There are around 4,500 car carrier companies in the United States, and nearly all of them claim to be the best in the business. So, how do you pick the best car carrier from a list of mediocre — and truly terrible — options?

Picking a car hauler to ship with can be difficult with long-term consequences. A shipping partner will significantly affect your company's day-to-day operations.

With so much at stake, you must take the time to analyze and evaluate each of your options. This should happen before deciding on the carrier that will best meet your business' capacity and supply chain needs.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Car Carrier

To help you with the evaluation process, here is a guide that examines some of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a car carrier. After reading this guide, you will be able to identify the most significant factors and criteria to use when trying to evaluate those factors based on your business needs.


Don't allow yourself to get stuck with the first car carrier company you come across online. Explore other options as well. To be effective with your selection, select at least three auto carrier companies.

Do thorough research on each one of them and identify what makes each stand out. To settle for the best option, identify your vehicle transportation needs and don't allow yourself to compromise them.


Start by looking at the customer ratings and reviews for the auto transportation company. Visit their website to access the customers' reviews and ratings. Some people think that reading online testimonials is a waste of time, but it saves a lot of hassle later.

Reviews offer a big insight into the auto transportation company.

If you don't feel content with what is on the company's website, visit the Better Business Bureau website. This is a reliable website with honest reviews. You will view positive comments and ratings from previous clients and any complaints ever filed against the company.

Considering their reputation will only enable you to hire a company that is easy to work with.

The Cost

Any auto transportation company that gives you a fixed price for shipping your vehicle is probably not reliable and trustworthy. Transportation costs depend on the size of the car, distance, and the transportation urgency.

Transporting smaller vehicles will cost you less compared to transporting larger ones. Short trips will also cost you less compared to trips made from state to state. If you require the same-day transportation services, it will cost you more than booking the services weeks before the transportation.

A reliable car transportation company offers potential clients a free transportation quote calculator.

The goal is to have access to quality and affordable services. Don't be fast to settle for the lowest price and compromise the quality of the services.

Payment Options

A professional vehicle transport company should have a variety of payment options. The company needs to have options for the customers to pay through cards, checks, credit, or cash.

If you want to know you are dealing with an untrustworthy company, it only prefers payment through wire transfer. This is because debit cards, credit cards, and checks can help trace them.

Payments Arrangements

Payments arrangements are different from one company to another. Some car transportation companies require you to pay upfront for the full transportation price. Other transportation companies offer the option of paying in installments.

If you're not at ease with paying the full amount upfront, inquire if the company offers payment plans for their clients. A reasonable payment plan will require you to make payments to the company every month over a certain time.

Be keen when choosing the best payment arrangement since some companies charge an extra fee for paying in installments. Evaluate your budget to settle for the best payment option.

Tracking System

A reputable car transport company needs to invest in its business by having a vehicle tracking system. A tracking system enables you to see the status and the location of your vehicle at any time. In case of any setbacks, you should receive an instant alert through the system.

Carrier Options

A car transportation company can move your vehicle on a multi-carrier, enclosed carrier, or multi-carrier. Multi and open carriers are the common and least expensive carrier options. These carriers leave your car exposed to natural elements such as the sun and rain.

If you have a luxury car and want to take extra care of it during the transportation, go for an enclosed carrier. A transportation company with various carrier options signifies how established they are in the business.

Cancellation Policy

Because of the unknown inconveniencing factors, ask if they allow clients to cancel their reservations. Ask them to explain the cancellation terms. Some auto transportation companies give flexible plans where you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

Other companies will cut some amount, but they can compensate you if you happen to make a reservation with them in the future. If a company offers a unique cancellation policy, be sure to get the terms of the policy in writing.


Imagine there're two car transportation companies. One charges less, but they are known for breaking the law, cheating on logbooks, and other vehicle transportation misconducts. When dealing with such a company, the chances of losing your vehicle or having it involved in an accident are higher.

The other company charges more for its services, uses modern equipment, and has a clean accident record. Go for this second company if you wish to have your vehicles transported safely.


Car transportation needs extensive resources and experienced personnel. Only a company with excellent industry experience can offer this. When carrying out a background check on different companies, look into their expertise and experience.

You will access the service track record of a company that has been in the industry for some years. Experience facilitates a car transportation company to identify the challenges in the industry and come up with solutions.


The car transporting industry is regulated. Every state has a regulation department that authorizes all auto transport business owners to register their business to receive a business registration number.

Don't hire a car carrier company with no registration. The probability of losing your money and vehicles is high when you do so. For registration confirmation, use the state's department of transport website and confirm their registration.

Time and Availability

Best car carrier companies have several clients. Different aspects determine which client they attend to first. To understand this better, first identify how soon you need the cars transported.

If you require the transportation done sooner, be ready to pay extra fees. If you consider this aspect, you will avoid the risk of inconveniences.


The best car shipper company has their website up to date. They use it for advertising their transportation services and interacting with their potential clients.

A good website displays the number of visitors after every second. By checking the website, you can learn about the company's authenticity.

An old-fashioned website and lots of grammar errors in the posts are a sign of a sham company.

Customer Service

Making a call to the auto transport company can reassure you whether the company offers what it promises. A company with excellent customer service picks up calls on time. They show a willingness to answer all your questions regarding the transportation process.

If their customer services are amazing, you can expect excellent transport services.


Does the car transport company follow sustainable practices, and are they conscious of the environment? To answer this question, look into how they demonstrate their environmental awareness.


It's most likely your personal vehicle insurance will not satisfactorily cover your car while in transport. With this in mind, look for an auto carrier company bonded and insured. This will help you avoid any liabilities in case any accidents take place.

Before you hire a company based on insurance, understand their coverage level. A good company should be ready to offer additional coverage even if it means charging a bit more for their services.

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With the above-listed tips in mind, you can make an informed decision when choosing a reliable and trustworthy car carrier for transporting your vehicle. This will help maintain the value of your car, save time and enjoy affordable services.

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