Heading to Houston? You've got your flights and itinerary. But how do you plan to get from your hotel to NRG Stadium? What happens after your NASA Space Center tour ends early and you want to go to the Cockrell Butterfly Center?

As car rental prices rise, consumers are looking for other options. Skip the hassle and drive your OWN car around Houston. Hire a Houston car shipping company to take care of it for you. Keep reading to find out how you can book a car transport in Houston.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Houston?

Booking a car transport to Houston sounds great, but how much will it cost? National averages for car shipping range from 53 cents to $2.30 per mile. Houston car shipping costs depend on several factors.


Like many industries, car shipping companies in Houston have busier seasons. Car transport service in Houston will likely be more expensive in June - August than in other months. That's because Texas car shipping companies are usually busier in the summer.

Off-peak season booking can save you a little extra money on that Houston vehicle transport.

Car Type

The size of your vehicle directly affects how much you'll pay auto transporters in Houston. Larger vehicles take up more space on transport carriers. This means you can expect to pay car shipping companies in Houston more to transport that Suburban.

Houston car transport companies can fit more small cars on each carrier. As a result, small car transport in Houston can save consumers a little money.

Distance Traveled

Need to ship a car from Houston to Los Angeles? A trip like that might cost you a little more than Houston to Dallas. Usually, the price-per-mile decreases as the miles traveled increase. You can use a car shipping calculator to find out how much your trip will cost.

Open Auto Transport

If you don't mind exposing your vehicle to weather and road conditions, consider open auto transport. Open car transports in Houston don't have side and top enclosures. Vehicles on open auto transporters in Houston are exposed to the elements of the road.

Vehicles traveling via open car transport in Houston will be subjected to Mother Nature's elements as well.

Enclosed Auto Transport

If your vehicle has a special place in your heart, you may want to look into closed auto transport. Enclosed car transport in Houston refers to a covered transport unit. These Houston auto transport carriers often have hard sides and tops.

Enclosed auto transporters in Houston protect vehicles from weather and road conditions. Auto transport companies in Houston can't fit as many cars per enclosed carrier. Consumers can expect to pay more for enclosed transport in Houston.

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How Does Houston Car Shipping Work?

Car shipping companies in Houston contract with drivers to transport vehicles where they need to go. Consumers hire these car movers in Houston to connect them with transport drivers.

The consumer and company arrange details like drop off, pick-up, and type of transport. The consumer can travel with ease, knowing they can meet their vehicle at the agreed-upon destination.

How Do I Ship My Car to Houston?

Before you book the first Houston car shipping company you find, do a little research. Is the company insured? What additional fees do they charge? What are their policies about schedule changes?

Ask around about the Houston auto transport company before you sign a contract. Ask if and how you'll be contacted in the event of schedule changes. You can also search for Houston auto shipping companies on the Better Business Bureau website.


Once you've decided on a car transport service in Houston, contact them via phone or website. Tell your selected Houston auto shipping company if you prefer open or closed transport. You will provide details about your vehicle and destination. Next, you'll schedule pick-up and drop-off times and locations.

Meet Your Vehicle

Finally, you'll pick up your car or truck from the car transport service in Houston. You will need to sign a Bill of Lading before the transaction is complete. Once you have all the documents signed, you're ready to drive your vehicle around Houston.

Best Way to Ship Your Car to Houston

Imagine you've booked a car shipping from Los Angeles to Houston. Make sure you've researched the best car transport in Houston for the job. Ask your Houston car shipping company how you should prepare your vehicle for shipping.

Many companies require car gas tanks to be at least half full. Vehicle owners should remove all personal items and valuables before sending the car transport to Houston. You may also want to consider carrying car shipping insurance for the journey.

Cheap Transportation Options in Houston

What if you ship a car from Houston to Los Angeles? The Houston auto transport company has left but you still need to get around for a few days. Here are a few ways to get around Houston on the cheap.

  1. METRORail citywide train system
  2. METRO Curb2Curb shuttle services provide lifts for those away from METRO stations
  3. METRO STAR safe and clean carpool service
  4. Local Bus system

Most buses and rails in Houston have racks and spaces for bikes. If you have to be without your vehicle for a few days, you can find affordable transportation options in Houston.

How to Choose Nexus as an Auto Transport Company in Houston

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