Did you know that, according to CTV News, 6,800 Americans attempted to apply for permanent residency in Canada? Since then, 7,700 Americans did the same in 2016, with 9,000 making the effort to move in 2017.

Whether you’re moving to Canada or to another foreign country, you’re probably curious about your options when it comes to cheap box shipping.

After all, if you’re making a big international move, there’s a lot to take with you. Your clothes, your technology, your books — and if you’re moving with your family, then you have to think about all their things, too.

It can be costly to move with everything yourself, especially if you’re flying to your new home. You already have so much to stress about when getting ready for your move. Chances are, the cost of shipping is stressing you out, too.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide. Once you know the cheapest ways to ship boxes to another country, you can find a cheap box shipping option that works for you. Finally, you can stress out less about your move. Read on to learn more.

How Do I Ship a Box Internationally?

While there are many ways to ship boxes to another country, there are some traditional box shipping options that we’ll review in this section. There are many international box shipping options, available through FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Let’s review these first 3 ways of shipping internationally now.

Then, in the next section, we’ll review additional ways you can ship your boxes to another country.


Many people rely on FedEx when their shipping boxes are moving cross country. But what about when they’re shipping boxes internationally? Well, we’ve done the research, and FedEx is not a good choice if you’re looking for the cheapest available option.

In fact, shipping a small-sized box internationally with FedEx can cost over $100. Given that prices with USPS are all under $100, they’re a better option.

That said, FedEx has a reputation for shipping fast. So if you’re in a rush, you could go for this option.

2. UPS

An additional option is UPS. This box shipping company is an option that many people and businesses use for their everyday shipping needs — but what about international shipping? Can they provide you with cheap box shipping?

Unfortunately, UPS is even more expensive than FedEx. Their prices are on the highest end because they offer shipping in as little as 2 days. Their prices for a small package being shipped can be as high as $137.15.


When it comes to the cheapest way to ship boxes across the country, USPS is the choice to go for. But what about when it comes to international shipping? Well, there’s no easy answer, because it depends on what you’re shipping and where.

USPS shipping costs vary depending on the delivery time frame, the delivery service, the destination, and how much the box you’re shipping weighs.

Additionally, the countries they ship to are in different categories. Whatever category country you’re shipping to, this will have an effect on the price of shipping.

We’ve done some research, and, depending on the weight of the boxes you’re shipping, you’ll be better off sending your package Priority Mail International – Flat Rate. This is the right choice for cheap box shipping if you’re shipping a medium box that’s between 2 and 20 pounds.


After having reviewed these options, it’s clear that, in terms of cheap box shipping, USPS is the way to go. However, there is a problem with this box shipping company. In addition to not shipping as quickly as the other options, service isn’t always that great.

You may even lose the package you shipped.

Considering this, you should review additional options with FedEx and UPS. That way, you’ll know which option works best for you.

What Is the Least Expensive Way to Ship a Box?

Now that we’ve reviewed the different pricier and cheap box shipping options, we’ll cover other ways you can ship a box. Whether you’re having a truck shipping service move your boxes for you, shipping by car, or sending your things with checked baggage, here are some options that might work for you.


When it comes to cheap box shipping, one of your best choices is a truck shipping service. In addition to being the cheapest way to ship cross country, it’s also one of the cheapest ways to ship internationally.

A truck shipping service works like this: there’s a trucker who’s already sending some items in their truck elsewhere. If you’re moving to where they’re headed — for example, to Canada or Mexico — then they might have room in their truck for your boxes.

With a truck shipping service, they’ll get in touch with the drivers so that you can easily have your things shipped cheaply to your final destination.


If you’re shipping your car overseas, this is a great, creative way to save on shipping. This alternative to cheap box shipping is where you pack up your car’s trunk with your boxes. As result, you’re only paying for the shipping of your car, and not for the items at all!

Usually, you can add 100 pounds to the car’s weight without having to pay extra. Check with the company moving your car for you what additional costs are for any weight that’s over 100 pounds.

Additionally, keep in mind that many car moving companies have a maximum weight policy in place.

This is a perfect solution if you’re moving abroad overseas since many shipping options require you to ship your boxes by air —which is pretty pricey.


