Nexus Auto Transport and Central Dispatch Bring the Future of Auto Transportation Efficiency into the Present

Nexus Auto Transport has entered a new partnership with Cox Automotive in advance of the August launch of the company’s revamped Central Dispatch Enterprise system. A vehicle transport industry standard bearer, Nexus brings an A+ rated, BBB-accredited presence to an overhauled platform set to reenvision the link between shipping logistics and carrier communications.

Nexus Auto Transport is a pivotal partner to what is essentially a front-to-back reset of Central Dispatch. This reset includes the introduction of enhanced Private Marketplaces, an expanding suite of APIs, a streamlined dispatch system, and an intuitive new mobile application.

"The trends over the last several years have created new pain points for shippers and carriers that require real solutions," vice president of Cox Automotive Logistics Joe Kichler said. "I'm confident that the new offerings from Central Dispatch will bring simplicity to this complexity, connect all parts of the transport process, and ultimately make clients more successful than they are today."

Nexus and Central Dispatch Set to Streamline the Vehicle Transport Industry

As an essential centerpiece to the Central Dispatch reboot, Nexus will play a huge role in populating the platform, generating leads, and executing orders. The company brings with it one of the most experienced support and dispatch teams in the United States, along with a vast network of trusted trucking partners. In addition, Nexus Auto Transport rates exceptionally high on the most trusted customer service review platforms including TrustPilot and SiteJabber. Its standing among its loyal client base will provide plenty of repeat business and ample opportunities for enterprising carriers.

With Nexus in lockstep, Central Dispatch Enterprise will efficiently operate private shipping marketplaces at scale in one organized and modernized tool.

“Our agreement with Central Dispatch Enterprise will not only benefit us, but the vehicle shipping carriers we partner with,” Nexus Auto Transport owner George Arkin said. “Both parties will see extraordinary benefits thanks to Central Dispatch’s breakthrough reset, and we’re ready to get going and help evolve the platform into something new and exciting.”

What will the partnership between Nexus and Central Dispatch look like?

Central Dispatch Enterprise was engineered to strengthen connections between carriers and shipping companies. Nexus will serve as a key component of the glue that will keep those connections strong.

One of Nexus Auto Transport’s biggest contributions will come via the introduction of CDE’s retooled Private Marketplaces. By populating the system with thousands of new listings, Nexus will provide a wealth of opportunities to carriers both within their network and outside. And with the help of Central Dispatch Enterprise’s Enhanced Carrier Verification system, Nexus’ experienced senior dispatch team will be able to verify the reputation, equipment, and active insurance policies of prospective trucking partners with increased efficiency.

“We already have a team of expert dispatchers that take every precaution to ensure secure, safe vehicle shipments,” Arkin said. “Central Dispatch Enterprise is only going to help us go further in our pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction.”

Nexus will help roll out Central Dispatch Enterprise’s new mobile app by encouraging carriers to notate inspections and utilize the platform’s electronic Bill of Lading tool. And with the introduction of Central Dispatch’s new fulfillment API, Nexus will be able to streamline the tracking and management of its dispatches.

It’s a win-win situation for both Nexus and Cox Automotive. Cox will provide the framework of the Central Dispatch Enterprise tool, and Nexus will help flesh it out with its growing carrier network and client pool.

Using Central Dispatch Enterprise to Reinforce Lasting Connections

Nexus Auto Transport has always prided itself on its transparency and dedication to its partners. From the introduction of its state-of-the-art shipping cost calculator to the unveiling of a brand-new administrative portal for car dealers, the company’s team works hard to make things easier for all parties. And now with the help of the new Central Dispatch Enterprise, Nexus will be given a revolutionary new space to innovate its practices while solidifying its key relationships.

“We’ve already enjoyed our partnership with Cox Automotive and Central Dispatch, and this new update will help us build and maintain relationships with our trucking partners,” Nexus Dealer Relations Manager Michael Rhine said. “As one of the largest brokerage companies in the nation, we’re excited to help revolutionize dispatching and administration for carriers and shippers alike.”

“But, what we’re really excited about is how better connections will lead to better customer service for our clients across the United States.”