Did you know that about 40 million Americans move every single year?

People move for jobs, family, to explore new places, and so many other reasons! Some people move locally and some move across country. And you may be one of these people this year.

If you are about to move across the country or are moving state to state, then this guide is for you! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know with this moving across the country checklist.

What to Do Before Moving Across Country

There is a checklist for moving across the country that you should follow so that you don't forget anything important!

So what do you need to do?

For starters, you should always research the new city that you plan to move to. This will help you better understand the cost of living, housing options, schools, healthcare system, and other entertainment and living considerations. This will help you determine where in the city or town you want to live.

When you decide where you are going to be living, you need to create a budget.

You should also ensure that you hire a moving company far in advance so you have the date set before it arrives. If you wait until the last minute, you may be scrambling to find a reputable company.

8 Weeks Before Moving

With 2 months left before your big move, you're in the final stretch!

At this point, you should already have your movers hired and a budget set. Now, you get to start packing!

You should start to pack strategically. The best way to do this is by room and then label it so you know what each box contains. Wait to move heavy furniture until you hire movers.

You will also want to forward your mail in the weeks leading up to the move. This should wait until the end of the 8 weeks, but should be around this time! The same goes for if you are going to move an office as well!

You will also need to notify important parties such as utility companies, your bank, and healthcare providers that you are moving out of town so that they are aware of the move.

Lastly, it's time to plan travel! Book accommodations that you may need, flights, and any other arrangements.

Then, say goodbye to your friends...and you're off to your new home!

How Much Should You Budget to Move Across Country?

When you budget to move across the country, you need to take the cost of hiring a moving company, transportation, and other related costs into account.

This includes boxes, time off of work to pack, gas for driving your own car, and more. Or, maybe you want to ship your car across the country instead so that you can fly. Cross country car shipping would be an added expense in the budget.

If you are choosing to ship your car, make sure you have the required documents to ship a car. Another option you have is to sell a car online to buy a new one when you arrive to your new home.

You may be wondering, "what if I want to drive my car across the country?" That is an option, but keep in mind that you should calculate the differences between shipping your car and gas mileage!

When budgeting, a lot of it depends on how much stuff you plan to move. If you want to move bigger belongings, you are going to need a bigger moving truck. This will be more expensive.

The mileage that you are traveling is also an important factor in the budget.

All-in-all, you should plan to spend anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 on your move across the country. Again, it depends on various factors for which side of the spectrum you will fall on. Figuring out the cheapest ways to move cross country can help with your budget.

How Far in Advance Should You Plan for a Cross-Country Move?

The best thing you can do when planning for moving cross-country would be to start planning as soon as you know you are moving. There is a lot of stuff to cover in your moving across the country checklist, so the earlier the better.

Typically, six months is a good amount of time to figure everything out from where you are moving, getting a new house, hiring movers, and packing everything up.

However, you are not going to be able to do some things until it gets closer to the move date. Having a moving across country to do list will make this easier as you can figure out the dates for everything as well!

To make sure you have enough time and don't forget anything, make sure to also come up with a packing list for moving across the country.

Should I Sell Everything Before Moving Across Country?

If you plan to move across country, you do not automatically have to sell everything before the move. A lot of what you bring with you depends on your budget. If you want to save money on the move, you could always sell stuff beforehand.

But if you do this, keep in mind that you will have to repurchase any furniture when you arrive at your new home.

What Do I Do With All My Stuff When I Move?

This is completely up to you!

If you want to bring it with you, you will need to strategically pack it. If you want to start over completely fresh on the other side of the country, you may want to consider getting rid of your stuff. Sell it so that you do not have to pack it.

How Do You Decide What to Throw Away When Moving?

When you are moving, this is a great time to get rid of clutter. You may have clothes you never wear, pots and pans that you forgot you even have, and so many other items like that.

If you forgot you had it or never use it or wear it, it may be time to part ways.

Moving Across the Country Checklist

Now that you have your moving across the country checklist, it's time to get started with the move cross country! With these tips for moving cross country, you'll be all set with little to no hiccups!

If you are ready to look for commercial moving companies, you can use our moving cost calculator to figure out what it is going to cost to move across country with long distance moving companies!

You can also look at our car shipping calculator to ship a car to another state while you are at it. At Nexus, we are here for you to help both families and movers with all of the moving guides and tips!