Moving sucks.

If it's not the monotony of packing, it's the stress of getting everything from point A to point B. It's new neighbors and cranky kids. But nothing compares to the frustration when you need to transport a car and furniture.

Furniture is expensive, and buying it at your new home is often out of the budget. Further, you need transportation the moment you arrive. You can't afford to be without your car in a new home.

You need car and furniture movers. In this guide, we'll discuss how you can benefit from combining these two services.

Choosing the Right Moving Truck

When moving, it can be a real challenge to know what size of moving truck to choose.

Rent one too big, and you'll have a bunch of unused space. That unused space costs you and risks knocking furniture around in transit. Not only that, but it makes the cost of gas go up.

Paying for professional movers further adds to the budget. You need able-bodied men who can load at point A and unpack at point B. Even a move within the same city can rack up quite a bill. To determine the cost of moving your household items, try our moving cost estimator.

Furniture moving services are a great option if that's all you have. Shipping furniture long distance is the sort of thing you want to pay for to relieve yourself of the stress.

But that's before you even factor a car into the equation.

Transporting Vehicles

Getting your vehicle to your new home presents a hassle, too. You want it to arrive in one piece, without any damage. The last thing you want is a vehicle that needs repairs when you're moving in.

First, you'll need to find moving companies that ship cars and furniture. Most moving companies offer the option. However, it tends to be an afterthought.

The Issues With Moving Company Vehicle Transport

Number one, you're paying an exorbitant amount to ship your car. Since moving truck space comes at a premium, you want to pack as much in as you can.

Shipping car and furniture together in a moving truck makes for poor use of the space. You want to avoid stacking things on top of the car to avoid damage, too. There's no guarantee that your moving company won't put someone else's stuff in with it.

That means there's a high chance the contents of a truck will damage your vehicle. This could be a minor scratch, a dent, or a broken window. Chances are, the moving company won't have car-specific insurance to protect you.

Finally, this is not the best option for shipping cars. To ship car and furniture, you need special trucks. Using a moving truck is much less safe and efficient.

Moving Companies and External Brokers

In many cases, a moving company won't be interested in moving car and furniture out of state. They simply may not have the capability to do so.

In that case, they're going to contract someone else to do it. The presents a couple of issues as well.

First, they're going to go for whatever auto transport is convenient for them. That means you risk less reliability and poor coverage, and it leaves you out of the loop.

Second, this adds a significant cost to your bill. Your moving company is going to take a slice and push the financial burden onto you.

Finally, there will be an even bigger headache in the event of damage. A moving company and brokered car transport will both avoid the burden. You'll have to fight with two companies to get compensation.

The Solution to Your Problem: Car and Furniture Movers

Moving companies that ship cars and furniture are your best bet. For starters, you're dealing with fewer people. That means less stress during one of the most stressful moments in any person's life.

Second, you're getting the best savings. Moving is already expensive enough. You don't want the moving company to hit you with a massive bill.

Plus, you're getting a lot more flexibility. You have the option to move a boat, motorcycle, or even a mobile home. These are trained professionals that regularly do cross-country deliveries.

The options let you better do budgeting. You can have door-to-door delivery, or arrange a pickup from another location. If you need your car fast, you can expedite the delivery.

Finally, and most importantly, you have real car transport options.

Car Transport Options

A car transport company won't stuff your car into a moving van. They have two types of transport options: open car haulers and enclosed transport.

If you don't mind some rain or snow, you can do open car transport. That saves you money.

However, you might have a new car. You may be concerned about damages along the way. In that case, choose enclosed car transport.

Perhaps most important of all, you can insure your car. That gives you peace of mind if there is unexpected damage along the way. Car transport is very safe as it is, but this offers further peace of mind.

You get excellent customer service along the way, too. Regular updates from friendly staff are also a plus.

Car and Furniture Movers Make Your Move Easy

For this upcoming move, find car and furniture movers. They'll save you money and get all your valuables there in one piece. You don't have to rely on a moving company or their contracted partner to get it done.

There's a moving company that does both in your area. Use our car shipping cost calculator to plan your move today!


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