BMW is a trusted luxury vehicle brand that has delivered more than 2.5 million cars annually the past few years.

Finding an affordable BMW can help you get behind the wheel of a quality vehicle that looks great and has high value.

Here are some of the most reliable and affordable BMW models under $20,000.

Which BMW Model Is Cheapest?

The 2024 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe is the cheapest BMW model. There are several affordable BMW cars, but the 2 Series is priced the lowest. Of course, while important, price is not the only consideration; you'll also want to make sure that they're reliable.

What Is the Most Reliable BMW Models to Buy?

Aside from the price, you need to also know that you can trust it. If you need a car for long-distance driving, reliability has to be a top priority.

Finding the lowest-cost BMW is important, but some of the most reliable BMW models include the BMW i3, BMW 5-Series, BMW 8-Series Coupe, and the BMW X7.

Matching reliability with affordable vehicles will help you find the best match.

7 Most Affordable BMW Cars Under $20K

Here are some of the options of the 7 most affordable options that will cost you less than 20K:

1. BMW 3-Series (2016-2018 Models) 17

If you're eyeing a taste of luxury without breaking the bank, the BMW 3-Series is a prime contender. Renowned for its sporty performance and useful features, it seamlessly combines style and exceptional performance.

With sleek lines and a sophisticated interior, this series delivers a driving experience that's both exhilarating and comfortable at the same time.

Moreover, the 3-Series also boasts a range of engine options, from fuel-efficient to power-packed, ensuring a choice for every driver. However, as you explore the market for these models, watch for a well-maintained option offering reasonable mileage.

2. BMW 5 Series (2014-2016 Models) 28

Combining safety with performance, the BMW 5 Series earns high marks in safety ratings and crash tests. With this series, BMW has yet again proved that their rides are not just about luxurious interiors and dynamic speed but are about ensuring a secure and reliable ride.

These midsize luxury sedans offer a perfect blend of elegance and dynamism. Every model belonging to the 5-series is equipped with superb engines having impressive fuel economy in most forms.

In addition to a friendly price tag, the BMW 5-Series offers outstanding features like power steering, an anti-lock braking system, an air conditioner, a driver airbag, and a passenger airbag. To get all these features without breaking the bag is indeed unbelievable.

3. BMW X3 (2015-2017 Models) 17

Introducing the BMW X3, a compact luxury crossover that effortlessly blends versatility and refinement. The 2015-2017 models of the BMW X3 are a budget-friendly gateway into the world of premium SUVs.

With its athletic design and spacious interior, this crossover caters to both the thrill-seekers and the practical-minded. Whether navigating city streets or tackling off-road adventures, the BMW X3 ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride.

4. BMW i3 (2014-2017 Models) 13

Dive into the future of driving with the BMW i3, specifically the 2014-2017 models, where sustainability meets luxury. As a trailblazer in the electric vehicle realm, the i3 offers an eco-friendly driving experience without compromising the premium features synonymous with BMW.

This compact electric car boasts a distinctive design, featuring a sleek exterior and an avant-garde interior. The i3 is not just an emission-conscious choice; it's a statement in style and innovation. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and a commitment to sustainable driving, the i3 brings a unique flavor to the affordable BMW lineup under $20K.

5. BMW 02 Series

Consider the BMW 02 Series when you want a classic and iconic vehicle. It features the box-like build that has come to characterize the brand.

These vehicles reigned supreme in the 60s and 70s, and it has 4-speed and 5-speed transmission options. Drivers can appreciate the handling that this vehicle provides, along with its luxury and versatility.

6. BMW X1 (2016 Model)

The 2016 BMW X1 is a standout car with its sleek and stylish design. Inside, you'll find spacious and comfy seats that give you a luxurious feel. Driving this BMW is a smooth and enjoyable experience, especially with its all-wheel drive, providing stability on all kinds of roads.

One cool thing about the BMW X1 is its panoramic sunroof, giving the cabin an open and airy vibe. Whether it's clouds during the day or stars at night, the wide view of the sky adds a touch of magic to your driving experience. Overall, the BMW X1 is great on fuel efficiency, which means you save money and help the environment.

7. BMW 4 Series (2015 Model)

Couples searching for a compact, stylish, and sturdy BMW car under $20 should consider the 2015 BMW 4 Series.

First, let's discuss the safety features that come with this BMW. It's got advanced safety features like airbags, stability control, and a strong build, ensuring that you and your passengers are well-protected on the road.

Looking at the exterior, the BMW 4 Series is a real eye-catcher. The dynamic design gives it a sporty yet classy appearance. But the 2025 Series 4 isn't just about looks but it's practical too. Surprisingly, the trunk space is quite roomy, providing enough space for luggage or groceries.

Is Buying BMW Worth It?

When you're searching for an affordable BMW, you might be asking one important question – Is buying a BMW worth it?

The answer is a resounding yes, because these vehicles are built with quality German engineering, mixed with style, class, and sophistication. You can expect these vehicles to last for years to come and will give you the best value.

Find a car seller and grab a car shipping calculator that you can use to plan for the delivery.

What Is the Average Life of a BMW?

The average lifespan of a BMW is approximately 200,000 to 250,000 miles. You'll get more out of these affordable BMW cars when you stick to a maintenance schedule and find a repair professional who can help you out.

Test drive a few models to see how it handles and to get to know the features. You'll also appreciate that you can sell a car online when it maintains its value over the years.

The Most Affordable BMW Cars With the Best Value

Finding an affordable BMW can help you buy a vehicle that you'll love without it breaking the bank. When you search for reliable, affordable BMW models, you'll find several options that can suit your lifestyle no matter what features you're looking for.

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