When you’re shipping a luxury vehicle, such as an exotic car, classic car, or rare antique, it can be anxiety inducing. It’s not just about price as much as minimizing the risks of accidents, damage, or theft in transit.

Door-to-door shipping is often preferred for high-end luxury vehicles because of its convenience and peace of mind, but there’s a lot to consider before booking your luxury car shipment.

Evaluating Car Shipping Quotes: Your First Step in Protecting Luxury Investments

It’s all about quality over price when you’re shipping a valuable vehicle. The safety and security of your vehicle is the highest priority. Here are some factors that determine car shipping quotes:

  • Distance: The distance your car has to travel is the biggest factor in the cost. However, the logistics of the route, including whether the locations have major cities or ports, the traffic patterns, and other factors may affect the cost.

  • Type of car transport services: Enclosed trailers are the most expensive shipping options, but you want that level of protection for your luxury vehicle. Door-to-door service, while convenient, comes at a premium cost compared to shipping to a car transport hub.

  • Time of year: Summer is the busiest time of year for car shipping, so it’s often more expensive. Winter has the lowest demand, but inclement weather can affect the available routes and your shipping price.

Make sure to get quotes from several companies, which will give you an idea of the average cost to ship your luxury vehicle door to door in an enclosed trailer. From there, you can choose the best company to handle your vehicle.

Choosing the Right Car Transport Services for High-End Vehicles

The first step in shipping your high-end vehicle is choosing the right company to entrust with its care and transport. Here are some key considerations:

  • Enclosed trailer shipping: Fewer companies offer enclosed trailer shipping, but it’s worth the extra time and investment. Enclosed trailers protect your vehicle from the elements and the hazards of road debris.

  • Specialized service: Not all transport companies specialize in shipping luxury vehicles. Look for a company that listens to your requirements and is willing to accommodate them as best as possible, including offering tailored transport solutions and convenient scheduling.

  • Insurance options: All auto transport companies are required to have liability insurance, but what it covers can vary. Ask for details regarding the insurance policy and the types of damage that’s covered. Given the value of your vehicle, you may want to add extra coverage if the limits don’t meet your needs.

  • Reputation: You don’t want to entrust just anyone with your luxury vehicle transport. Look for companies with a solid reputation, positive customer reviews on sites like the Better Business Bureau, and exceptional service. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about their services and experience.

Pre-Transport Preparation: How to Ready Your Luxury Car for Shipping

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Your auto transport company will ensure your car is safe and protected on its journey, but you should prepare your car to make the process as streamlined as possible and minimize the risk of damage.

  • Clean your car: Make sure you clean the exterior and interior of your car before relinquishing it to the transport. A clean car is important to document its condition and note any cosmetic issues such as scratches, dents, or chipped paint.

  • Remove your belongings: Take all your personal belongings out of the vehicle, including the manual, documents, tools, accessories, or loose change. You don’t want to risk theft or add to the weight of your vehicle.

  • Document the interior and exterior condition: Take photos and videos of your vehicle, inside and out, to document its condition. This is important if any damage occurs during transportation and acts as proof of the vehicle’s condition prior to handing it over for shipping.

  • Disable alarms: If your vehicle has security systems, tracking devices, or alarms, disable them before transport. Let the auto shipper know that your vehicle has these features, but they’ve been disabled, to avoid any issues.

  • Prepare your paperwork: Make sure you have all the required documentation before your vehicle is picked up for transport. This may include proof of insurance, vehicle registration, and more.

  • Consider adding insurance: Reputable car shipping companies offer insurance coverage. When you’re dealing with a high-value vehicle, it’s worth adding extra insurance for peace of mind.

During the Journey: Ensuring the Safety of Your Vehicle with Professional Car Ship

The best way to ensure your high-end vehicle is safe during shipping is by choosing a reputable, professional auto transport company.

Here are some measures to look out for:

  • Secure loading and unloading: Auto transporters use specialized equipment to load and unload vehicles from trailers with minimal risk of damage. For example, they may use wheel chocks or tie-downs to secure your vehicle and prevent it from shifting during transport.

  • Vehicle tracking: Professional shippers may provide tracking updates for transparency during the transport process, allowing you to see where your car is on the route and the estimated delivery date for planning and added peace of mind.

  • Condition documentation: Reputable shipping companies will inspect your vehicle’s condition and document any existing damage, such as scratches or dents. This documentation acts as proof of your car’s condition and assists if there are claims upon delivery.

Shipping Your Luxury Car to Another State Such as NYC: What You Need to Know

Choosing to ship a car to another state has additional complexity and concerns. If your car is traveling a long distance, it’s crucial to choose a reputable company that offers additional services like GPS tracking and enclosed trailer shipping.

Depending on your route, your car may take anywhere from a few days up to two weeks to ship. Having a professional transporter with safeguards against damage and theft, additional insurance coverage, and end-to-end tracking, can give you added peace of mind.

Post-Shipping Car: Inspecting Your High-End Vehicle After Delivery

With door-to-door transport, your vehicle will be delivered as close as possible to your preferred location – such as your driveway – as long as it’s legally accessible and safe.

You will receive an update from the shipper within a day or a few hours prior to delivery to verify the estimated arrival time and location. Once you meet the shipper, you will inspect your vehicle again.

Be sure to compare the condition of your vehicle’s interior and exterior with the photos and videos you took prior to shipping. Make sure to be thorough, as both you and the shipper will need to sign off on the condition of the vehicle before the process is complete.

If you notice any new damage, take photos and videos, then report them on the bill of lading. Request that the shipper acknowledge and sign the bill of lading to verify the accuracy of the condition upon delivery. Retain a copy of the inspection report and any other relevant documentation if you need to file a claim.

Ship Your Luxury Car to Your Doorstep

Whether you’re shipping your high-end vehicle to a nearby city or coast to coast, entrusting it to a reputable auto transport company is paramount. Contact us at Nexus Auto Transport to connect with the top-rated auto shipping companies or get a quote!