You send your "baby" off for their first trip across the country, feeling nervous and anxious. That baby is your dream car, and you can't bear the thought of it getting cracked up on a car hauler during your move. You're not the only car owner in this position.

Research shows that the demand for auto shipping services has increased even though shipping costs have risen 10% between 2020 and 2023. One reason for this is the fact that more consumers are buying used and new cars online and need to ship them to their homes.

Are you wondering how Hot Shot Car Transport keeps your car safe? Let's explore how reputable auto transport companies protect your car while it's being transported.

Why Opt for Car Shipping?

Suppose you need to take your car to a new home several states away. Perhaps you just found your dream car online hundreds of miles away and need to get it. Hire an auto transport service to handle this task.

You might be tempted to drive your car to your new house or fly to pick up your new ride, but don't. This will cost you time and transportation-related costs (e.g., plane ticket and gas). A car shipping service can pick up your vehicle and take it to its destination quickly and efficiently.


You may be worried about your car moving or even turning vertically during shipping due to road bumps. A quality auto transport company can prevent this from happening with the right immobilization techniques.

The company will use wheel straps or tie-down ratchet devices to secure your car once it's on the trailer. These companies often use four of them, two in the back and two in the front.

It's critical that car haulers protect your automobile's sensitive areas and stress points during transportation. An experienced hauler knows which parts require special attention. They'll also know how to safeguard these areas no matter your vehicle's shape or size.

Your vehicle's type and model will also dictate your car hauler's specific strap placements. Car shippers handling vintage or luxurious cars ensure they don't place additional weight on these delicate vehicles. A larger automobile, like a military truck, requires larger ratchets and stronger straps since it produces more pressure.

Securing Your Car's Exterior and Interior

A dependable auto shipping company will ensure your car's exterior and interior are protected during transport. They'll ask you to secure removable parts with tape, coverings, or bubble wrap or remove them. These parts include:

  • Body kits (external modifications)
  • Grills (devices used to promote airflow in the front)
  • Bull bar (crash guard)
  • Spare tire
  • Custom accessories (lights, mirrors, spoilers)

Retract your antenna and fold them in your car's side-view mirror. This will help keep your vehicle antenna from breaking.

Don't forget to clean out your car's interior, too. Bumpy roads may cause loose items in the car to move around and become lost or cause damage. These objects might range from cables to pens, spare change, and air fresheners.

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Shipping Methods

Another way to protect your car during transport is to choose enclosed auto transport versus open auto transport. Enclosed shipping involves using a hauler with a roof and sides. This provides extra protection from road debris and the elements, like rain and hail.

An enclosed hauler is mostly reserved for classic or rare vehicles, which are valuable and can be difficult to repair. It's more expensive than an open hauler.

Open auto transport involves transporting a car on a hauler with no roof or sides. It doesn't offer the protection your car would get on an enclosed trailer, but it's more cost-effective and typically doesn't cause vehicle damage. Most consumers choose this option.

Other Shipping Method Options

You have a couple of other transport options if you need to ship a car to another state. These include door-to-door auto transport and expedited auto transport.

Expedited auto transport is where you can arrange for your vehicle to be picked up within 72 hours. This will prevent you from waiting a week or more to begin the shipment process. The expedited auto transport is a smart choice if you're in a hurry to get your car to its destination, but it will increase your shipping price.

Door-to-door auto transport is where you choose specific locations for your car to be picked up and dropped off. There's no need to find the nearest terminal to take or get your vehicle, saving you time and energy. Your shipping cost will increase if you choose door-to-door auto transport.

Shipping Costs

How much will it cost to ship your car? Your costs will depend on your vehicle's model, make, and size. An SUV will cost more to ship than a sedan.

Car shipping costs also depend on how far your car needs to go. Auto transport companies may charge more than $600 to ship your car on an open carrier a few hundred miles away.

This cost jumps to more than $1,100 to ship a vehicle between 500 and 2,500 miles. Expect to pay more than $1,350 to transport a car more than 2,500 miles, which is cross-country car shipping.

Shipping costs are more than $900 to ship a vehicle on an enclosed carrier several hundred miles away. The cost is $1,550 to ship it between 500 and 2,500 miles, and you'll pay more than $1,800 for cross-country shipping.

A car shipping calculator can help you determine your vehicle shipping costs. Use a moving cost calculator to determine how much you'll pay to pack and move your belongings when relocating.

Get Help With Hot Shot Car Transport

Hot Shot Car Transport providers can help secure your vehicle with straps or ratchets to keep it from being damaged. They also offer enclosed vehicle transport if you're worried about debris or the elements ruining your car's exterior. Remove your car's loose items inside to prevent them from damaging your vehicle's interior.

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