Bid on a Car Out of State: Nexus Auto Transport for Home Delivery

You've finally found your dream car on eBay motors! It's the perfect price, style, mileage, and make. It's the color you want and everything.

The problem? It's across the country. Will you have to give up your match made in vehicle auction heaven because you're in a different state?

Don't give up that bid on a car yet, you have options! Here's a look at what it takes to buy a car online and have it delivered.

What to Do Before You Bid on a Car Online

Research, research, research! Cars go up for auction for a myriad of reasons. The most popular demographics you'll find an online vehicle auctions include:

  • Vehicles repossessed by lenders/banks
  • Used/discarded government vehicles (buses, police cars, utility vehicles)
  • Severely damaged cars or trucks

Knowing many of these cars and trucks could be hiding a sordid past will give you a healthy amount of skepticism with this process. Here are a few ways to make sure you're not bidding on a bad apple.

State Laws

Many states have different laws and regulations about car sale requirements. Check with your state as well as the state where the vehicle is. For some federal regulation guidance, check out the FTC buying guide.


When will your insurance kick in? You want to make sure your vehicle is covered the minute it becomes yours. This is especially important if it's being transported to you.

Clean Title

Using the vehicle's VIN number, you should be able to find out its history. Is the title clear of any liens or thefts? Most states have a vehicle title history search on their website.

What's Under the Hood?

Many auction vehicles have a big secret. If possible, have a trusted, independent mechanic take a look at the car or truck before you place your bid. You don't want to invest in a purchase AND vehicle transport only to have a lemon on your hands!

I Bid on a Car and Won! Now What?

There's nothing like that feeling of excitement over an eBay motor or win! If you're unable to physically drive the car yourself, you may need to look into having it delivered.

Are you wondering how to get a car delivered from another state? If you buy a car online and have it delivered, there's a lot to consider. Much like your online bid, you need to do your research.

The Better Business Bureau is a great place to start. If the transport business is accredited by the BBB, you know it's legit. The BBB website can provide you with a list of disputes (if any) and how the company resolved them.

Ask Some Questions

It's also a good idea to contact the transport company to ask a few questions.

Do they have insurance? If so, what's covered?

If their insurance policy isn't listed on the company website, ask for a copy. Bring the copy to your insurance agent to make sure there aren't any holes in coverage. Any vehicle shipping company should be happy to provide you with this information.

Do they guarantee a certain timeline? Will you be refunded or compensated if there are extensive delays?

Unexpected delays happen. It's the nature of the business. Will the company make up for delays exceeding 4-5 weeks? If so, how?

Most companies are happy to give a referral and provide detailed information about insurance and costs.

Call around to two or three different places to get a good comparison. It's always helpful to have an idea of average price points and services before making your decision.

How Much Does It Cost?

How much to deliver a car to your home depends on several different factors. Be sure to consider them all before taking the plunge on that cross-country online bid!

1. Distance

Most companies charge per mile. The farther the distance traveled, the more expensive the price tag. The price per mileage usually falls with further distances as well.

Here's a look at average rates/distance:

  • 500 miles = $1.00/mile
  • 1,000 miles = $0.75/mile
  • 2,000 miles = $.50/mile
  • 3,000 miles = $.40/mile

As you can see, shipping a car 500 miles, the distance from Chicago, IL to Asheville, NC (500 miles) would cost about $500.00. To travel from Seattle, WA to St. Petersburg, FL (3,100 miles) on the other hand, will set you back about $1,240.

Depending on the discount you scored, it could be well worth the shipping fees!

2. Type of Vehicle

Compact vehicles are less expensive to transport. Carriers can fit more on them on their transport truck, making them more efficient. Trucks and SUVs take up more space, thus, costing the transport service and vehicle owner more money.

Vehicles with four-wheel or all-wheel drive are more expensive to trek across state lines. This is because they're more difficult to load on and off of a transport unit.

Vehicles without all-wheel or four-wheel drive can be easily moved onto a spot in the transport truck. All-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles need to be completed lifted on a dolly or flatbed to be placed.

3. Open or Closed Transport

We've all seen those neat looking trucks carrying multiple vehicles behind them. Not all vehicles are shipped the same way.


Open carrier transport is just what it sounds like. Vehicles are secured on the truck bed fully viewable and exposed to all the elements of travel. Most insurance companies will cover damage incurred during open carrier transport.

Shipping vehicles via an open carrier is less expensive. There are several increased risks with open vehicle shipping such as minor scratches and dings.

Since shipping companies can transport more vehicles at a time using open carriers, it's the most economical option by far.


Enclosed carriers, on the other hand, offer vehicles protection during transport. If it rains, the auto-riders won't get wet. If there's enough wind en route to send flying debris, the vehicles will ride along unharmed.

Consult with your insurance provider before deciding on an open carrier or enclosed shipping for your vehicle. You don't want your precious bid-winner damaged before you get to drive it!

One-of-a-kind vehicles are great candidates for enclosed shipping. You wouldn't want that classic car scratched en route to her new home!

Since closed vehicle carriers can't accommodate as many autos at one time, it's often twice as expensive to ship this way.

How Long Does It Take to Deliver a Car?

Shipping times vary with each purchase and each company. On average, United States shipping from northern states to southern states, midwest to the west coast, or midwest to the east coast is 3-8 days.

All the way cross-country, from coast to coast can take up to 15 days for delivery. Rushed shipping can usually be arranged for a price. Getting your vehicle within 2-3 days can cost up to $500 extra.

It's important to factor in weather and other conditions like road construction, accidents, or natural disasters. These are all things out of any human's control. Preparing yourself for the unexpected is key when waiting for that new-to-you vehicle to arrive!

Check with the vehicle transport provider as well. What kinds of safeguards do they have in place for unexpected instances? How well will your vehicle be covered in the event of a mishap?

Can the Car Be Delivered to My House?

Probably! This all depends on how easy a giant delivery truck could access your house. If the truck can't access your home, you will need to claim your vehicle at another spot.

Retrieving your prized automobile at a predetermined location is the most economical option. If the vehicle carrier is dropping several cars or trucks off at a stop anyway, you won't be charged for an extra stop.

Many places will allow you up to 3 days to get your vehicle. Some offer storage if you're not able to make it within their time frame. Like most extra services, it will cost you more.

Transporting Your Vehicle With Nexus

Arranging transportation after winning your bid on a car doesn't have to be complicated. As a vehicle owner, you should do your homework and make sure you're dealing with a solid company.

However, after ensuring insurance details and vetting a transport company, you can sit back and wait for your prize to arrive.

Let us help you with your vehicle transport process. We at Nexus would love to partner with you to get your winning bid from A to B.

We are fully credited by the Better Business Bureau. We have thousands of satisfied customers just like you from across the United States.

Have questions about cost, pick-up, and transport methods?

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