Nervousness, excitement, and curiosity-these emotions define your present as you prepare for a future in another state. You're moving, and you're not the only one.

Research shows that nearly 40% of people plan to relocate or have relocated in 2023. Their concerns about safety, jobs, and affordability have driven these moves.

What happens if you need to ship your car during your relocation? Auto transport companies can transport a car across the country for you, but you need to know today's cross-country car shipping rules. Let's explore a few major car shipping rules.

Why Cross-Country Car Shipping?

Auto shipping through auto transport companies is the best way to move cross country since it eliminates the need to drive your car to your new home. This will save you time, energy, fuel, and hotel costs. It may prevent you from taking time off work to make the trip, too.

Car transport is also an excellent option for anyone interested in selling a car in 2023. Use it to ship your vehicle to your buyer quickly and conveniently.

Cross-Country Car Shipping Rules

A key rule governing auto transport is that a driver can carry only a specific weight during each trip. Weight limits depend on how many axles their transporting vehicles have (axles are shafts or rods that support a vehicle's weight and rotate the wheels). No transport vehicle can weigh over 80,000 pounds, though.

Your transport driver will determine your automobile's weight based on your car's model and make. They'll add 100 pounds to this number to ensure that they stay within their weight limit.

This is why you must remove personal belongings from your car before shipping it. Transport drivers must confirm their compliance with weight requirements by weighing their vehicles at weight stations. If a driver violates the law, they'll be fined and may pass the cost on to their customers.

Rules to Transport a Car Across the Country

Another important rule that an auto shipping driver must follow when they ship a car to another state is to keep their cargo below a certain height. Federal law permits a standard carrier to carry automobiles up to seven feet high.

What happens if the car you're transporting surpasses seven feet? You'll need to arrange for it to be shipped using a special carrier through your auto transport company.

Additional Car Shipping Rules

Another significant cross-country car shipping rule involves driving limitations. A shipping company may promise you a car delivery date, but the car delivery may be delayed because federal laws prohibit drivers from driving for over 11 hours daily.

Suppose your auto transport driver becomes stuck in a traffic jam. They may not be able to deliver your vehicle to your new home on the expected day. Plan for seven to ten days to ship your car from one coast to another to accommodate delays.

Tips For Moving Across the Country

Moving across the country can be overwhelming, but creating a detailed relocation plan can help make the process less stressful. Start by creating a checklist for moving across the country. This checklist should include the following to-do items:

  • Researching moving companies and booking one
  • Pre-registering your kids for school
  • Exploring auto shippers and reserving one
  • Developing a budget for your move
  • Purging no-longer-needed items
  • Collecting packing materials and moving boxes
  • Changing your address
  • Gathering your records (e.g., medical charts)
  • Packing your essentials

Developing a budget for your move is especially important since the cost to move across the country can reach nearly $5,000. A moving cost calculator can help you determine your relocation costs based on your mover's fee and the necessary packing materials.

Perform a last-minute cleanup after all your items have been loaded into the moving truck. Leave your keys with the landlord or new homeowner once your movers are ready to take your belongings to your new home.

Car Shipping Options

A reputable hot shot car transport company offers enclosed and open car transport options to suit their customers' unique needs. Enclosed auto shipping involves using a carrier with a roof and walls to carry a vehicle to its destination. Open shipping is where a driver uses a hauler with no walls or roof.

An enclosed carrier is ideal if you want to ship a luxury car. The hauler will protect your vehicle from debris and weather conditions.

Most vehicles are shipped on open carriers since this carrier is more cost-effective. Cars usually don't receive damage when transported on them.

Additional Auto Shipping Options

Customers seeking convenience may benefit from door-to-door auto transport services. This service lets you choose a specific address to pick up or drop off your car. It eliminates the need to hunt for a nearby terminal to complete the transaction.

You may also choose expedited shipping if you need your car to arrive at your new home in 48 to 72 hours versus one to two weeks. You'll pay more for this service, but the extra cost may be worth ensuring your car is available when needed.

Auto Shipping Costs

Your car shipping costs will be based on several factors, including your car's model, make, and size. It also depends on how far your vehicle needs to go.

Shipping your car a few hundred miles away might cost $700 to over $1,000. Expect to pay $600 to over $4,000 to ship a vehicle across the country.

A cross-country car shipping service can take your car from south to north (1,300 to 1,500 miles) or west to east (2,000 miles). Use a car shipping calculator to determine how much an auto transport company will charge you for your vehicle.

How We Can Help With Car Shipping

Understanding today's cross-country car shipping rules can help auto transport drivers and customers ensure smooth vehicle shipping experiences.

Major car shipping rules include keeping an auto transport vehicle's cargo below seven feet high and 80,000 pounds. Transport drivers also can drive for only up to 11 hours daily.

Nexus Auto Transport can help you transport a car nationwide while adhering to these laws. We'll ensure your vehicle gets to its destination safely and promptly. Get a free quote for your shipment, and receive a discount today!

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