Even though many people avoid shipping their things when they move because it seems expensive to fly with them, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, checking your bags with your items can be an alternative to cheap box shipping.

To find out, get in touch with the airline you’re using to travel to your new home. Ask them if they offer any special deals depending on what kind of seat you have.

If you get a free checked bag or two with first-class and shipping everything another way would be pricey, then this might be the perfect excuse to fly in style.

If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, you can also do some research to find out which airlines have the lowest rates for checked bags.


Another option you might not have thought of is adding a few of your boxes to those being shipped for someone in your area who’s also moving to a foreign country. This is both the cheapest way to ship boxes across the country as well as to ship boxes abroad.

However, this is only possible if the truck is going to Canada or Mexico, or if they’re going to be carried on a ship to another foreign destination.

This may seem logistically complicated, and it is if you only have a small number of boxes to ship. Moving companies prefer to move a large number of items because you end up paying more for their services.

However, it doesn’t hurt to get in touch with a shipping company and find out if they can do this for you.


How much will my move cost?

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Box Across the Country?

Let’s say you live on the East Coast and you’re making a move to Mexico. Or, you live on the West Coast and you’re moving to Quebec, which is on the east side of Canada. In this case, it might be cheaper for you to ship your boxes across the country, after which you can drive with them across the border.

When it comes to the cheapest way to ship cross country, there are several options in addition to the mail options we covered at the beginning of this article. These options include using Amtrak, Greyhound, and freight shipping.


It’s very easy to use Amtrak when shipping boxes are moving cross country. All you have to do is ensure that you aren’t shipping electronics or fragile items. Then, take your items and put them into boxes that are 3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet.

These boxes have to be under 50 pounds. Then, put these into groups of 500 pounds, since you can only ship that amount daily with Amtrak.

To ensure that you don’t lose these boxes, number your boxes and label them. Additionally, keep your address, name, and phone number inside the boxes. Make sure you coordinate someone to pick up your boxes once they’ve all been shipped.

Because it’s only between $40 and $80 for every 100 pounds you ship with Amtrak, this is a great cheap box shipping option.


Another option when it comes to cheap box shipping is having Greyhound send your boxes for you. Like with Amtrak, this isn’t a great choice if you’re shipping any breakable goods or electronics. Even though it’s allowed, these won’t be covered by insurance and may not be safely shipped.

Boxes should not weigh more than 100 pounds. Additionally, they shouldn’t be bigger than 30 inches by 47 inches by 82 inches. The cost of shipping is $1 per pound.

Like with Amtrak, keep your details somewhere inside these boxes.

An added benefit of shipping your boxes with Greyhound is that they can pick up and deliver your boxes! So if you’re already stressed about your move, then this is a great way to have someone do something for you. There’s an extra fee for this service.


Another option for shipping your thing is freight shipping. This is a little different than the other options in this article since you’ll have to do quite a lot of manual work on your end.

First, you need to get a wood pallet. Then, you put your boxes on it. After this, you have to wrap it with shrink wrap. This should be a very thick layer of shrink wrap. This way, there won’t be any damage to your things while they’re shipped.

Once you’ve filled up the pallet, put them somewhere where a truck can pick them up.

Then, you need to contact different freight shipping companies. You need to find one that ships close to where you live, so you won’t have to spend too much money transporting your items to the carrier.

Once you’ve found carriers near you, you need to haggle. They will attempt to overcharge you, so you have to stand your ground.

In terms of price, you should aim to pay $100 to $300 for one pallet being shipped. As you can see, this is an incredibly cheap option if you know how to haggle. Moving statistics have demonstrated this.

As you can see, this is the cheapest way to ship boxes across the country.

Keep in mind that you might have to pay for a liftgate and pallet jack to move your pallet. This will be an additional fee.

Freight can also be a good option if you’re moving furniture.

Need More Information About Cheap Box Shipping?

Now that you’ve learned about cheap box shipping, you might need additional information. Maybe you’re looking for a shipping company near you, or you need help budgeting for the right shipping option for you.

Whatever information you need, we’re here to help. At Nexus Auto Transport, we’re experts when it comes to moving. We can also ship your car for you. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us here.


How much will my move cost?