In the US alone, there are around 3.49 million truck drivers. Many of these are car carriers, who transport cars from one location to another on large trucks. This important work requires dedication and good time management.

From early mornings to late nights, each day as a car carrier is never quite the same. As a car hauler, you'll want to enjoy driving as that's what you'll spend a lot of your day doing. However, you'll be rewarded with good pay, travel opportunities, and a great way to see more of the country.

Find out more about a typical day in the life of a car carrier down below.

Early Mornings

To stay on schedule and make deliveries on time, you'll often have to get up early as a car carrier. Many start around 3 am, as this gives them enough time to load up any cargo and get it to the right location in good time.

Of course, if you're moving a car from one location to another, the owner may request that you pick their car up at a specific time. This is at the discretion of the owner and the company you work for.

Flexible Shifts

One thing many truck drivers like about the role is that it offers great flexibility in terms of shift work. You are often in control of when you start driving and when you decide to finish for the day.

You will be told when you need to pick up and drop off the cars you carry. However, as long as you do this within the given time, you have all the flexibility in the world.

Making Stops and Deliveries

The main part of your role as a car carrier will be picking up cars, loading them on your truck, and dropping them off at the requested location. The kind of car you move might vary every day.

You might be expected to pick up damaged vehicles that can no longer be used. On other days, you will be picking up a family car and dropping it off in a new city for a family moving to a new home. You could even find yourself carrying a mixture of both!

One way or another, you will likely have to stick to a pre-determined schedule. This means you'll need to pick cars up at a particular time and get them dropped off before a given deadline. This can result in many hours of driving to get a car where it needs to be in good time.

Late Nights

If you don't have to do early mornings, you could find yourself driving late into the night. This depends on the distance you need to cover and when you are required to pick up and drop off the cars you are carrying.

Late-night driving often works out well for car trucking as it's a great way to beat out any traffic. Car shipping requires very large trucks, so if you can avoid driving during busy periods, it could work to your advantage.

Hours Spent Driving

Car carriers and other truck drivers are entitled to have a rest from driving after a specific number of hours. The general rule is that you can drive for 11 hours over a 14-hour day. After every eight hours that you spend driving, you must take a break for at least 30 minutes.

This is not only to ensure your safety but other road users too. If you spend too long driving, you will become tired and could accidentally make dangerous decisions on the road.

Thankfully, the US is full of dedicated trucker stops. They have beds, showering facilities, and everything you will need to take a well-deserved break from driving. There'll also be parking spaces large enough to accommodate your truck and to keep any cars on board safe.

At the end of every 14-hour shift, you'll need to take a ten-hour break. This will give you the chance to get proper rest before starting to drive again.

Spending Time Away From Home and Family

This is one thing you should prepare yourself for if you decide to become a car carrier. As you will have to drive so many hours every day, you may be away from your home for long periods. This means you might not get to spend as much time with your family as you would like.

While this is a sacrifice you need to be willing to make, it is rewarded with the good pay most car carriers receive. Even those at the beginning of their career begin on a high salary. This allows you to spend real quality time with your family when you do get to see them.

Of course, no car carrier is the same. You might have the option to work part-time hours, which suits drivers with young families.

Spending time away from home is never easy. However, the rewards that come with being a car carrier make it worth it for many people working in this tough industry.

Explore the Country You Love

If you love traveling, exploring, and a sense of adventure, car carrying might just be the career for you. You'll get to travel to a huge range of places across the country. From interesting cities to the edges of the country, no two locations will ever feel the same.

Being a Car Carrier Is a Rewarding Career

So, now that you know what a typical day as a car carrier looks like, it's clear why so many people work in the trucking industry. It offers the chance for independence, a sense of freedom, and great flexibility.

Of course, no career is perfect, and the time spent away from home and family may put some people off becoming a car carrier. However, there are also so many benefits to this career that can make it all worthwhile.

Ready to learn more about being a car carrier and what the role entails? Get in contact with us here. We can answer any questions you might have about a career as a car carrier.

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