Between 2021 and 2022, just under 10% of Americans moved home. As our lives continue to return to normal, this number will likely increase.

If you’re moving, how should you move your vehicles? Many choose to drive their own vehicles, even if that means a cross-country trip!

Did you know that an auto transport service is often cheaper than driving your car yourself? Especially once you’ve considered gas, hotels along the way, and the wear and tear on the vehicle itself. Even if you need your car shipped for another reason, car shipping companies are still the best option.

Type of Auto Transport Service

What different types of auto transport should you consider for your vehicle? That all depends on how soon you need it, as well as your budget.

In this brief guide, we’ll explain the types of car haulers and carriers available, and which situations they suit. Read on to find the best option for your vehicle’s shipping!


Door-to-door auto transport is one of the simplest options for shipping your vehicle. It involves picking your car up from your selected location, then dropping it off at the next.

Some companies recommend container door-to-door shipping. But this is usually unnecessary for domestic shipping, even if it’s cross-country.

Rather, we recommend roll-on roll-off types of auto transport. That way, you can drive your car as soon as it arrives, without the complications of a trailer.

Door-to-door is one of the more expensive auto transport service options due to the personalized delivery. Those with smaller budgets may lean toward -to-terminal delivery. But by the time you’ve gone out of the way to reach the terminal on either end, door-to-door can pay for itself!

Open Car Hauler

The most common of the types of car-hauling trailers is an open hauler.

Open auto transport is one of the most standard and affordable vehicle shipping options. These types of car hauler trailers involve loading your vehicle onto an open-air carrier. These haulers usually transport 8 to 10 vehicles at a time, reducing the cost per vehicle.

Open car hauling is available both for door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery. In either case, it will be more budget-friendly than enclosed car haulers. This is true of both two and one-way auto transport.

The only downside to open car haulers is that they leave vehicles exposed to the elements. However, that’s what cars are designed to handle on a daily basis!

Barring extreme weather events, there should be minimal wear on your vehicle from open types of auto transport. Plus, on delivery, customers inspect their vehicle to ensure they’re happy with the condition it arrived in. And in the rare instance that damage occurs, the cars in transit are fully insured.

Enclosed Car Hauler

The alternative to open car haulers is enclosed auto transport. These types of car-hauling trailers involve shipping your car inside a container, keeping it completely isolated from the elements. Regardless of distance, your vehicle arrives in the exact condition it was picked up in.

These types of car hauler trailers are popular with those transporting antique, sports, or otherwise highly-valuable cars. Your perfect paint and wax job will look on delivery exactly as it did on collection.

However, enclosed car haulers can transport fewer vehicles at a time than an open hauler. This makes them more expensive per vehicle.

They are also slower and consume more fuel. But if all these factors are worth it, then this is the best choice for vehicle protection. It is the safe way for auto transport of all kinds.

Expedited Car Shipping

What about private or dedicated vehicle carriers? In an emergency, private expedited transport is your best option.

Expedited auto transport services can pick up your vehicle on the same day you request a quote. They use a dedicated open hauler to transport your vehicle as quickly as possible. And during the whole process, you have access to 24/7 tracking to monitor your shipment’s progress.

This last-minute service is only possible because of the size of our nationwide fleet. Wherever you are in the country, we can offer next or same-day pick-up to get your vehicle on the move.


Do you need to ship a car to another state? For this long-distance auto transport, your options include:

  • Plane
  • Train
  • Hauler
  • Self-driving

For most journeys and vehicles, planes are an unnecessary investment. And we’ve already explained the costs and wear that come with driving your vehicle yourself.

Of the remaining two types of auto transport, train quotes may come up cheaper than different types of car carriers. But they’re far less convenient, leaving extensive driving on either side of the delivery. Plus, you’ll have to pay for your costly own ticket alongside the car.

Considering these factors, the best long-distance auto transport option is haulers and carriers. Whether open or closed transport, either of these types of car haulers are preferable to other auto car transport options.


The same is true of cross-country car shipping. When traveling such a great distance, self-driving is even less preferable. The various types of car hauler trailers are all a better choice.

But is this even true for a vacation?

Perhaps you want to travel coast to coast and are expecting to hire a rental car on the other side. Did you know that cross-country auto transport is likely cheaper than a rental car? This is especially true of longer stays, which is why we often transport for seasonal moves.

If you’re spending the summer or winter away from home, make sure you have your vehicle with you for the season! Wherever you’re traveling, open and enclosed types of car carriers can ship your vehicle door-to-door for cheaper than renting the equivalent.

The Most Reliable Auto Transport Service

After choosing an auto transport service, how can you find the best auto transport companies? This comes down to reputation and transparency.

At Nexus, we’re proud of our high customer rating. Our track record proves we’re the best choice, however far you move.

The reason our customers are so satisfied is our transparency. We provide a car shipping calculator so you know your expenses from the outset. This removes any guesswork, letting you plan your move accurately from the get-go.

Are you looking for a trustworthy partner to ship your vehicle? Talk to us today to get started.

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