Top 10 Cities People Are Moving to Now

Every year, millions of people move in the US. Packing and moving is a lot of work. If you’re moving across the country, you need to consider not only how to get your household items to your new city, but also deal with car moving as well.

Whether it’s for a job, to be closer to family, or simply because you want to try out a new city, moving is a way of life for many Americans. There are some cities where residents are fleeing at a record pace and others where people are moving in at a record pace.

Read on to learn more about the hottest cities in the US.

1. Atlanta, GA

Atlanta’s job market is strong, it has great restaurants and nightlife, and the cost of living is reasonable. All of these factors make it one of the hottest cities in the US for new residents. Whether you’re looking for trendy neighborhoods or family-friendly suburbs, Atlanta has it.

Not only is the city a great place to live, the Atlanta airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, meaning you can catch a flight (direct, in many cases) to pretty much anywhere in the world. Atlanta is also centrally located in the South, making it an easy drive to get to the Atlantic coast, the mountains in northern Georgia, or the Florida gulf coast beaches. You can get to all of those locations in a day’s drive or less.

2. Phoenix, AZ

Phonix has routinely been on the list of fastest-growing cities over the past few years. It has a relatively low cost of living compared to comparably sized metro areas in the US. The weather is great (300 sunny days a year!) and it’s also an ideal spot for people trying to get away from the cold weather.

Whether you’re a retiree or a young professional, Phoenix and its suburbs have something for you. From professional sports teams to outdoor activities like hiking, biking, fishing, rock climbing, and horseback riding, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. Traffic is also light, despite it being a big city, thanks to light rail, bikable commutes, and highways laid out in an easy-to-navigate grid system.

Last but not least, Phoenix is just hours away from Las Vegas, Lake Mead, the California border, and the Mexican border. Like Atlanta, you can hop in the car in be in a totally different city, state, terrain, or even country for the weekend.

3. Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids is the only Midwestern city to make our list, and for good reason. Grand Rapids is quickly growing into the “it’ city to move to in Michigan. Located on the western side of the state, Grand Rapids is only 30 minutes from Lake Michigan and sits along the Grand River.

The cost of living is nearly 8% lower than the national average and the median home cost is just under $200,000. Grand Rapids has a strong restaurant scene, is a mecca for artsy types, and also has a growing medical industry, putting their unemployment rate under the national average.

The location of Grand Rapids also puts you in a prime location for weekend trips up north to gems like Traverse City or Mackinac Island, to Chicago, or to the eastern side of the state to visit the Detroit casinos or to catch a Lions, Tigers, or Pistons game.

4. Nashville, TN

Nashville is the home of country music, but it has so much more to offer. If country isn’t your thing, Nashville is also home to the Johnny Cash Museum, has a long tradition of gospel music, and boasts the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. The food scene is also on point, with the famous Nashville hot chicken and can’t-miss breakfast spots of Loveless Cafe, Biscuit Love, and the Pancake Pantry.

When it comes to jobs, Nashville is home to several Fortune 500 companies, including Nissan, Tractor Supply Company, Dollar General, and Hospital Corporation of America. It’s also home to Vanderbilt University and Tennessee State University. The unemployment rate is below the national average, no doubt in large part to these companies.

If you want to get out of the city for the weekend, head to the Appalachians or to the bluegrass state of Kentucky to the north. Nashville is great for young professionals, young families, and even empty nesters looking for something new once their children are out of the house.

5. Tampa, FL

Tampa is one of the largest metro areas seeing consistent growth in the US. People are moving to Florida and they’re moving to Tampa. Tampa has a lot to offer. From abundant sunshine (Florida is the Sunshine State after all!) to beaches to jobs, Tampa has it.

If you’re looking for sports and entertainment, Tampa is home to the Buccaneers, the Rays, the Lightning, and will be the temporary home of the Toronto Raptors for the 2021 NBA season. In addition to these teams, Tampa will also be hosting the Super Bowl in 2021 and has been home to many other large-scale sporting events.

