicle, the distance it must travel, and other factors such as the time of year and any discounts that may be available.

Additionally, the cost of cross-country car shipping can be even higher if the car needs to be serviced at the destination.

In some circumstances, the military will cover this cost via a car movers military discount; we've outlined that in the next section.

Does the Military Ship Your Car for Free?

The government offers a service where you can ship your car for free if you are a uniformed service member or a civilian working for the Department of Defence.

Usually, that car shipping for military personnel is for active members of the military who intend to move overseas for a permanent change of station. To be eligible for free shipping, you'll need to tick specific criteria:

  • Free shipping is usually for one car for personal use, and if you have more than one, you'll need to pay the additional cost to ship a second
  • The car must have license plates and have space to carry passengers
  • The vehicle weight should be less than 20 metric tons
  • You'll need documentation to prove you are the owner of the vehicle
  • You'll need documentation for any specific custom requirements to ship your car to a new country

Always check your destination country when using military vehicle shipping, as each has rules about private vehicles. Doing this in advance will help you avoid unnecessary expenses or delays.

Before booking military shipping, you should also be aware that there are two different ways to organize it.

First, you can choose the PPM (personally procured move). This is where you arrange everything privately and choose an auto transport shipping company that works for you and your family.

That's helpful if you want to work to specific dates to fit in around personal circumstances (perhaps you're moving your children to start in a new school, for example, so you want to move by a strict deadline).

After completing your long-distance car transportation move, the government will reimburse you for those shipping costs if you fit the military criteria for relocation expenses.

What are the Types of Military Jargon?

You'll need to complete some paperwork when applying to move your car. Often you'll see some specific military terms. So here is a quick overview of the jargon you may see from car shipping companies and what it means:

  • Military POV Shipping: POV stands for Privately Owned Vehicle
  • Military PCS Car Shipping: PCS stands for Permanent Change of Station
  • DoD: Department of Defence
  • PDS: Permanent Duty Station

If in doubt, contact our team for advice on what the terminology means. Our team specializes in military shipping and will be able to answer most of your shipping questions.

Will the Army Pay to Move My Car?

Technically, it isn't the army that covers the cost of car shipping services when relocating overseas.

It's the U.S. Government that covers the cost. Normally, that's the cost for a single privately owned vehicle during a military move. In reality, it's a car shipping military discount that, in some circumstances, will cover the entire cost.

Does the Military Move You for Free?

While you may qualify for an auto transport military discount, what about the rest of your moving costs? Does the military cover those costs?

When relocating with the military, you'll get a relocation allowance. That will cover your move costs, such as shipping belongings, storage expenses, and travel costs.

If you're on active duty and intend to move, speak to your transportation office as early as possible to discover your options and financial support package. You could also enquire whether they can help you ship a car from one state to another as part of that move.

Next Steps to Arrange the Military to Ship Your Car

Now you know how the military can ship your car, you can see that it's an efficient and cost-effective way to move your vehicle from one location to another. It's essential to understand the car shipping process before you decide to go with the military shipping service.

If you're searching for the best car shipping company for military members, you're in the right place. Head here to find out more about our car shipping services for the military and our straightforward booking process.

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