Ready to move to your dream home this spring? You're not alone.

Research shows that one-third of Americans intend to move in 2023.

However, packing boxes for moving can be stressful if you don't follow the best packing tips for moving or have a moving and packing checklist. So, what is the best way to pack for moving, and how can you get packing help for moving?

Here's a rundown on moving tips and tricks for those packing for moving to a new house, as well as how packing hacks for moving from moving and packing services can help.

Let's dig in!

Mistakes to Avoid When Packing Boxes for Moving: Best Moving Tips and Tricks

When packing boxes for moving from state to state, it's critical that you first have the correct boxes in terms of both quantity and size. If you don't get enough boxes or large enough boxes, you'll find yourself cramming too many items into every box.

Taking inventory of the size of your space and how many items you have can help you to prevent this problem.

Packing Tips for Moving: What Is the Best Way to Pack for Moving?

The most efficient way to pack for moving is to start out by labeling your boxes using permanent markers.

It's not necessary to list all of the items in a single box. However, each box should be labeled with the room that its contents will go in. You should also note if any items in the box are fragile.

Also, let's say a certain box has essential supplies that you'll want to unpack first. Label this as well.

In addition, as you begin to pack your boxes, try to avoid overstuffing them. Packing boxes are generally designed to hold between 30 pounds and 150 pounds. If you overfill a box, there's a chance the box will fall apart due to being too heavy, and as a result, something in the box could break.

Moving and Packing Checklist: Additional Packing Hacks for Moving

Another one of the best packing tips for moving is to simply hire a mover.

Reputable commercial moving companies can easily handle the tedious task of packing your goods for you. Then, they'll transport your items to your new home. You can trust them to get these items there intact.

Using a professional mover is especially wise if you'd like to complete your move in one day.

Not sure if hiring a mover is in your budget? Use a moving cost calculator to determine how much a mover will cost you.

You might also want to consider using a cross-country car shipping service. They can help you if you'll need to send your car to your new home in another state.

The cost of the auto transport service will depend on how far away you'll be shipping the car. It will also depend on whether you plan to use an open carrier or a closed carrier.

A car shipping calculator can help you to determine how much this service will cost you. You can expect the cost to run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to just under $2,000 based on the above-listed factors.

Packing Help for Moving: What Should You Not Pack When Moving?

Yet another one of the best packing and moving tips is to organize and toss the stuff you'll no longer need at your new home. This will make the process of packing personal items much easier. It will also save you both money and time.

To do this, pull out clothes, paperwork, decorative items, and furniture that you know you won't need at your new destination. Then, you can make a plan to recycle them, donate them, or toss them.

For instance, any clothes that you have never worn should be discarded or donated.

In addition, let's say you have old paperwork you no longer refer to. This paperwork may include an old refrigerator's warranty information, for example. Now couldn't be a better time to remove this paperwork from your stash so that your new home features only your most essential paperwork.

Packing for Moving to a New House: What Things Are Not Worth Moving?

In addition to getting rid of items you likely won't need at your new home, here's a rundown on other things that generally aren't worth moving:

  • Food items from your pantry
  • Worn bath or kitchen linens
  • Cleaning supplies

For any food items you cannot use up before the move, feel free to give them to your neighbors. Alternatively, they can go to your local food pantry.

Also, try to keep only those cleaning supplies you'll want to instantly have at your disposal when you get to your new house. Everything else can be thrown away.

Also, if you have old paperback books -- like romance or murder mystery novels -- you're not attached to, consider donating them to used bookstores or senior centers. However, you should keep the classics or your favorites.

Likewise, if your kids have outgrown their toys, you can donate these so that other children also enjoy them. However, feel free to hold on to special items or heirloom toys that you would like your future grandchildren to play with someday.

Finally, avoid taking any contents of your home's junk drawer with you. Chances are you haven't used many of the items in your junk drawer for months or years, so you won't miss them when you initially move into your new home.

How We Can Help with Our Moving and Packing Services

The top moving tips and tricks for those packing boxes for moving include using the right-size boxes for moves. Other packing tips for moving include labeling your boxes. Your moving and packing checklist should also include double-checking for overstuffed boxes.

Hiring moving and packing services is the best way to pack for moving, as they can provide speedy packing help for moving. We can also help you to ship a car to another. at Nexus Auto Transport.

Contact us to learn more about shipping a vehicle and packing for moving to a new house using the latest packing hacks for moving.