In 2020, 44% of American drivers took more road trips during the summer. With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and fears and restrictions over air travel, many Americans chose to take to the pavement to explore, relax, and have an adventure.

Whether you're going on a road trip or moving across the country, the vehicle you drive has a major impact on how comfortable and fun the trip is as well as the cost.

Are you wondering which cars are best for long-distance driving?

Let's take a look at 25 of the top vehicles for your big road trip this summer.

1. Honda HR-V

When you're going on a road trip, you want a vehicle that can handle all different kinds of situations. This compact SUV is available in all-wheel-drive, meaning it has better traction on slippery or slick road surfaces.

This car also has great fuel economy, with the AWD model getting 31 miles per gallon on the highway and 27 miles per gallon in the city. The fuel efficiency of the 2WD model is even better.

You'll also find that this car offers a reasonable amount of cargo space while not being a huge, hard-to-park, gas-guzzling SUV.

2. Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru is able to make vehicles that are practical, capable, reliable, and fun, which makes it one of the best cars for long-distance driving. As far as gas mileage goes, this Subaru gets 33 miles per gallon on the highway and 27 miles a gallon in the city. This is a great choice for small families or couples who are looking to take a long-distance trip.

All-wheel drive is standard on this Subaru, and it offers 8.7 inches of ground clearance. This means it can take you just about wherever you want to go, whether that's on the highway or on rough country roads.

3. Tesla Model 3

It's finally possible to take an electric car on a road trip without recharging becoming a major issue. The Tesla Model 3 has a driving range of about two 322 miles. This means that you can drive from Indianapolis to Detroit without having to stop to charge up.

On top of this, there is a growing network of Supercharger stations around the country. In each state, there are thousands of charging points. It is a good idea, though, to plan ahead so you have a sense of where you can recharge along the way.

Other features such as Netflix streaming and in-car gaming can help you stay occupied while charging your car.

4. Ford Mustang GT Convertible

If you're looking for a classic American road trip experience, consider the Ford Mustang GT. The sixth-generation model is considered to be the most refined version to date, making it a great way to road trip in style.

5. Chevrolet Bolt

If you're looking for a less expensive zero-emissions road trip vehicle, check out the Chevrolet Bolt. With 259 miles of range and a spacious interior, this car can get you from Washington, D.C. to New York City before needing a charge.

6. Volvo XC90

With one of the best interiors you'll ever find in an SUV, excellent efficiency and smart technology, this is a great vehicle to road trip with a family or a group of friends. With room for up to seven people, you and the crew will have a great time no matter where you decide to go.

7. Ferrari GTC4Lusso

For the luxury road tripper, you'll enjoy a quiet ride and a gorgeous interior while also turning heads along the way. While it might not have the fuel economy of a hybrid or the storage capacity of an SUV, it's hard to beat if you're looking to travel the country with class.

8. Toyota Prius

If maximum fuel economy is your goal, then the Toyota Prius is your car. The 2020 Prius returns up to 58 mpg on the freeway, meaning that you can rack up some serious savings at the pump.

9. Jaguar F-Type Convertible

Is it important to you that your road trip is done with the wind in your hair? Consider checking out the Jaguar F-Type. Agile, fast, and refined, there's nothing quite like the feeling of taking to the open road in this beautiful and stirring convertible.

10. Mazda MX-5

If you're looking for the best small car for long-distance driving, don't overlook the Miata. An inexpensive two-seater that is much loved by auto-enthusiasts everywhere, this tiny roadster is simple in all the right ways.

Best suited for short two-person trips or a solo journey, you'll be able to escape all your worries in this little gem.

11. Ford Crown Victoria

If iconic is the name of your game, then the "Crown Vic" is your car. With a surprisingly large interior and its well-known longevity, the old-school cop car is big and tough enough for wherever your travels take you.

12. Kia Telluride

The Kia Telluride has dominated the market since it was introduced in 2020. With exceptional comfort and a ton of tech features, this is one of the most comfortable cars for long-distance driving.

You won't have to worry about road noise when you take the Telluride to visit all of the nation's National Parks. With space to seat up to eight people, this means you don't have to leave any of your friends behind.

This one also comes with a ton of safety features. This includes safe exist assist, which can stop a passenger from getting out of the car if there is a potential hazard approaching. On top of that, there's a 360-degree camera system, blind-spot monitoring, and highway driving assist.

13. Toyota RA V4 Hybrid

Both easy on your wallet and fun to drive, the RAV4 Hybrid is a great road trip vehicle. With its combination of cool design features, fuel efficiency, and interior comfort and capacity, you'll love driving route 66 in this impressive car.

