Will the Golden State soon be your new home? You're not the only one moving to California.

Research shows 125,000 people relocated to California in 2022 after the number of people moving from overseas to America increased. California is popular for its diverse population, temperate weather, and beautiful Pacific Coast Highway.

What if you need to ship your car to California during your move? Let's explore your options for shipping your car to or from California and how to partner with an auto transport company.

Shipping Your Car To or From California

Open auto transport is a popular auto shipping method. It involves using a carrier without walls to transport your car to another state. Open hauling is sufficient for most vehicles.

A different type of auto transport is enclosed auto transport, where companies use a carrier with walls to ship the car. Enclosed hauling is the best option if you need to ship a luxury car, which may need extra protection from the elements. Use enclosed hauling for classic car shipping, too.

More Automotive Transportation Options

Another reliable car transportation method is door-to-door auto transport. This type of auto transport in California makes car shipping more convenient by letting you choose your car drop-off and pick-up location.

Reputable vehicle transportation companies also offer expedited car shipping in California. Use this service if you need to ship your car to its destination as soon as possible.

California Car Shipping Costs

Let's say you're shipping a car from California to Florida, more than 2,000 miles away. A cross-country car shipping company may charge around $1,135 for open hauling and $1,550 for closed hauling.

Your costs may be around $630 for open hauling and $930 for closed hauling if your car is going less than 500 miles.

A shipping calculator can tell you your shipping costs based on your unique situation. The calculator may prompt you to plug in information about your car's make and size and how far your need it to go for an accurate shipping cost estimate.

Shipping Timeline

Perhaps you're looking for vehicles to buy from the best used and new car dealerships in California, and you'll need to ship a car from California to another state. Vehicle transportation from state to state may take one to two days if the car is less than 500 miles away. Expect a timeline of seven to 12 days to ship a car to another state more than 1,000 miles away.

How We Can Help

Shipping your car to another state is easy with open or enclosed hauling. Reputable vehicle transportation companies may also offer door-to-door transport and expedited service for your convenience.

At Nexus Auto Transport, we have years of experience shipping cars to California. We're passionate about prioritizing our customers' needs and ensuring a seamless, safe shipping experience.

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