Most military members and their families must move every 2 to 3 years. Constant moving can be difficult for families because it forces them to face constant uncertainties.

Your kids wonder what their new school is like, your spouse wonders if they can land a good job in the new place, and you have concerns of your own. With all those worries, it pays to have as much help as possible throughout the moving process. And the last thing you want to do is deal with a moving company.

But, military movers are different than traditional moving companies. This guide will cover what to expect during your military move and answer questions about how Nexus Auto can help transport your vehicles.

How Much Does a Military Move Cost?

The cost of military movers depends on the type of move and branch of service. In most cases, if a military member moves because they received official orders, the military pays for the move up to a specific weight. But there are exceptions to this rule.

The DITY Move

One exception is the DITY move. This term stands for "do it yourself" move, and most military members can choose to move this way. The military will still compensate your DITY move, but only after you complete the process and fill out the proper documentation.

The government will compensate up to 80% of what the move would have cost them. So, they will compensate you in full if you can complete your DITY move in under 80% of the government's potential expenditure. Otherwise, expect some out-of-pocket costs.

Moves Not on Official Orders

Moreover, the military will not pay for unofficial moves. So, if you move from an apartment to a house without receiving PCS or PCA orders, your military branch won't compensate you.

However, you can still hire your own military-friendly moving company. Perform a cursory search of military moving companies using terms like:

  • Moving companies for veterans
  • Moving truck military discount
  • Military movers near your location

These search terms will cover most of your bases, though you can get specific with your branch of service and use search terms like Army movers as well. You'll bear the brunt of the cost for voluntary moves, but plenty of movers will go the extra mile and offer significant discounts for military families!

Auto Transport Costs

Finally, except under specific circumstances, the military does not pay for military auto transport. They only compensate for travel costs.

How Much Does the Military Pay Movers?

The military has contracts with moving companies that dictate how much they pay for each move. The prices negotiated reflect how much the movers are willing to accept from the military for the weight of the move.

Your PCS weight allowance may change each year. Your rank and whether you have dependants determine your weight allowance.

That weight allowance is also just a maximum free allowance. In most cases, you can exceed the weight allowance and pay out of pocket.

How Do Military Movers Work

You don't hire movers directly when you have moving orders from the military. There are base services you must go through to set up your move.

Household Goods Packing and Pick-Up

After you receive orders, you should visit your base transportation management office (TMO). They can provide you with the necessary details for your move. During your TMO visit, you will:

  • Make transportation reservations
  • Plan household goods pick-up
  • Schedule your move
  • Get answers to any lingering questions

The TMO has access to the local contracted military moving companies. They will contact and schedule them. You only need to attend the appointment and sign for the move.

However, if you assign a proxy through the TMO, you don't need to be there. The proxy (a trusted friend or family member) does have to show up.

The moving companies hired by the military are full-service. You can box and pack your items if you like, but the moving companies will also do it for you at no extra cost.

Does Nexus Give a Military Discount?

Yes, Nexus Auto Transport offers military moving discounts. Our military car shipping discount applies to both active duty and retired military members.

If you want to learn more about the Nexus military discount for US auto shipping, contact us at 224-218-2949. We'll be glad to give you further details, answer any questions, and give you a free custom quote.

Does the Military Pay for Movers?

Yes. The military pays for moving companies under most circumstances.

Some companies may charge additional labor fees if your belongings are heavy and difficult to move. So remember to disclose the size and scope of your household goods to TMO before scheduling your move.

For auto transport, most branches only pay if you are taking an overseas assignment. Otherwise, you're on your own. To be safe, try using a moving cost calculator to help you budget.

How to Choose the Best Military Moving Companies?

You can choose your military movers if you're doing a DITY move. Below are four things you should consider when deciding on a moving company for your next military relocation.

1. Budget

The moving company cost can fluctuate with how much storage and service fees you will incur. It is best to set a budget beforehand and compare rates from different moving companies to know what options are within your budget range.

2. Ease of Use

Keep in mind whether the company offers packing materials and boxes at an extra cost or if they offer free packing materials and boxes. Also, look into the services offered with their moves. The best military moving services will pack, store, and ship your goods.

3. Reputation

Be sure to research the reputation of any company before hiring them as your military movers. Google reviews, social media reviews, BBB ratings, and other online sources can provide valuable information about a company's services.

4. Insurance

Things often break during moves. Before you choose a military moving company, consider these insurance-related questions:

  • Who has liability insurance during the move?
  • Who is the insurance provider?
  • What are the insurance terms?

These questions also apply to auto transport insurance. If anything breaks, you want the peace of mind that someone (the insurance agency or the movers) will give you the proper compensation.

Best Way to Save Money on Military Moving

The best way to save money on military moving is to do it with your TMO. But, if you need to transport a vehicle or do a DITY move, there are ways to save money.

The number one thing you should look for is military discount moving companies. They will give you the best deals on your move. They might even work with you to ensure your DITY move is under the 80% line so you'll receive total compensation at your next base.

Even though you won't receive compensation for it, you should also look for military-friendly auto transport. They can help you reduce the out-of-pocket cost.

Plan Your Move With Nexus Auto Transport

Military moves can be stressful; finding the right military movers shouldn't be. Military families and movers don't always see eye to eye because moving companies don't understand military problems.

Nexus Auto Transport is a military mover of choice for many armed service members. When you choose us, we will ensure your transition goes smoothly and as stress-free as possible. Contact us for a free quote today!

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