Massachusetts is in the top five states that people moved out of from 2019 to 2021. Whether moving to or from Boston, Boston auto shipping can help you move your vehicle. Car shipping is easier and more convenient than driving the car yourself.

Don't let car transport to Boston intimidate you. This guide will walk you through the process.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Boston?

There is no single price for car transport to Boston. This is because several factors contribute to the cost, so Boston car shipping companies need to provide custom quotes. Some Boston auto transport companies offer an online car shipping calculator.

These are nice because they can estimate the cost, so you know what to expect. Other shippers require you to speak with an agent to give you a customized quote. Sometimes, this is better because the agent can guide you towards the services that fit your needs best for a more accurate quote.

One factor that influences the cost is the size and weight of the vehicle. The bigger and heavier it is, the more it will cost.

Another factor that changes the cost is location and distance. For example, the further away from Boston you need to ship, the more expensive it is.

There are also shipping lanes. These are routes that transporters travel on often.

These are typically from one major city to another. You can get lower shipping rates if you are shipping on one of these lanes.

Finally, the level and amount of services you want/need will affect the total cost. Using terminal pickup/drop-off is a lower cost than door-to-door service. Expedited shipping or guaranteed delivery date is more expensive than not having these services.

How Do I Ship My Car to Boston?

Follow these steps for your car transport to Boston.

  1. Research shippers
  2. Request quotes
  3. Book a shipment
  4. Meet the driver for pickup
  5. Meet the driver for delivery
  6. Make the final payment if needed

The first step in Boston auto transport is to find car shipping companies in Boston. Ask if they have a license and insurance.

Confirm they have shipping services to the locations that you need. Some Boston car shipping companies only ship locally or regionally.

When comparing quotes, look at the services included to ensure each quote includes the same services. When you choose a quote, fill out all required paperwork. Some shippers accept a deposit, while others require payment in full upfront.

The transporter will provide you with a Bill of Lading (BOL). This is the legal document for your shipment. Do not lose this document.

The driver will ask for a copy. You also need it to prove that you have a binding contract with the shipper.

How Does Boston Car Shipping Work?

When you ship a car to Boston, you need to prepare the vehicle. Ask your Massachusetts auto transport company if they require you to empty the gas tank. Some do, and others do not.

You should also ask about personal items. Some Boston car shipping companies let you leave personal items in the car. However, they are not covered under the shipper's insurance. Ask if your personal car insurance offers any coverage for your car transport to Boston.

Someone must be present to meet the driver at the pickup location. The driver will load the vehicle onto the truck and transport it to the destination. Someone will then need to meet the driver to accept vehicle delivery.

For your pickup and drop-off locations, you can choose door-to-door service. The driver will come to your home or another location. The other option is to meet the driver at the shipper's distribution center.

Sometimes this is called terminal to terminal service. If you are under a time constraint, this can sometimes be faster. You won't have to wait for the truck to make other vehicle drop-offs before getting to your location.

Best Way to Ship Your Car to Boston

The method of car transport to Boston is the one that meets your needs and budget. Car shipping companies in Boston, MA, offer a range of services from basic to customized white glove services. Before you choose your Boston car shipping service, know your timeframe, pickup, drop off, and budget.

No matter your budget, do not blindly pick the cheapest auto shipping to Boston that you can find. This is never the best way to ship. Unscrupulous shippers that are not licensed or insured will entice you with bargain rates.

This is almost always a mistake. There is no recourse if your gets damaged or disappears.

Open Auto Transport

One option for transport that car shipping companies in Boston offer is open transport. A semi-truck cab pulls a large open trailer. It has two levels of cars that are strapped to the frame.

This method of Boston auto transport is the most affordable. More cars get loaded onto the trailer, spreading the cost to everyone shipping. The drawback of this method is that your car is not protected from the weather or road debris during transport.

This method is best for someone shipping their older vehicle, daily driver, or low to mid-range valued vehicle.

Closed Auto Transport

The second option offered by Boston car shipping companies is enclosed transport. These trailers look like a standard semi-truck trailer. This is the safest method of auto shipping to Boston.

This method of Boston auto transport is more expensive. Fewer cars fit onto a single shipment, so the cost per vehicle is higher. However, you get more security and safety for the increased cost.

Owners of expensive, high-end, and collector vehicles will want to choose this Boston auto shipping method.

Why Choose Nexus for Boston Car Transport to Boston

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