If baseball is your thing, Tampa is home to the Yankees spring training stadium and practice facility and less than an hour from several other spring training facilities. If the beach is your thing, you can be to one of the countless Gulf Coast beaches within an hour, including Siesta Key, which has consistently been ranked the best beach in the country.

6. Raleigh/Durham, NC

Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina have so much to offer. From great weather to strong job prospects, these two cities are attractive places for people to move. Raliegh and Durham are part of the “Research Triangle” which is an area made up of three Research 1 universities in North Carolina: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University, and North Carolina State University.

The universities provide many jobs to the region, excellent healthcare, and also make Raliegh the most educated city in the country, as many college graduates stay in the area to take a job. Raleigh and Durham also offer affordable housing, a relatively lost cost of living, and desirable neighborhoods from families to young professionals.

7. Charlotte, NC

Another North Carolina city on the list of hottest cities to move to is Charlotte. Charlotte is home to Bank of America and Wells Fargo and Lowe’s and American Airlines are also large employers in the area. It’s one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and that’s no surprise due to the low cost of living, low unemployment rates, and higher-than-average median salary.

Charlotte residents describe Charlotte as a big city with a small-town feel. The food is top-notch, it has a strong arts scene, and if sports are your thing, Charlotte is home to the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets. Housing prices are also low, making Charlotte an ideal place to move to in 2020.

8. Eugene, OR

The Pacific Northwest is always high on the list of dream locations for people to move to. However, the cost of living in some of the major PNW cities like Portland and Seattle makes the area cost-prohibitive for some. However, if you are willing to head a little further south in the state of Oregon to Eugene, you can get the Pacific Northwest experience at a much lower cost of living.

Eugene is a smaller city but offers the same vibe of the larger PNW cities but at a much more affordable level. Eugene is extremely safe, home to the University of Oregon, and is located in the Willamette Valley, giving you access to the famed PNW hiking and terrain.

If beer is your thing, Eugene is known as a “beer town” and boasts 14 different breweries. Eugene is also highly bikable, making your daily commute much more scenic and palatable (and makes it easy to work off all the beer you sample at the breweries).

9. Austin, TX

Austin is home to an increasing number of tech companies that are abandoning the pricier areas of San Jose and San Francisco for a much more reasonable cost of living. Facebook, Dell, and Google all have headquarters in Austin.

Austin is another big city with a small-town feel. It’s also higher philanthropic, with tons of charitable organizations, pet-friendly, has a strong food scene, is home to the University of Austin, and hosts the SXSW and Austin City Limits music festivals each year.

If nature is your thing, there are plenty of greenbelts for biking, swimming, and hiking. You can also be in the Texas Hill Country in less than an hour, enjoying the wineries, head to the lake, and just enjoy getting out of the city.

10. Fort Collins, CO

Denver is hugely popular for new residents, but Fort Collins, Colorado is quickly gaining ground. Compared to the bigger cities like Denver and Colorado Springs, For COllins is much more affordable. It’s been ranked several times on the top 100 best places to live in the US, and for good reason!

Home to Colorado State University, it’s extremely family-friendly and provides many job opportunities. You’re also getting the famous Colorado scenery and the ability to hike, bike, fish, and just enjoy the gorgeous views. It’s also a very green city, focused on local businesses and goods, and also has a strong craft beer scene.

It’s also just a quick hour’s drive to Denver, so you can experience the big city easily without actually living in the Big City.

Ready to Make Your Move and Figure Out Car Moving?

If you’re planning a move in the future, you’ve got some research to do! We’ve given you 10 of the hottest cities in the country, now it’s your job to decide where you want to take your next adventure. Use our tips to help decide and start the process.

When you’re ready to make your move, we can help you with your car moving. Check out our cost calculator to learn more about what you can expect to pay and contact us to book your move.