In a recent survey of 1,000 Americans, 45% of respondents said that moving is the most stressful event that occurs in life. This means a large portion of Americans feel that moving is more stressful than divorce, starting a job, or having children.

One of the reasons that moving is so stressful is the giant logistical jigsaw it creates. You typically have to be moved out of one home by a certain date and usually, there is a start date when you are able to move into the new place. If these two time periods overlap it can help make the process go smoother, however, that typically means that you are paying two rents or mortgages at once.

A popular way of dealing with this type of situation is by renting storage containers from companies that deliver, store, and move these containers. One of the most popular of these companies is PODS. Depending on your circumstance, being able to rent a POD might be a lifesaver.

If you're on a budget for your move, though, you're probably wondering how much PODS cost. Let's take a look at what you need to know about the price of renting a storage container and how the cost is affected by different factors.

What Are Your Storage Options For Local Moves?

There are basically three storage options if you are dealing with a local move or simply need extra space temporarily. This might mean you need some extra time to accomplish your move, that you're staging your house to put it on the market, or that you are dealing with a gap between leases.

Store Your Belongings With a Moving Company

It is common for professional moving companies to have warehouses of their own where they offer storage services. These companies usually have competitive monthly storage rates, making this a potentially cost-effective way to temporarily store your belongings.

However, there is a downside. You might find that you aren't able to access your items at all times. Additionally, it might still be more expensive than the cost of local storage facilities. This means that if you are storing your belongings for more than a few months, you might want to rent a storage unit.

Rent a Local Storage Unit

You can find storage units just about anywhere, and they often offer very competitive monthly rates. However, it does mean that you have to move everything twice. If you are in need of long term storage, however, this is often the most cost-effective option.

Rent a Portable Storage Container (For Example, PODs)

If you don't want to deal with moving your belongings in and out of a storage facility, you might opt to have a storage container delivered right to your home. PODs are one of the most popular options for this, and it means that you don't have to constantly be making trips back and forth to the storage unit you rented.

How Much Do PODS Cost For Local Moves?

There are three different container sizes available when you rent PODS, which are the 8-foot container, the 12-foot container, and the 16-foot container. The charges for these include monthly storage rates, transit costs, and delivery fees. Many of these rates are actually the same no matter what container size you get, however, the first month's rental fee differs between the sizes.

How much local moves cost with PODS will depend on a number of factors, including your location. For a local move in Atlanta, it costs $99.99 to get the container delivered regardless of the size. The first month rental fee is $164.99, $189.99, and $199.99 for the eight, twelve, and sixteen-foot, respectively.

To pay for additional months of rent, it costs $164.99 regardless of size. The cost of moving the container to a new location and the final pickup costs $89.99 and $99.99, respectively.

Insurance costs can vary widely depending on the level of coverage you choose and the declared value of the objects, ranging between $10 and $450. For the padlock, it costs $75 regardless of the size.

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How Much Do PODS Cost For a Long-Distance Move?

The coronavirus pandemic has motivated a lot of Americans to relocate. Driven by a desire for more space, being closer to family, and other factors, maybe you're one of the people who have reconsidered your apartment or home during the time of lockdowns and social distancing.

Once you start talking about moving with PODS long-distance, it becomes less clear just how much it will cost. In order to get an actual quote, you will have to call their customer service line, as you can't get online quotes instantly for long-distance moves.

It's always a good idea to get quotes from a number of different companies when you are making an interstate move. This is because the prices can vary widely, and you might save quite a bit of money by shopping around a bit.

According to the PODS company website, the average cost of a long-distance move is between $1,237 and $2,999. Below we will take a look at a number of the factors that influence just how much it ends up costing you to use POD storage as a part of your moving plan.

Moving a one-room apartment 100 miles costs around $820, while moving the same size apartment 2,060 miles costs more like $2,390. When you start talking about a 5-bedroom house, the price pretty much doubles. Moving a five-bedroom home 100 miles costs about $1,940, while moving the same size house 2,060 miles costs about $5,850.

If your home is somewhere in between, it will typically cost between $940 and $3,100 depending on how far you are moving.

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How much will my move cost?