With swift speed and acceleration compared to other hybrids, this peppy vehicle gets 37 mpg in the city and 41 mpg on the highway.

You'll also love the bright, clean interior that will make spending hours on the road a delight. You can even opt for a panoramic glass roof to increase your views and get plenty of sunlight along the way.

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14. Honda Element

While the Honda Element is now discontinued, it is an incredibly practical vehicle for a road trip. The rear cargo space has an industrial floor liner that can be hosed down if you need to. You can pack way more than you'd think in this boxy vehicle, particularly if you remove the two rear seats.

You can even turn the four seats into a makeshift bed that, while not the most comfortable bed, allows for couples to go car camping on a whim. If you're looking for better traction, you'll want the AWD model. If you want to stargaze from your campsite, opt for the rear sunroof.

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15. Honda Ridgeline

If you're looking to buy a pickup truck, a Honday might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, with a comfortable driving experience, you'll find that it rides more like a car than some of the other trucks that are in its class.

Hoping to go off-road a bit? This might be a good choice for you. With 7.8" of ground clearance and Intelligent Traction Control, you can feel comfortable going off the beaten track in this one.

16. Land Rover Defender

This is a classic choice if you're planning on adventuring off-road on your road trip. Without the frilly tech of newer models, this is the stuff that legends are made of.

If you're looking for a vehicle that is designed to go literally almost anywhere you could ever need to go, this is the one for you. There's a reason that many off-road enthusiasts regard it as the most off-road-capable vehicle that has every been built.

17. Lincoln Navigator Black Label

If you don't necessarily want to cross the country in a giant, clunky, gas-guzzling RV, but you want to bring as many creature comforts with you as possible, consider the Lincoln Navigator. A bit pricey at about $100,000, this is probably the cushiest road trip vehicle you can buy.

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18. Lamborghini Urus

While this option might not suit the budget of pretty much anybody, this Lamborghini SUV is a great choice is money is no object and you're preference is to take incredibly fast road trips, this is the one for you.

With 641 horsepower the top speed of the urus is 190 miles per hour, meaning that it's the fastest production SUV available on this great earth. That means if you ever felt like taking a coast-to-coast road trip in 36 hours, this is your ticket.

19. Lexus LS 400

Here's a legacy option if you aren't into the newest models out there. The first vehicle from Lexus still feels shockingly modern today, with solid reliability, a tasteful interior, and a smooth ride.

20. Ford Transit

If you're hoping to save on hotel costs by car camping, consider hitting the road in a converted Ford Transit. With better gas mileage and road feel than most RVs, this is a great option if road tripping is more of a way of life than just a hobby.

21. Mercedes Benz G-Class

If you want one vehicle that is reliable, comfortable, off-road capable, and comes equipped with a number of desirable features, check out the 2020 Mercedes Benz G-Class. Handling smoothly on pavement and offering a quiet ride, this car can still head off-rad to get away from it all. That is, if you're willing to take an SUV with a six-figure price stag off-road.

22. Ford Expedition

If you need plenty of space for passengers and cargo on your trip, consider a Ford Expedition. If the 20.9 cubic feet of cargo space that is available behind the third row isn't enough for you, there's an XL model as well.

For a car this big, the Expedition has good fuel economy and good acceleration. It can also tow up to 9,300 pounds, which is more than any of the other SUVs in its class.

23. Jeep Cherokee XJ

Another older option, the Jeep Cherokee XJ is a great option for purists who want to spend more time off the pavement. Unlike other older vehicles, it's easy to find aftermarket and replacement parts for this popular vehicle. You'll also always have enough room for all of your friends and your gear, too.

24. Honda Odyssey

We've definitely got to have a minivan on this list for it to be fully complete. With a lot of passenger space and cargo room, this is a wonderful option for a family road trip.

25. Volkswagen Westfalia Camper

It's hard to have a list of the best road trip vehicles without making a nod to the classic Volkswagen Westfalia. A hotel on wheels, you'll turn plenty of heads and get tons of smiles when you drive one of these on the interstate or down a small, country road.

The Best Vehicle For Long Distance Driving: Which One Would You Choose?

When choosing a vehicle for long-distance driving, you'll want to decide what is most important to you. Are you mostly looking for something with the best fuel efficiency, or is comfort the key ingredient? Do you want your vehicle to be able to go off road or are you looking for something that's quiet and smooth on the highway?

Whatever your preferences are, there's a vehicle out there that can take you where you want to go for a price you're willing to pay.

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