It's moving time, and you've got everything lined up. All your stuff is in boxes and the movers are scheduled to come. There's just one problem: you need to find a way to get your car to Miami.

There are plenty of Miami auto transport companies. But your vehicle is a costly investment, and you can't trust it to just any Miami auto transport service. You need the best rates and the assurance that your chosen Miami auto transport gets the job done right.

We're here to help. In this guide, we'll discuss everything you need to know about a good Miami car transport company. When you finish reading, you'll have everything you need to choose Florida auto transport.

Choosing a Miami Car Transport: How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car to Miami?

It all depends on a couple of factors:

  • The distance
  • The time of year and climate en route
  • The size of your car
  • The number of cars you intend to transport
  • The timetable you need to transport it in
  • Whether you'll pick up your vehicle, or have it delivered to your doorstep

Estimates for car shipping companies in Miami can vary widely. Let's use an example to give you an idea of what price you can expect to pay.

For example, say you want to transport a mid-sized vehicle from Los Angeles to Miami. This is a long journey that takes your car through a lot of biomes and weather conditions.

You can expect to pay about $1,635 for a standard open carrier. This is the most affordable option, where your car is on a long truck bed with other vehicles. For these more affordable options, you may need to be more flexible with the delivery date and location.

However, you can expedite your delivery. If you need your vehicle sooner, you only have to pay $1,965. This helps you to get your vehicle on the exact date that you need it. If you're in a hurry, this best way to get expedited car shipping to Miami.

Need to protect your vehicle with enclosed transport? It will only cost you $2,225. Car shipping in Miami with enclosed transport keeps your vehicle safe and gets it to you when you need it.

How Do You Transport Your Car to Miami?

Typically, there are two choices for car shipping in Miami: open auto transport, and close auto transport. These are also known as open carrier and enclosed carrier, respectively.

Open carrier auto shipping in Miami is when your transport provider puts your vehicle on an open trailer. These trailers can carry nearly a dozen vehicles. They're the most economic option, passing on the savings to you.

Auto transport in Miami works fine with open carrier since the weather tends to be good. With the exception of the occasional hurricane, you can transport your vehicle at any time. Car shipping in Miami, FL, means your car won't be subjected to much rain, snow, or hail.

However, you might be worried about the weather. Even if you're working with auto shipping in Miami, your vehicle may originate from a state with sleet, ice, or hail. In that case, enclosed transport might be a better option.

Even though Miami has better weather, auto shipping in Miami adapts to you. You can get affordable enclosed car transport to make sure your vehicle arrives safe and sound.

Car shipping companies in Miami can handle deliveries from all over the country. Use a shipping cost calculator to get an accurate estimate.

What Is the Best Way to Transport Your Car in Miami?

This option is up to you. The best Miami car transport gives you multiple quotes, allowing you to choose the one you can afford best.

Generally speaking, open carrier is a fine option in most cases. Miami auto transport may not be able to control the weather, but they'll do everything to prevent your car from suffering damage.

However, auto shipping in Miami has the most affordable rates for enclosed transport. Car shipping companies in Miami range in price, but you can't beat high-quality reliable transport.

Car shipping companies in Miami might not have experienced drivers or good customer service. It pays to do your research beforehand so you can select the best option for you.

How Does Miami Car Shipping Work?

So you've arranged a shipment with a Miami car transport. Now, your chosen auto transport in Miami, FL, will direct you to a drop-off location.

Depending on your chosen service, Miami auto transport car shipping may go directly to your house. This allows you to arrange for vehicle pickup from the comfort of your home.

From there, car transport companies in Miami pack your vehicle onto a trailer. They'll treat it with care, and make sure there are no scratches or dings. Then the auto transport in Miami, FL, will send your vehicle with others to the destination.

There's no need to stress out. Your auto transport in Miami, FL, will update you every step of the way. As the auto shipping in Miami reaches your destination, you'll get an accurate estimate of when you can pick up your vehicle.

If you selected doorstep delivery, then your selected Miami auto transport car shipping will do its best to get it there. Please note, however, that Miami law may restrict or prevent trucks in certain residential areas.

Auto transport companies in Miami will do their best to accommodate in the event they can't do door-to-door delivery.

Ship Your Car Today

Using a Miami car transport is the best way to get your vehicle from point A to B. There are a lot of car shipping companies in Miami, but not all of them provide good rates and great customer service. Be on the lookout for a Miami car transport that puts you first and gives you a wide variety of options.

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