Moving to a new place comes with emotional highs and lows. Moving into your new home is a super exciting time. But, moving after a rent increase or eviction is a downer.

Regardless of why you're moving, packing up your living space is a task most people would like to avoid. If you're leaving the area, you'll have to calculate long-distance moving costs. When moving across town, you can hire local movers.

One inevitable thing is you'll need to plan your move ahead of time to ensure services are available on the day you need them. Services include hiring commercial movers or renting a truck.

Is a move on the horizon? Are you clueless about whether you can DIY it or need professional movers?

Don't worry, a cheap local moving company might be the answer. We're here to explain 12 of the cheapest ways to move locally.

Create a Moving Checklist Before Hiring Local Movers

Whether you're moving up the street, across town, or to a nearby city, you want to create a moving checklist. When you're ready to reach out to local moving companies, it will come in handy.

It's best to start planning your move at least three months before your moving date. The timeframe allows you to plan the move without rushing and running into last-minute issues.

How Much Do Cheap Local Movers Usually Cost?

Start getting quotes for local moving companies or cheap movers with a truck. This will give you an idea of how much it will cost. Plus, they can provide local moving tips on the packing supplies you'll need.

Prices will vary based on distance and the complexity of the move. You can use our moving cost estimator to determine the cost you'll need to pay to move your household items.

Six Weeks Out

At least six weeks before your move, make a final decision on who will help you move. Will you depend on families and movers, or leave everything to the moving company? Calculate the costs and ask about deposits.

Start purging items you no longer need. Rent a storage unit for things that won't go to your new place. Consider having a yard sale to earn some cash to hire cheap movers and packers.

Four Weeks Out

Give business contacts advanced notice of your move. This includes creditors, banks, utility companies, subscription services, and anyone who needs to know your new address.

Now is also a good time to start collecting moving boxes. You can go to local businesses to see if they have free boxes. Or you can purchase boxes from packing companies or your local home improvement stores.

It's also around this time that you want to start shopping for items you'll need at your new place.

Three Weeks Out

It's time to make your final decision. At this point, you should know what size truck you'll need and the day of your move. Will you hire low-cost movers or a professional moving company?

This is also an excellent time to pack those boxes and secure friends to help come moving day.

One Week Out

Complete your packing and start cleaning your house or apartment. If you're renting, you want to ensure the total return of your security deposit.

Confirm your moving day and time with the local movers. Give yourself time to verify the truck size you've requested. If there are hard-to-pack items, ask for suggestions.

After disposing of items and moving things to storage, you might be able to downsize. Or, you may not have gotten rid of as much stuff as you anticipated and need a larger truck.

When and How to Hire Movers for Cheap

How to hire movers for cheap is on every mover's mind. You're already absorbing the cost of either buying a new home or moving to a new rental. Understand that hiring low-cost movers doesn't equate to poor service.

Let's look at your options.

1. Hire a Professional Moving Company

It's always best to go with a professional moving company when finances permit. They have the staff, vehicles, and equipment to make your move easy and less stressful.

You also have the advantage of choosing a licensed and insured company. Then, if there is an issue, your items are covered, and you'll get reimbursed. Otherwise, you'll have to bear the expense of damages.

2. DIY Moving

DIY moving means gathering friends and family who have trucks to help you move. If no one is up for manual labor, you can find cheap movers and packers for hire.

The benefit of DIY moving is that you can move at your pace. If you're not ready when the movers arrive, you don't risk paying additional fees or having to reschedule.

The disadvantage of DIY moving is not having enough people to help. It's one thing to tell a friend you'll help, but another to show up. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances arrive, and people must back out.

3. Unplanned Moves

It's great to create a moving schedule, but that's only if your move is planned in advance. So what happens when you have an unexpected move?

Finding cheap movers with a truck is an option to consider. First, call around to locate local moving companies to see if they have immediate availability. Even if they are booked for the day, they may have movers and packers willing to work overtime.

It may cost extra for the service. On the bright side, you won't have to leave behind valuable furnishings because you couldn't take them with you.

4. Multi-day Moves

One of the benefits of local moves is the ability to break your move up into multiple days. In addition, when choosing this route, you give friends and family flexibility when it comes to helping out.

You can move smaller boxes over time and save the oversized items for cheap local movers.

5. Hire Day Labor

You can consider hiring day laborers to help with your move when you're short on family and friends. They can help pack boxes, wrap furniture, and load the truck.

If you're hiring local movers, ask them for recommendations for reliable laborers.

6. Rent a Trailer

Depending on how much you have to move, you can save money by going with local movers and getting the least expensive package. Allow the company to move the furniture. Rent a trailer and move boxes and smaller items yourself.

7. Pay a Friend

Do you have a friend with a spouse who has access to a large truck? Perhaps they work for a company that transports large items. Consider asking them to help you move for a small fee.

8. Use a Personal Vehicle

You always have the option to use your vehicle for a short-distance move. It may take up your entire day, or you can pace yourself. It may require having a few days between your move-in date and move-out date.

Carry all of your small items and boxes to your new location. Then, when you're down to the furniture, get some rope and find local movers to help you mount items to your car roof.

Keep in mind this can become extremely dangerous and cost you more in the end.

9. Enlist the Help of Your Community

If you're a member of a church or local community organization, solicit help at the next gathering. For example, place a notice on a billboard or leave a message on their website. There are sure to be people willing to help a fellow member.

Low-cost movers come in many forms. Instead of paying moving costs, donate to the organization.

10. Rent a Moving Storage Container

Another local moving tip is to rent a moving and storage container. You can keep the container as long as it takes to move your belonging into the unit. When it's time to move, call the company, and they'll take it wherever you need to go.

11. Lease a Moving Truck

Local companies have everything from a pick-up to large moving trucks. All you need are movers to help out.

There are downsides to these local moving tips. You could run into a situation where a reserved truck isn't available when you need it. You are guaranteed the truck will be there the day you need it, with local moving companies.

12. Use Your Negotiation Skills

If all else fails and you can't find low-cost movers or cheap moving companies, put your negotiating skills to work on the salesperson. Ask for ways you can offset the cost of hiring professional movers.

Sometimes local movers offer discounts for weekday moves. Offer to supply the moving boxes or promise a great review and a recommendation on social media.

Find Cheap Local Moving Companies Near You

We hope our list of local moving tips has given you something to think about. Local movers may come with an expense you think you can't afford. But, they also come with the right equipment and years of experience.

If you're moving across the country don't forget long-distance moving costs for your vehicles. Add professional auto-transport services to your moving checklist. Contact Nexus Auto Transport for a quote.


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