Do you plan to sell your car this summer? Consider selling it online.

Research shows the online vehicle buying market in 2022 reached more than $294 billion worldwide. Online car buying is in demand since it saves buyers time and money as they don't have to travel to find the right cars.

You may be wondering how to sell a used car. "How do I go about selling my used car," and how long does it take to sell a car? What's the process of selling a used car to a dealership, and what's the fastest way to sell a car?

Let's explore how to sell a car fast, how to get a car fast, and why selling used cars online is a good idea.

Selling My Used Car

Some people sell their used cars because they're damaged and they don't want to pay to repair them. Others sell their used vehicles so they'll have enough money to buy newer vehicles.

Sometimes, car owners sell their vehicles because they can't repay their loans and need to pay them off. You might even want to sell your car because you no longer like the car model.

No matter your reason for selling your vehicle, the right car-selling techniques can help you sell your car as quickly as possible while maximizing your profit. Let's review them.

How Long Does It Take To Sell a Car?

How long does it take to sell a car privately? It takes around 60 days on average to unload a used car. Your car may take several months to sell if you don't price it correctly based on the Kelley Blue Book's value for your car.

Your car might also take longer than 60 days if you don't sell it in the prime car-selling season. The best time to sell a car is from March to August. That's when weather conditions are often nice for car shopping and people may have tax refunds to put toward their purchases.

How to Sell a Used Car: Do's and Don'ts

You might be asking, "How do I sell my car?" The best way to sell a used car is to sell it to a dealer or sell it online (more on these options next).

A common mistake when selling a used car is selling too low of a price for your car, which may cause you to lose money on the deal. Another mistake is not cleaning your vehicle to make it presentable to potential buyers. Avoid concealing any repairs done to your car since your car's buyer may later sue you for failing to disclose this information.

Selling a Used Car to a Dealership

You might be wondering how to "sell my car to a dealer." Working with a dealer is one of the fastest ways to sell a car since they'll handle the paperwork for you. You might not get as much money from a dealer as you would an individual buyer, though, since individuals may be more open to negotiating the price.

Consider making minor repairs to your car before taking it to a dealership. This will make it easier for them to re-sell your car, which means they'll be more likely to buy it.

Take your car title with you if you own the vehicle outright and find a dealership willing to purchase your car. Bring your car loan information if you still owe money on the car. You'll have to pay off whatever remains on the loan after the sale.

Selling Used Cars Online

You might be asking, "Should I sell my car online?" The answer is yes if you want as many people as possible to see your car. Promoting your vehicle on the best websites to buy used cars is one of the best methods for selling a car in 2023.

Online car buyers often visit websites like Autolist to find used cars online. Other popular sites are CarsDirect and TrueCar. Online car auctions are also popular places to buy vehicles because they offer numerous options and highly competitive prices.

How to Sell a Car Fast Online

Selling your car quickly online is possible if you pay for quality advertising on sites like Facebook. Your ad should feature images of your vehicle from multiple angles. Include a description of your car's enhancements and mileage, too.

Fastest Way to Sell a Car: Another Tip

Another way to sell a car fast is to get a car report history and give it to a prospective buyer. This will save the potential buyer time, as they won't have to track down this information themselves. This may make the car sale process faster.

How to Get a Car Fast

Perhaps you're in the market for a used car. You might be asking, "How long does it take to buy a car?"

Buying a car might take a single day or several months depending on how quickly you find the type of vehicle you want. It will also take time to view and test-drive cars, complete the loan paperwork at a dealership, and fill out your registration paperwork.

Car Shipping

Perhaps you find the perfect car to buy in another state and need to transport it to your home. Maybe you've found a buyer thousands of miles away and need to ship a car to another state. Auto transport companies offering cross-country car shipping that can meet your need.

Your auto shipping price could range from a few hundred dollars if you're transporting a car 500 miles away to nearly $2,000 if the car needs to go more than 2,500 miles. A car shipping calculator can help you determine your shipping costs.

How We Can Help

You might be wondering, "How should I go about selling my used car, how long does it take to sell a car, and what's the fastest way to sell a car?" This guide has discussed how to sell a used car, including the process of selling a used car to a dealership and selling used cars online. We've also reviewed how to sell a car fast, how to get a car fast, and how to ship a car.

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