Are you getting ready to purchase a new car out of state? You're in great company.

An increasing number of buyers are purchasing cars across state lines to take advantage of more competitive prices and the bigger inventory available across the US.

The best way to bring your new ride to you is with auto transport services. Fortunately, the latest car hauling technology and car hauling tools can make this easy. Let's explore the best tools for auto carriers.

Car Hauling Technology Includes ELDs

A major trend among auto transport services in 2023 is to use electronic logging devices or ELDs.

2020 was the first year when this technology was broadly deployed. They then became the norm in 2021.

ELDs offer a more person-centric and practical approach to auto transport. That's because these devices interface with carriers' engines to record service hours.

This allows drivers to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's service hours regulations. They can also transmit their data to safety authorities directly.

The technology promotes increased care for auto transport drivers. This is important because drivers often feel pressured to drive longer than what's permitted by profit-driven auto transport companies.

This means the industry is more humane for drivers. It also means compliant fleets can enjoy larger bottom lines. For customers like you, it means a more effective and safer carrier situation.

Since auto transport companies have implemented ELDs, drivers' well-being has improved. Carrier services' quality has also gotten better.

This has led to fewer crashes, which means fewer deaths and injuries. It has also led to hundreds of millions of dollars in savings industry-wide.

Best Tools for Auto Carriers Focus On Big Data

The transport industry has traditionally been slow in keeping up with modern technology. However, 2022 changed this.

Transport management systems, or TMSs, are helping more fleets streamline back-office duties. These systems are also helping them communicate with customers and drivers more effectively.

This technology is helping auto carriers keep up with the shift taking place industry-wide to single-platform transport operations. This will only continue to increase the efficiency of services. It will also help auto transport companies better process transport data.

More auto transport companies are using advanced load matching, or ALM, software, too. This helps brokers and auto carriers make faster matches between vehicles requiring transport and fleet vehicles. This means it's easier to choose the best fleet vehicle for a certain transport task.

This software can help boost productivity. It can also lower an auto transport service's operating costs. This means you may receive better rates as a customer.

Car Hauling Tools Include Transport Chains

Other essential car hauling tools include transport hooks and chains.

Chains can be more effective than straps in some situations for automobile haulers for a couple of reasons.

First, chains usually have greater working load limits compared with automobile-hauling straps. Second, chains are great at not losing tension during long hauls.

Choosing a high-quality chain with sturdy end fittings is critical for ensuring a vehicle remains secure during transport.

Car Hauling Axle Straps

Some auto transport services prefer automobile-hauling straps over chains.

These devices anchor vehicle axles or tires to carrier bed slots to secure car loads. Straps are usually made with polyester webbing. They might also have Cordura sleeves.

One type of strap auto transport services may use is an axle strap.

This type of strap loops around a vehicle's axle to secure the car. It usually has snap-hook fitting on the end that works with E-tracks. You can also use an adapter to use an axle strap with a tie-down plate.

This setup can be sturdier than using a tire to secure the vehicle (more on this next). However, if the system fails, the axle may experience pressure damage. You may not be able to fix this axle damage like you could tire damage.

Car Hauling Over-the-Wheel (OTW) Straps

An OTW strap is designed to touch a car's tire rather than the car wheel's center hubcap or axle.

This strap uses a couple of anchor points. In addition, rubber blocks are used to keep it centered on a vehicle's tire and boost its grip.

Car Hauling Lasso Straps

An alternative to the OTW strap is the Y-shaped lasso strap. Unlike the OTW strap, the lasso strap may have just one anchor point.

This strap is among the most commonly used straps to secure vehicles. It's simple to use due to its user-friendly design. This makes securing cars quick.

Lasso straps are also great at keeping vehicles from moving forward when carriers stop suddenly. This is a major benefit for auto transport carriers that load cars close together.

The main drawback of this type of strap is that the pressure required to secure a car is not evenly distributed since the strap has a single anchor point.

Wheel Nets

Auto transport service companies might also use wheel nets.

These devices have several tie-down areas. This allows them to provide very precise securement. It also helps with reducing pressure on certain wheel points while maintaining the proper tension.

How Our Auto Transport Services Can Help

High-quality auto transport services can help you transport your car from one state to another using car hauling technology, like ELDs, and big data. Other essential car hauling tools include automobile-hauling straps, like axle straps, and transport chains.

At Nexus Auto Transport, we use the best tools for auto carriers to safely and efficiently ship a car to another state. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services, and get a quote today!