Did you know in 2020, 14 million people were planning to relocate due to the growing acceptance of remote work? Relocating can be cumbersome. It brings with it a lot of extra expenses.

You cater for closing costs, overlapping rent payments, hiring professional movers, and packing material. The expenses and tussle of moving don't have to be stressful if you plan.

If you are shipping household goods to another state or country, you want a safe transfer of your items. You can make the process easier by learning what shipping household goods entail.

Keep reading to learn more about moving household goods.

What Should You Ship?

There are minimal limitations on the items you can and can’t ship. Your wardrobe, furniture, electronics, and other items can be shipped locally or internationally.

If some of your goods suggest a commercial import, they may be flagged. For instance, several boxes of vodka or bulky new electronics will raise an alarm.

You can ship anything, but you are better off not shipping some items. Like what? Jewelry and small high-value items, military records, guns, and caustics.

Don't feature illegal or hazardous material. Hazardous material includes gas, explosives, flammable liquids or solids, or radioactive material. If you are uncertain what not to ship, contact Nexus Auto Transport for inquiry.

If possible, hand carry the items. You can't risk handing over the essential items. Despite the guarantee of security and safety by your mover, it's better if you handle that personally.

How Do You Ship Household Items

Moving to another state or nation is stressful. With proper planning, you can reduce stress.

Identify reliable movers to deliver your items in time at the set destination. Movers do the intense job of packing and transporting your items. Upon delivery, they also unpack, while others will also organize your new space.

It’s not to mean your responsibility is done. You need to actively engage in the shipping process.

So where should you come in?

Identify What Should be Shipped

Don't leave your movers unattended. They may need assistance to know which items to pack or not. Commonly, some items might be in question.

It’s faster to make decisions if you are around or accessible.

Prepare a Detailed Inventory

Before packing, prepare a detailed inventory. If possible, you take pictures as well. It helps to claim reimbursements in case of property loss.

Pictures also indicate the condition of your items.

Upon Shipping, Verify the Inventory

Before movers start shipping goods, you should verify all your valuable items are present and undamaged. Inspecting before the movers leave gives room for inquiry before filing a report. Sometimes an item may be misplaced.

Movers can help identify where the items are.

In case of any unprofessional or suspicious actions, file a report. Some unprofessional practices to report include inappropriate calls, especially after the move.

Make Claims for Missing Items

As soon as you notice an item is missing, contact the moving company. The deadline for giving notice after a loss is 75 days from delivery. However, there are circumstances where a late claim is acceptable.

It's possible not to note missing items during inspection. Remember, you can also claim damaged goods.

What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Household Items?

Moving household goods is expensive. If you choose to facilitate the transfer of your staff it gets more costly and cumbersome. You can reduce the costs significantly by hiring a shipping company.

Handling the shipping process can be tempting. However, consider the hotel costs, the burden of crossing borders twice, and the cost of hiring a transport car. The experience will exhaust you intensely if you are not used to driving long hauls.

Nexus Auto Transport offers affordable shipping services. We facilitate open and enclosed car haulers.

Open transport systems are relatively cheaper than closed. The downside of this option is that your household items are exposed to all kinds of weather. However, that should not scare you as we offer insurance for all shipping services.


How much will my move cost?

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Household Items?

At Nexus Auto Transport, we commonly get the question, "how much is shipping a household overseas?" The cost varies depending on several factors:

Volume and Weight

Your items' physical space and weight significantly determine the cost of shipping. The larger and heavier the package, the more you pay. Larger items need bigger containers or space, limiting how much the carrier can carry.

Delivery Location

The distance matters. Are you moving overseas, within the state, or across the states? Some shipping companies charge per mile. Moving household goods is more costly than locally.

A long-distance move will cost you more. Also, if the destinations are difficult to access, the cost may be higher. Note, international household goods shipping cost is higher than local transfers.

Time of the Year

Shipping rates are lower during mild weather conditions. During extreme weather like snow and ice, shipping will cost more.

When looking for shipping services, the urgency matters. It's recommended to plan ahead of time if you can. Last-minute booking pushes the charges higher.

Shipping Company

Movers set different rates for shipping. Some will charge per mile or use flat-rate pricing. Choose a shipping company within your budget. And to estimate the cost of moving your household items, check out our moving cost estimator.

Companies with more services like insurance, packing, and unpacking, the rates can be a little higher.

Before settling for a mover, evaluate what they have to offer. If the shipping package matches your needs, you are good to go.

At Nexus Auto Transport, we offer an online calculator to approximate the shipping charges. You only need to fill in a few details like pick up and drop off location, household size, and time.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Company for Shipping Household Goods

There are more than 7000 moving companies in the United States. The companies use lucrative marketing strategies, making it daunting to settle for one.

The success of your move is dependent on the shipping company you use. So how do you know which shipping company to choose?

License and Insurance

You should always work with a company that has a license. Good get damaged or lost in the way. Dealing with a license allows your claims to be legal in case of any hiccups.

Save yourself from dealing with fraud. It puts you at risk of losing everything. A license creates trust that the company will meet the set transfer agreements.

Licensed movers are required to register with the US Department of Transportation. Upon registration, the company gets a valid DOT number. You can use the company's DOT number to verify if it's legal through this database.

Working with an insured company also creates assurance for your goods' safety. In case of any damages, you are certain of compensations.


Moving companies offer an array of services from packing, unpacking, and others. Review the packaging materials; which boxes do they use? How do they pack sensitive or high-value items?

Choose a company that matches your needs. If you have a busy schedule, you are better off with a company that does the packing and unpacking for you.


It's best to work with a company with a good track record. If there are complaints online or from friends, it is a cause for alarm.

Evaluate its previous jobs based on online customer reviews. However, reviews from friends and family are more reliable. Friends and family have nothing to gain, so they will offer genuine insight.


What's your budget? Movers differ in pricing based on experience, equipment, and services.

International household goods shipping costs are also higher than local. Shipping may be cheaper than flights, but it takes longer.

Choose a shipping company within your budget. When analyzing moving cost rates, inquire of additional charges. Work with a company with transparent rates.

Note, pricing should not be your primary determinant in choosing a shipping company. Other factors like services, reputation, and quality of services.

Cheapest shipping for heavy items can be attractive but remember, cheap can end up being expensive.

Quality of Services

Although the budget is sensitive, you also need certainty that your goods are transferred safely. Poor services can cost you significant damages and delays. Although you can make claims, you are better off working for a company with minimal risks of damage.

Working with an affordable is admirable. However, a company should not charge you less at the cost of poor services. So how do you know if a firm offers quality services?

Many movers will pose as the best in the market. They will make many promises on their services to win as many clients as possible. It’s your responsibility to review the company’s credibility.

Ship Your Household Goods Safely Today

Shipping household goods is an overwhelming task. The costs and burden of getting your items safe reduce your desire to move. Your experience doesn't have to be as complex if you work with a reliable shipping company.

Nexus Auto Transport offers a variety of shipping options for American movers. We offer affordable shipping services without compromising good service. We ship various goods like household items, cars, and mobile homes.

We have streamlined our shipping process to make it quick and easy. If you are looking for a reliable shipping company, we got you.

Contact us for inquiries on household or auto shipping services.


How much will my move cost?