The Factors That Determine Pod Rental Cost

There isn't one set price for a move using PODs or any other container company. A number of different factors will influence how much this aspect of your move costs.

The Timing of Your Move

During peak moving times, it is typically more expensive to reserve a POD storage container. In most locations, spring and summer are going to be the height of the season, so prices might go up to reflect this. Additionally, weekends are popular times for moving, meaning that the cost might be more expensive on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Locations You're Moving Between

The price for your move is going to depend on the two locations that you're moving between. This has to do with the difference in availability between different locations. On top of that, how far the company has to travel in order to pick up or deliver your pod will also come into play.

You might find that it's cheaper in rural areas than in urban areas. This is because POD pickup and dropoff is less complex, free from tight parking or heavy traffic.

As always, some places in the US are on the up and up while others are on the decline. You can find out whether you're moving to one of the 25 fastest growing places in the US here.

How Far You're Moving

Another thing that will impact the price of your move is how far you're moving. It typically costs more the farther you go. This means that using PODs locally is going to be significantly less expensive than using them for a cross-country move.

The average American will move more than 11 times in their life. If you're a person that's constantly on the move, having a system for moving can save you time and stress. You might find that using a service like PODS is a reliable way to make your move as easy as possible.

Whether You Purchase Any Add-Ons

It is common for container companies to offer a number of add-on services. This might include supplemental insurance, packing help, moving supplies, and more. If you choose to purchase any of these add-ons, you can expect the cost of the service to rise.

How Much Stuff You Have

The cost of renting PODs or other storage options will also have to do with how much stuff you have. There are different size options available, with the smallest ones being the cheapest.

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What Are the Alternatives to PODS?

PODS isn't the only company that can help you both move and store your belongings. Four of the biggest competitors of PODS are:

  • ABF's U-Pack
  • U-Haul U-Box
  • Zippy Shell
  • 1-800-PACK-RAT

You might consider calling and getting quotes from different companies before making your selection. For some moves, one company might be cheaper than PODS, while for other PODS could be the most affordable option. You'll also want to take into account how the companies compare in terms of things like flexibility, availability, and customer service.

PODS is a popular company for a number of different reasons. Their containers are considered to be high quality and the flexibility afforded by different container sizes makes them an accessible choice for many people.

This company also has positive customer reviews, leaving new customers with a sense of confidence about the business. It's also widely available and capable of handling both local and long-distance moves, meaning that most Americans have the option to use this service if they choose to.

According to one source that collected over 150 quotes from different container storage companies, PODS is 5% more expensive than the average cost. However, they found that PODS has the lowest cost for moves of about 100 miles regardless of how big or small the home is.

Something to be aware of is that taxes aren't always factored into the estimate you receive.

How Do PODS Work?

If you determine that renting a POD is the right choice for you, then you'll want to schedule the delivery of the container to your home. It will arrive on a specially designed truck that will be able to place the POD on your property. It is always preferable to be home when the driver delivers your POD so that you can ensure that it ends up getting put exactly where you want it.

That being said, you can't put your POD just anywhere. There will need to be a length of 40 feet, a width of 12 feet, and a height of 15 feet. This ensures that the POD can be safely placed into its resting position. Some of this space doesn't need to be on your property, though, and can include the street.

Then, it's time for you to start filling the container. When you are ready, you can contact PODS and tell them that you are all set for the container to be picked up. Depending on your plans, you can either have them move the POD to their storage center or moved to your new address.

Are You Moving Long-Distance?

There are so many things you have to consider before you move, whether it is down the street or across the country. However, when you are making long-distance moves, there can be a lot more moving pieces to figure out than if you are simply moving within the same town.

When making big moves across the country, many people try to minimize the amount of stuff they bring with them. Depending on your belongings, it's possible that it's actually more cost-effective to get rid of some of your stuff before moving and simply replacing those items in your new location. With possessions as valuable as a car, though, most people figure out one way or another to move their car from location to location, as it is not practical to sell the vehicle only to buy a new one on the other end.

Another complicating factor when it comes to moving long-distance is how to move your vehicle from point A to point B. There are a number of different ways you can deal with this situation, but many people find that shipping their car during long-distance moves is cost-effective and reduces stress.

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How much will my move cost?